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Jellyfish News

Deadly box jellyfish antidote discovered

Sydney - By deploying the gene editing technology CRISPR, Australian scientists specializing in pain research have found the antidote to deadly box jellyfish toxin.

Thousands stung in Australian jellyfish 'invasion'

Sydney - Highly venomous jellyfish have stung more than three thousand people on Australia's northeastern shores in just a few days, authorities said Monday, forcing the closure of several beaches.

Essential Science: Jellyfish inspired electronic skin

Inspired by aquatic life, scientists have designed an electronic artificial skin which has the capability to ‘glow’ when the surface is damaged. The application will have several medical uses.

Moon jellyfish can age backwards and regenerate body parts

A new study has revealed how the moon jellyfish can age backward, form several clones, and regenerate its lost body parts. This makes it a cross between Benjamin Button and Deadpool, to draw upon pop culture analogies.

Watch this rare video of the Stygiomedusa Gigantea jellyfish

YouTube user Phillip Trudeau says the Stygiomedusa Gigantea was spotted by a remotely operated vehicle at about 3,330 feet below sea level near the Gulf of Mexico. This jellyfish has only been seen around 100 times in the last century.

Five fascinating facts that you may not know about sea turtles

Each year, in its quest for tasty jellyfish, the leatherback sea turtle travels an astounding 10,000 miles crossing the entire Pacific Ocean, in a journey that stretches from Asia to the U.S. West Coast from Washington to California.

Jellyfish invasions are wreaking havoc, and we're helping them

Jellyfish populations are exploding and wreaking havoc along the way — and their rapid population growth is being aided by us, because our actions are creating a warming climate, research suggests.

New 'killer' jellyfish found in Australian Waters

A newly discovered species of Irukandji jellyfish has been found off the Australian coast. Analysis suggests that the jellyfish can cause stroke and heart failure if a human was to be stung.

Giant species of jellyfish found on Australian beach (video)

Hobart - A family were collecting shells on a beach in Howden, south of Hobart in Tasmania, Australia when they found a giant, as yet unknown, species of jellyfish. The jellyfish is now being described as a type of “snotty” jellyfish and is 1.5 meters across.

Jellyfish bloom ‘like flowers’

Scientists are trying to understand why, in the spring, jellyfish emerge in the sea in high numbers. The effect has been described as "blooming like flowers." A biochemical trigger is thought to play a part.

'Jellyfish aircraft' takes flight

Paris - Inspired by nature and by the aviation pioneers of the early 20th century, scientists in the United States said Wednesday they had built the world's first jellyfish aircraft.The tiny, ultra-light lab machine, weighing just 2.1 grammes (0.

Jellyfish drones on track to make waves in the sky

Researchers at NYU have developed a jellyfish-like drone prototype based on a simple, four-winged design that can flap 20 times per second. Mimicking the swimming motion of jellyfish, the robot is capable of stable flight at a relatively small scale.

Jellyfish in high numbers around the beaches of the Mediterranean

An Italian biologist reckons it could be the result of climate change or overfishing. Whatever the reason, there are many more jellyfish than normal hanging around the beaches of the Med this year.

Marine life saved, relocated following Hurricane Sandy

Newport - New York and New Jersey were not the only areas damaged by Hurricane Sandy, in fact, Rhode Island's Save the Bay Aquarium was heavily damaged, leaving 300 animals homeless.

Artificial jellyfish could potentially save lives

Scientists have created an artificial jellyfish that could potentially save lives in the future. The jellyfish is made out of transparent elastic silicone, which could help form future organic organs.

Israel beaches face invasion of jellyfish Special

Every summer millions of Israelis and tourists head to the beaches along the Mediterranean coast looking for relief from the blazing Middle Eastern heat but a growing menace is keeping them out of the water.

How do jellyfish sting? New research provides an answer

Heidelberg - One question that scientists have never fully unravelled is how the sting of jellyfish works and why the stings of different species ‘sting’ differently. Some new research conducted by Heidelberg University provides some answers.

