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Op-Ed: Jesus as deity is demystified as Technology helps scholars study Special

This past Easter millions of people around the world paid homage to the life of Jesus as told in the four Gospels of the New Testament. Yet, through the use of current technology scholars have been able to discern that the life of Jesus is a myth.

Nigerian to unveil 'biggest' statue of Jesus in Africa

Lagos - A Nigerian businessman is set to unveil what he says is Africa's largest statue of Jesus, describing it as a symbol of peace in a country wracked by Islamist insurgency.Obinna Onuoha commissioned the 8.

'Where is baby Jesus?' — Statues stolen across New Jersey

New Jersey - Someone out there will have hell to pay. Figurines of the baby Jesus are disappearing all across New Jersey and police officers are scurrying to capture the thieves.

Op-Ed: Judge: Anti-Planned Parenthood group must turn over the evidence

On Friday, a federal judge said that the anti-abortion group attacking Planned Parenthood with heavily edited videos cannot refuse to turn over pieces of evidence by pleading the Fifth Amendment.

Have archaeologists found the house were Jesus grew up?

Nazareth - Archaeological investigations have revealed that a house in the northern Israeli town of Nazareth could have been the home of Jesus Christ.

Barbie and Ken dolls as Mary, Christ and Kali stir controversy

Two Argentine artists Marianela Perelli and Pool Paolini have modeled Ken and Barbie dolls as 33 major figures from major religions including Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.

Op-Ed: Christian right okay with physical punishment of children

Minneapolis - It is not clear where spanking would fit in the Beatitudes of their leader, but Christians from the right say physical punishment of children is okay.

Teen faces prison time for simulating oral sex with Jesus statue

Everett - A 14-year-old boy from Everett, Pennsylvania, stood in front of a Jesus statue and simulated oral sex with its face. He now faces up to two years in jail.

U.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert: Believe in Jesus or go to 'Hell'

Washington - Republican US Rep. Louie Gohmert grilled a Christian leader who believes in the separation of church and state during a congressional hearing on religious freedom, refuting the notion that people won't go to 'Hell' if they don't believe in Jesus.

Ohio billboards proclaiming 'Jesus is Muslim' upsets Christians

Billboards put up in parts of Ohio by a group called 'Ask a Muslim' are creating a bit of a stir. One proclaims 'Jesus is Muslim' and it has caused some Christians to denounce it but the group that put up that message defends it.

Op-Ed: Fox News' Megyn Kelly stirs controversy over racial remarks

On Wednesday, Fox News host Megyn Kelly found herself in the center of a hot debate over Santa Claus' race. The Fox News anchorwoman then proceeded to take it a step further making an analogy to Jesus being white as well.

FirstLook: Kathryn Fergerson Releases Christian CD Special

Kathryn Fergerson is a woman who has given her heart and her voice to God, for His purposes. It is He Who is ordering her steps. This week she releases her new CD, "Kathryn."

Ancient Christian Syrian village taken by rebels; minority flees

Damascus - People are fleeing from one of the longest-established locations of the Christian religion, where the language of Jesus is still spoken and which is recognised as part of the world’s common cultural and religious heritage.

Kenyan lawyer looking to sue Israel, Italy over Jesus' death

Dola Indidis, formerly a spokesman for the Kenyan Judiciary, is trying to clear the name of a figure beloved by billions of people — Jesus Christ himself.

Study: Christian end-time beliefs block climate change control

A study claims that successive US administrations have failed to take aggressive policy action to curb climate change partly because a large number of Americans take a fatalistic stance on the future of the planet informed by religious doctrine.

High school allegedly forced students to attend Jesus lecture

Flowood - A public high school in Mississippi allegedly forced students to attend assemblies at which they were shown a Christian video and subjected to preaching about Jesus Christ.

Op-Ed: The Friday that was good in more ways than one

It always seemed a funny old day, Good Friday. Why, we kids wanted to know, was it thought so “good” when it marked such a horrible death?

Op-Ed: Holy Turin Shroud could be real

A recent study confirms that the Holy Turin Shroud was made earlier than previously thought. The recent scientific dating techniques should defeat the skeptic arguments against the Holy Shroud’s date and renew faith in Christianity.

'Jesus Jeans' trademark owner fights others using name 'Jesus'

In 2007, an Italian jeans maker managed to register the word "Jesus" as a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark office, giving the company exclusive rights in the US to sell clothing bearing that name.

Video: Christoph Waltz raises holy hell as Jesus in SNL skit

Saturday Night Live channeled Quentin Tarantino in a gory and uproarious skit starring Oscar-winning actor Christoph Waltz as a revenge-seeking resurrected Jesus Christ.

