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Jewelry News

Jewelry rules for male fashionistas

Men, take note: It is vital to take into account what you wear, how you wear it, how you use accents, and how well they compliment each other.

Nicole Cappiello talks about creating jewelry in the digital age Special

Long Island jewelry designer Nicole Cappiello chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about her jewelry creations, Peace Love Bracelets (PLB), and being an entrepreneur in the digital age.

Q&A: How technology is disrupting the diamond industry Special

Many areas are undergoing digital transformation, although one area that may not spring to mind is with jewelry and gems. This sector is being affected by science and technology, and this impacts the consumer markets as well.

Dell selling jewelry with reclaimed gold from e-waste

Las Vegas - Dell, well-known for its computers, has launched a new jewelry line, announcing a limited-edition jewelry collection made from gold mined from recycled motherboards.

Allegations of rampant harassment at two US jewelers: report

Washington - Hundreds of female employees at two well-known US jewelers are alleging that company leaders fostered a culture of discrimination and frequent sexual harassment, The Washington Post reported Monday.

Contract workers accidentally throw out $5M worth of diamonds

Manhattan - The police have recovered most of the $5 million worth of jewelry contract workers at a Midtown jewelry store accidentally threw out on November 24.

Jewel thief Doris Payne, 85, at it again, arrested in Atlanta

Atlanta - When looking at 85-year-old Doris Payne, one would assume that she's someone's beloved grandmother who bakes cookies and tells stories about living through the civil rights movement, not an international jewel thief whose career spans five decades.

'Queen of Ivory' arrested, charged in major smuggling operation

She's known as the "Queen of Ivory" and for more than 15 years, she allegedly helped smuggle more than 700 elephant tusks out of Africa and across the world. She kept a high-profile, owning a popular Chinese restaurant, yet managed to evade capture.

Watch brave man tackle machete-wielding jewelry store robber

London - Dramatic footage of a robbery involving an armed gang filmed Thursday shows the moment a brave bystander grapples with a machete-wielding robber as he tries to get away.

David Ortiz swindled: Sues jeweler for selling him imitation gems

Boston - David Ortiz is suing a California jeweler for selling him pieces of gold and diamond jewelry that were fake or of low value. The sports star purchased the jewelry for $127,000 in 2010 before finding out its real value from an appraiser.

The search for a mystery wedding ring's rightful owners

On Facebook, Lynne Ames recently posted a photo of a man's wedding ring found on a Mattapoisett, Massachusetts beach in the United States. Ames is asking the public to help locate the rightful owner.

Kiss on the cheek lands robber in French prison

Paris - After a jewelry heist in Paris, a 20-year-old French criminal's self-stated "compassion" for his female hostage led to his arrest. Police could identify him from the DNA he left behind on her cheek.

Spanish police solve major jewelry heist — arrest 17 suspects

Madrid - Spain's police have caught up with 17 suspects, part of one of the country's biggest-ever jewelry heists. The criminals stole luxury watches worth €23 million ($31 million) from a store in Serrano Street in Madrid.

Robbers nab $40,000 in jewelry from customers at Waffle House

On Monday morning, two men allegedly pulled off a daring robbery at a Waffle House restaurant in Atlanta, nabbing themselves $40,000 worth of jewelry.

$53 million worth of jewels stolen in Cannes armed robbery

Cannes - An armed man has robbed a jewelry exhibition at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes on the French Riviera on Sunday, escaping with a briefcase full of jewels worth around $53 million.

Atlanta jewelry store offers rifle with purchase of diamond

Atlanta - An Atlanta jeweler's new promotion allows diamond purchasers to get more bang for their buck, offering a voucher for a free hunting rifle to anyone that buys a diamond valued at $2,499 or more.

Lindsay Lohan will not be charged in theft case

Los Angeles - The Los Angeles District Attorney's office has decided not to lay charges against actress Lindsay Lohan, or her assistant, in connection with the theft from a friend's home over a week ago. The DA says there is not enough evidence in the case.

American woman flushes $4,000 bracelet down toilet

Loganville - A Loganville, Ga. woman had a close call with permanently losing a prized expensive piece of jewelry. Luckily her plumber was able to save the day with a combination of skill and some hi-tech equipment.

Op-Ed: Beadle's is the jewelry place for fashionable ladies and men Special

Toronto - Torontorians love their designer pieces. Luckily for us we have Canadian artisans like Cherie Lunau Jokisch. For ten years Cherie has been crafting beautiful trinkets to adorn fashionable ladies and men.

Footage of Lindsay Lohan in alleged stolen necklace case

Venice - Entertainment Tonight aired a surveillance video of Lindsay Lohan shopping in the Venice, California, store that accused her of stealing a $2,500 necklace.

