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Update Hollywood J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars confirmed Disney

Star Trek director J.J. Abrams signed deal a on Thursday to direct Disney's new Star Wars film do in theaters in 2015. Abrams has his second Star Trek film 'Into the Darkness' scheduled for release May 17.

Leonard Nimoy says goodbye forever at Star Trek convention Special

Las Vegas - Saturday brought out the biggest crowd in recent memory in anticipation of Leonard Nimoy retiring from doing fan conventions.

Historical moments at the Las Vegas Official Star Trek Convention Special

Las Vegas - Friday Walter Koenig, Chekov talked about his star on the boulevard. Saturday Lenard Nimoy, Spock gave a tearful goodbye as he retires from conventions.

City Center set to open in Las Vegas Dec. 1 Special

It's been five years in the making from conception to completion and now the $9 billion Las Vegas Strip project City Center is set to open starting December 1 with the building opening following through December 24.

Early Saturday morning shooting in front of Caesars Palace Special

Shots were fired from a car at pedestrians in front of Caesars Palace on Las Vegas Boulevard early Saturday morning has heavy crowds travel up and down the Strip.

Black Friday strikes Las Vegas, dubious advertising confuses Special

Black Friday strikes Las Vegas with thousands of people heading to outlet malls, department stores, and electronic stores. Fry's Electronics brought in crowds at 5 a.m. with some questionable advertising.

Op-Ed: A ghost story from the Vegas Strip

Every year at Halloween Taxi cab drivers on the Las Vegas Strip are paid a visit from ghosts from the Sin Cities past and get a fright on all hallows night.

Unemployment rocks U.S. Southwest

Unemployment is rocking the southwest part of the United States. Meanwhile, corporations like Oracle, that are doing just fine, are canceling conventions in Las Vegas just to keep the perception that they are not doing great in this economy.

Copper prices surge indicating signs of economic recovery

Copper prices hit a high on Friday of just over $3 a pound and is a strong indicator that economic recovery is at hand as construction and technologies have increased their demands.

10-year-old Mermaid girl dies in Maine

The 10-year-old Maine "mermaid girl" dies at the Maine Medical Center on Friday after a cold quickly turned to pneumonia.

World champion Monopoly winner crowned at Caesars in Vegas

The world champion Monopoly player won the final game at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas when his opponent landed on Pacific and North Carolina Avenue and could not afford the rent due.

US Attorney General Eric Holder tours Vegas Fusion Center Special

Senator Harry Reid hosted US Attorney General Eric Holder at the Las Vegas Fusion Counterterrorism Center Friday, taking a tour of the facilities and viewing some of the equipment that officers use.

Nevada's counter-terrorism center hosting agencies Saturday

Las Vegas Nevada continues to be a leading potential target for terrorists. Now the Fusion Center will pool expertise from a wide variety of counter-terrorist authorities.

President Obama passes on meeting with the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama was in Washington this week meeting with politicians, scientists, and students. Notably missing from the schedule was President Obama who will meet with His Holiness after a November meeting with Chinese leader Hu Jintao.

Pet cemetery in Las Vegas could get a Carl's Jr. as neighbor

It's no Stephen King nightmare novel but a Las Vegas pet cemetery and some of its clients are upset about the possibility of a Carl's Jr. opening up next door.

Vegas casino mogul Bob Stupak died at 67

Famous Las Vegas entrepreneur, Bob Stupak, builder of the Stratosphere Tower, owner of Vegas World, died after battling leukemia in Las Vegas Friday.

Wayne Newton returns to the Vegas Strip at the Tropicana Special

Wayne Newton will be back on the Las Vegas Strip with his new show at the Tropicana. "One More Time Before I Go," opens Oct. 14.

Tear gas flies in Pittsburgh at the G20 conference

Tear gas was launched against protesters at the G20 conference in Pittsburgh, with CNN reporter Brian Todd getting caught up in the line of fire.

Nurses, doctors bring 10,000 signed scrubs to Washington D.C.

Nurses, doctors, and health care providers went to Washington with 10,000 scrubs to offer stories to be delivered to members of Congress.

Op-Ed: Nevada's Lake Mead, the water history scare factor Special

Since it first began filling up in 1935, Nevada's Lake Mead has been a lifeblood, providing water to the U.S. desert southwest. It's been over politicized and has given life to millions people for almost 75 years. But what is Lake Mead warning us about?

Op-Ed: Backstage at 'Let's Make A Deal' taping with Wayne Brady Special

The TV show "Let's Make A Deal" is making a comeback and it will star Wayne Brady. Digital Journalist Jay David Murphy was at the seventh taping in Las Vegas, and came away with $200 in prize winnings. Here's my account.

Mayweather easily defeats Marquez at the MGM in Vegas

Floyd Mayweather Jr. unanimously defeated Juan Marquez at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Saturday night after going the full 12-rounds.

Singer Matt Goss debuting his show in Vegas

Matt Goss is the newest act in Las Vegas and comes to America an unknown. The singer brings his talent and good looks along with a list of international credentials that any entertainer would be envious of.

Unemployment nationally at 9.7 %, Nevada reaches 13.2 % Special

The unemployment numbers are in for August and for the eighth straight month Nevada's unemployment rate goes up. The construction and hospitality industries have been hit the hardest.

Nevada auto dealers visit Sen. Reid to talk 'Cash for Clunkers'

Representatives from the National Auto Dealers Association visited with Senator Harry Reid in Washington to thank him for the help in extending the "Cash for Clunkers" federal incentive program.

Op-Ed: America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009, death and taxes

The Senate Finance Committee released the proposed America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009. It's 223 pages and is going to make every American personally responsible to purchase health care insurance by 2013 then report it to the IRS.

Heidi Fleiss sentenced to be sober for three years

Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss has been sentenced after pleading guilty to charges of methamphetamine use and possession of painkiller hydrocodone without a prescription in Nye County, Nevada.

Las Vegas Metro undercover looking for drugs at Hard Rock Rehab

Las Vegas Metro is continuing its undercover operations city wide at the swimming pool parties at casinos. The most famous party is Rehab, with its own reality show a the Hard Rock, has felt the sting of Metro.

World's first 'International Cougar Cruise'

The world's first 'International Cougar Cruise' sets sail December 4 out of San Diego on the Carnival Cruise Ship, Elation sponsored by the world's largest non-profit singles travel group.

Op-Ed: Death of a Cuban leader, lifted restrictions signal new future

After almost a half-century of restrictions, barriers, and tensions, two changes this September have signaled changes foreshadowing a possible new future in the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba.
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Jaydavidmurphy Image

A large audience was at attendance at the 2011 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.
A large audience was at attendance at the 2011 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.
Terry Farrell remembers her days on Trek and Becker.
Terry Farrell remembers her days on Trek and Becker.
John Cusack and Morgan Lily
John Cusack and Morgan Lily from the movie 2012 premiering on November 13, 2009.
Courtesy of Sony Pictures
Kilngons gather at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas to sing and tell dirty jokes.
Kilngons gather at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas to sing and tell dirty jokes.
Lenard Nimoy at the podium in front of the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention banner.
Lenard Nimoy at the podium in front of the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention banner.

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