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Op-Ed: Tampa Bay Times' Alex Leary addresses wrong 'climate change'

Saint Petersburg - In his latest thinly veiled column of contempt for Republicans Alex Leary, Washington bureau chief for the Tampa Bay Times, says evangelical leaders in Florida are pressuring Gov. Rick Scott and Sen. Marco Rubio to embrace “climate change.”

Obama's friend offered Jeremiah Wright 'bribe' to stay quiet

Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama's former pastor in Chicago, allegedly claims he was offered a $150,000 bribe by the Obama campaign to buy his silence, the New York Post reports.

Op-Ed: America's Deteriorating Social Fabric, and How We Can Fix It

Advocates of candidate Obama promised us America would enter a new Golden Age of social harmony with his election. Yet actions by liberals, even Obama himself, have led to some of the worst social conflicts in years. It is up to him, and us, to fix it.

Op-Ed: Bill Ayres Comes Out of the Woodwork

Last week it was Jeremiah Wright who burst back on to the national scene casting himself in the role of a victim. Now it’s Bill Ayres’ turn have his say. Anything these two men could have to say can only bedevil the Barack Obama transition team.

Sarah Palin To John McCain: 'Take The Gloves Off'

Over the weekend Sarah Palin made a reference to Barack Obama's ties to questionable characters, but there is another area where Palin believes John McCain should "take the gloves off", Obama's association with his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

Jeremiah Wright in Trouble Again

Jeremiah Wright is now embroiled in a sex scandal involving a church secretary from Dallas. The affair apparently began during the height of the Obama/Wright controversy this past spring.

Rasmussen: 58 Per cent Think Obama Denounced Wright For Political Convenience

Rasmussen Reports, in their May 2 release, say that 58 per cent of respondents in their latest poll say they think Barack Obama only denounced Jeremiah Wright because of "political convenience."

Is Wright's Recent Rhetoric Simply Revenge?

The flurry of media attention, blog postings and television commentary since those controversial videos of Barack Obama's pastor, Jeremiah Wright, came to light publicly, has been relentless. Some are questioning if Wrights recent comments are revenge.

Barack Obama Denounces Jeremiah Wright, But Is It Too Little Too Late?

Barack Obama just finished making a speech where he discussed Jeremiah Wright's latest public comments and he denounces the comments and has harsh words for the man himself. Is this too little, too late?

Another Barack Obama 'Spiritual Adviser' Causing Controversy

While Barack Obama is still feeling small ripples from the recently publicized comments of his pastor of almost 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, a new video and reports have come out showing that another Obama "spiritual adviser" sounds like Wright.

Op-Ed: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, and Help Me Get My Foot Out of my Mouth

If you were a member of a congregation whose pastor was openly racist, politically slanted, and incorrect in his Biblical references, could you continue to go to that church? Given these three bases, how has Jeremiah Wright been a pastor for this long?

Op-Ed: Politics, Religion and Terrorism- Blurring the Lines

In the political realm of America today, the lines between legitimate questions of association and questions stemming from a lack of full disclosure from the media, are becoming blurred. The losers then become the public at large.

Obama Continues to Suffer From His Pastor's Words

Two days after Barack Obama's speech regarding his Pastor's "God Damn America" comments, the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows John McCain opened a seven-point lead over Obama. Clinton also widens lead over Obama in Pennsylvania.

Did Obama Go Far Enough In His Speech To Stop The Damage Wright Has Caused?

The recent firestorm that ensued after certain comments were published from Pastor Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama's pastor for 20 years, forced Obama to step up and give a speech today.

Barack Obama's Pastor, Jeremiah Wright, Already Damaging Obama

By now, according to Rasmussen, 66 percent of voters say they have read, seen, or heard news stories about Jeremiah Wright’s comments. Wright has been Barack Obama's Pastor for 20 years and Obama referred to him on Fox as "like an Uncle to me".

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