ACLU, FFRF suing to remove Jesus portrait from Ohio middle school

Jackson - The nation's foremost civil liberties and freethought groups have joined forces in a federal lawsuit that seeks to force an Ohio public school to remove a portrait of Jesus Christ from its entranceway.

FFRF fails to get portrait of Jesus taken down by Ohio school

Debate over the contentious issue of separation between Church and State at a school, the Jackson Middle School in southern Ohio, was centered over a painting, a "portrait" of Jesus hung over the entrance of the school.

Photo Essay: Celebrating the reason for the season Special

Nashville - For many Christians, Christmas Eve is a time to gather together and celebrate the birth of Jesus, remembering that he was sent to this world to save us from our sins.

Message on the 'IsraelinIreland' Facebook page causes uproar

Dublin - An inflammatory message about Jesus and mother Mary on an official Israeli Facebook page sparked a heated debate, but was taken down within hours, and the Facebook page eventually shut down.

Auckland church billboard asks if Jesus was gay

An Auckland Anglican church, St Matthew-in-the-City, that acquired notoriety last year after it depicted the Virgin Mary in a contemplative mood holding a positive pregnancy test, has now raised questions about Jesus' sexuality.

American Atheists: Dump the Jesus myth, keep the Christmas merry

New York - With Christmas less than two weeks away, a leading secular organization in the US, the American Atheists (AA), has launched a billboard campaign in New York City’s Times Square that urges people to dump the Jesus myth but keep the Christmas merriment.

Op-Ed: Are earthquakes signs of God’s judgment?

Since the beginning of November, magnitude 6.0 or greater earthquakes have increased worldwide. A few biblical eschatologists believe that the worldwide increase in major earthquakes mean that God is disappointed with humanity and judgment day nears.

Op-Ed: Remembering the persecuted on the International Day of Prayer

New York - Between 200 and 250 million Christians throughout the world live daily with the threat of religious persecution. The global Christian community seeks to raise awareness for the plight of persecuted Christians through the International Day of Prayer.

Christian League football game abandoned. What would Jesus think?

Birmingham - A West Midlands Christian League football match had to be abandoned after violence broke out. The league was set up to promote the values of Christianity, love, peace and understanding.

Does this papyrus prove that Jesus was married?

Jesus is the sacrificial lamb, that was killed to save sinners. Yet, recently it was discovered that Jesus may have had a wife. A piece of papyrus has been found that claims Jesus spoke of his so-called wife and confirmed her role as a supposed disciple.
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Jesus Image

Jesus on the cross
Jesus on the cross
Randy OHC
Parade passing the corner of Bay Street and Bloor Street.
Parade passing the corner of Bay Street and Bloor Street.
A monumental statue of Jesus burned to the ground after being struck by lightning June 14  2010. The...
A monumental statue of Jesus burned to the ground after being struck by lightning June 14, 2010. The 6-story statue stood outside a church in Ohio. Insurance companies are calling it an "act of God."
Ossuary of  Jesus  Son of Joseph  at The Israel Museum  Jerusalem
Ossuary of 'Jesus, Son of Joseph' at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
The Holy Bible.
The Holy Bible.
Screen Capture
People praying.
People praying.
Reproduction of an oil painting: Pesach Seder.
Reproduction of an oil painting: Pesach Seder.
File image
Jesus appears to Mary Magdalen
Jesus appears to Mary Magdalen
Artist Unknown
Screenshot from video on Shroud of Turin.
Screenshot from video on Shroud of Turin.
A screengrab from Youtube showing a house that Jesus might have lived in.
A screengrab from Youtube showing a house that Jesus might have lived in.
The crowd dancing to Gospel music and celebrating Jesus.
The crowd dancing to Gospel music and celebrating Jesus.
Crowd dancing to Gospel music.
Crowd dancing to Gospel music.
Image of Jesus spotted by Sandra Clifford at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.
Image of Jesus spotted by Sandra Clifford at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.
Sandra Clifford
Ernst Fuchs  1957 painting Last Supper
Ernst Fuchs' 1957 painting Last Supper
Ernst Fuchs
Two Argentinian artists  Marianela Perelli and Pool Paolini  produced 33 dolls of various religious ...
Two Argentinian artists, Marianela Perelli and Pool Paolini, produced 33 dolls of various religious figures for a show named “Barbie, The Plastic Religion,” which opens in Buenos Aires on Oct. 11.
Via Facebook Page
The crowd on their knees praying.
The crowd on their knees praying.

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