How jellyfish can influence climate change

Swimming marine animals, such as jellyfish, influence Earth's climate by mixing cold and warm ocean water and by boosting the rate heat travels through the seas, according to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute researchers.

Jellyfish invasion in southern U.S.

Lately, swimmers and hikers on southern U.S. beaches have noticed many shimmering, translucent globs -- an annoying dead jellyfish plague, caused by humans catching too many fish and shrinking the jellies' food supply, a recent study suggested.

Unusual little fish helps to recover severely damaged ecosystem

Oslo - A unique fish species has adapted to a hostile environment, poisonous to most other marine organisms, becoming an important part of a food chain that includes other fish, birds and mammals in the coast of Namibia.

Australian girl miraculously survives killer jellyfish sting

A 10-year-old girl amazes everyone by surviving her encounter with the world's most venomous creature - a box jellyfish.

Immortal jellyfish invade world's oceans

A species of jellyfish, hydrozoan, has the ability to revert to an earlier stage of development, and then grow to adulthood again, enabling an individual jellyfish to live indefinitely.

Giant Jellyfish Sink 10-tonne trawler in Japan

Three Japanese fishermen had to be rescued earlier this month after a hoard of giant jellyfish capsized their 10-ton trawler.

Japan braces for giant jellyfish plague

Japanese marine experts have given warning that the country’s northern coastline is under threat from a plague of giant jellyfish.

New Online Report on Massive Jellyfish Swarms Released

Massive swarms of stinging jellyfish and jellyfish-like animals are transforming many world-class fisheries and tourist destinations into veritable jellytoriums.

Northern Irish salmon farm wiped out by 'billions' of Mediterranean jellyfish

What happens if your salmon farm gets attacked by a 35 foot deep, 10 square mile horde of jellyfish? You’re short a salmon farm, and $2 million worth of fish. The massive plague wiped out 100,000 salmon, and the company which was farming them.

400 Fla. Swimmers Stung By Jellyfish

Officials in New Smyrna Beach, Fla., issued a warning to beachgoers after more than 400 swimmers were stung by jellyfish over the weekend. There were no deaths, but obviously the jellyfish are angry.

Having a bad day at work? It couldn't be worse than this guy's...or could it?

We all have 'em...those days where nothing seems to go right and everything goes wrong. Had one of those lately? Well here's a story that might make your bad day at work not seem so bad after all...

Jellyfish Have Human-Like Eyes

A set of special eyes, similar to our own, keeps venomous box jellyfish from bumping into obstacles as they swim across the ocean floor, a new study finds.
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Jellyfish Image

Jellyfish and other marine animals swimming mix up warm and cold ocean water flows.
Jellyfish and other marine animals swimming mix up warm and cold ocean water flows.
Jellyfish on an Israeli beach
Jellyfish on an Israeli beach
Aequorea jellyfish
Aequorea jellyfish
When viewed closely an Australian jellyfish is a bit unnerving.
When viewed closely an Australian jellyfish is a bit unnerving.
Michael Coghlan
Giant jellyfish found on beach in Tasmania  Australia.
Giant jellyfish found on beach in Tasmania, Australia.
Aequorea jellyfish
Aequorea jellyfish
Pelagia noctiluca - jellyfish
Pelagia noctiluca - jellyfish
Alberto Romeo
Just stay out of the water.
Just stay out of the water.
Courier Mail
Jellyfish at the National Aquarium
Jellyfish at the National Aquarium
A big beached jellyfish glob captures a Florida beachcomber s attention.
A big beached jellyfish glob captures a Florida beachcomber's attention.
Gordon Tarpley (Gordontarpley)/
The rare Stygiomedusa gigantea jellyfish captured on video
The rare Stygiomedusa gigantea jellyfish captured on video
YouTube screenshot
Giant Jelly
Giant Jelly
Dan Parsons

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