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Introducing jeans that can also charge your iPhone

Imagine slipping on a pair of jeans, sliding your iPhone in one of the pockets...and the phone is being charged as you go about your day. Welcome to the innovation behind the #Hello line of Joe's Jeans.

Brooklyn robber stopped by saggy jeans

Brooklyn - Joel Donaldson, who allegedly assaulted a woman and stole her phone, was caught – thanks to his poor choice of clothing.

Diesel+EDUN combines passion, fashion, and business

EDUN, the fashion company founded by rock star Bono and his wife Ali Hewson, has teamed up with well-known denim brand Diesel. Products sourced or made entirely in Africa will be available in Spring 2013, all bearing the "Diesel+EDUN" label.

Chicago clothing store falls victim to teen 'flash mob' robbery

Chicago - A Chicago clothing store owner recently published security footage on YouTube showing a flash mob of nearly two dozen teenagers filling the store and then stealing approximately $3,000 worth of jeans.

Men, if you love your testicles you'll ditch the tight jeans

The fashion trend for tight jeans on men seems to be taking its toll, everything from low sperm counts to twisted testicles... and that's gonna hurt.

Laundry, a woman's job?

Was it a joke, an attempt at humorous marketing, or a mean-spirited slight against women? A clothing company sets off a firestorm with what is perceived as a sexist label in its pants.

Miss Me jeans shipment stolen

Sonora - Miss Me jeans are a hot item for teens and young adults and they will be in short supply for a bit longer in Sonora California.

Student wears jeans for 15 months without washing

A University of Alberta student wore a pair of jeans for 15 months without washing them in an effort to both learn how much bacteria was collected and create his ideal pair of jeans.

Swedish Store Removes North Korean Jeans

A major department store in Stockholm, Sweden has said that they won't carry a new line of jeans made in North Korea because it doesn't want ties to the communist country, according to the Associated Press.

Op-Ed: Jessica Simpson looking fat these days? Please!

Jessica Simpson is in the spotlight this week for being too "curvy" following a recent country music event in Florida. Some blame it on the jeans; others, the camera guy. The girl still looks fantastic despite the jealous attacks on her trunk.

How those Jeans you wearing are made...

Bet ya never knew this... hehe

Blue jean dye kills cancer cells

The dye in your blue jeans could soon be used to kill cancer cells, say scientists.

Displaying Your Goods in Summer’s Newest Styles

Digital Journal — There’s something about your favourite pair of jeans; as soon as you slide your legs in them you’re ultimately comfortable, inadvertently letting out a big sigh and an equally goofy smile. You know the pair — they’re washed and

Denim, This Summer's New - And Old - Look

Denim comes in many different styles, from '50s retro to the cool hippy look or business chic. This summer the versatile fabric is set to reinvent itself once again, say European fashion experts. The latest denim reinvention started last summer when...

''Destroyed'' And ''Distressed'' - Jeans Make A Comeback

HAMBURG (dpa) - In recent years, jeans have been in the fashion doghouse. They remained popular for casual wear, but were off the catwalks and unseen in glossy fashion magazines.But that has changed. Suddenly jeans are an object of desire yet again, al...

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#Hello jeans from Joe s Jeans let you charge your iPhone via its back pocket
#Hello jeans from Joe's Jeans let you charge your iPhone via its back pocket
Via Joe's Jeans
#Hello jeans from Joe s Jeans let you charge your iPhone via its back pocket
#Hello jeans from Joe's Jeans let you charge your iPhone via its back pocket
Via Joe's Jeans

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