Actress Lindsay Lohan denies part in stolen jewelry

Popular actress Lindsay Lohan, who may be facing a felony grand theft charge for allegedly stealing a necklace in a jewelry store in California says she'll fight the charge and she's sticking with her story that she took the jewelry on loan.

Lindsay Lohan accused of stealing jewelry

Los Angeles - Lindsay Lohan is in more hot water. Police have been granted a warrant to search Lohan's home for a necklace that went missing in a jewelry store in Los Angeles after she tried it on.

Man charged in theft of jewelry from woman's corpse

The discovery of jewelry missing from the body of a woman who was transported to the coroner’s office in Columbus, Ohio, added to the grief of her family.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie unveil snake-themed jewelry collection

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have just added jewelery makers to their bios. But like everything else with this duo, there's a twist to the collection.

Burglars get brass rings while going for the gold

The tables were turned on burglars in Toledo, Ohio, who thought they were going for gold jewelry, but came away with brass.

Van Cleef & Arpels introduces China-exclusive jewelries

Paris -based fine jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels shows its confidence in the Chinese luxury market by launching a China-exclusive collection in early June.

'Imeldific' Wants her Diamonds Back

Imelda Marcos saw it as her duty, as the first lady of the Philippines, to inspire and motivate her poverty-stricken countrymen. By doing so, she must own 3,000 pairs of shoes together with arguably the world's largest jewelry collection.

Artist Profile: Behind a Toronto Jewelry Designer’s Love Affair with Unique Stones

What started as a fascination with colour turned into an excitable obsession for jewelry maker Liliane Gurnon. The Toronto artist explains how a simple hobby has inspired her to design jewelry made from unique stones and crystals.

Diamonds Really Are a Girl’s (And a Boy’s) Best Friend

Diamonds are forever as the saying goes, and for a price, a small company in Switzerland known as Algordanza, will convert the ashes of the dearly departed into a sparkling diamond. Read on whether your preference is square or pear-shaped stones.

Pecoware Co. Recalling Children's Metal Necklaces Due to Lead Exposure

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Pecoware Co. Inc., today announced a voluntary recall of Children's Metal Necklaces, due to risk of lead exposure.
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Jewelry Image

Nicole Cappiello
Nicole Cappiello
Nicole Cappiello
Jewelry by Cherie Lunau Jokisch/Beadle.
Jewelry by Cherie Lunau Jokisch/Beadle.
permission from Cherie Lunau Jokisch
engagement ring
engagement ring
Jessica Diamond
Buy a diamond  get a rifle
Buy a diamond, get a rifle
Screen Capture
Screen Capture
Photo by Clement Merouani  Unsplash
Photo by Clement Merouani, Unsplash
Photo by Clement Merouani, Unsplash
File photo: Jewelry store
File photo: Jewelry store
Mark Ahsmann
Jewelry by Cherie Lunau Jokisch/Beadle.
Jewelry by Cherie Lunau Jokisch/Beadle.
permission from Cherie Lunau Jokisch
Tangled jewelry
Tangled jewelry
Orignal designs are what sisters Pam Arnold and Kim Courier make for clients. Yet they also believe ...
Orignal designs are what sisters Pam Arnold and Kim Courier make for clients. Yet they also believe very strongly in the power of prayer and charity outreach. They both like to raise money for charity, like the hungry children outreach program at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church of Windsor, CA.
Pam Arnold and her sister Kim Courier were outside Lucky supermarket in Sonoma on Saturday Aug. 30  ...
Pam Arnold and her sister Kim Courier were outside Lucky supermarket in Sonoma on Saturday Aug. 30, 2014 selling their jewelry designs for Our Lady of Guadalupe Church of Windsor, CA and the parish's hungry children food outreach program.
TREE OF LIFE BREAST MILK CIRCLE  made by MommyMilk Creations
TREE OF LIFE BREAST MILK CIRCLE, made by MommyMilk Creations
MommyMilk Creations/Facebook
Jewelry by Cherie Lunau Jokisch/Beadle.
Jewelry by Cherie Lunau Jokisch/Beadle.
permission from Cherie Lunau Jokisch
Billboard advertising D. Geller and Son promotion.
Billboard advertising D. Geller and Son promotion.
Screen Capture
Jewelry by Cherie Lunau Jokisch/Beadle.
Jewelry by Cherie Lunau Jokisch/Beadle.
permission from Cherie Lunau Jokisch
19th-century Japanese belt ornament in hornbill ivory  showing natural preen gland colouring.
19th-century Japanese belt ornament in hornbill ivory, showing natural preen gland colouring.
Jugyoku - Walters Art Museum
An array of diamonds
An array of diamonds
Kim Alaniz

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