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Paul Mecurio talks upcoming shows at Governor's, one-man show Special

Levittown - Emmy award-winning comedian Paul Mecurio chatted with Digital Journal about his upcoming stand-up comedy shows at Governor's in Levittown, and his one-man show on Broadway.

NBC lay off staff as 'Tonight Show' goes across country

Burbank - NBC has announced that all the staff on the 'Tonight Show' will be laid off as the show travels to its new home in New York once Jay Leno hangs up the mic next week.

Former President George W. Bush to appear on 'Tonight Show'

The former president of the United States, George W. Bush, will appear on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on November 19.

Jay Leno's final 'Tonight Show' to air on February 6, 2014

The top-rated Jay Leno-hosted "Tonight Show" will be signing off on February 6, 2014, according to various media reports.

Leno evokes White House troubles on Weiner's mayoral candidacy

Speaking to Anthony Weiner's bid for New York City mayor, 'Tonight Show' host Jay Leno attached the challenges of the Weiner candidacy to the issues facing the White House.

Jay Leno 'Tonight Show' gas station prank goes viral

A couple, Will and Monifa Sims, appeared on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" after a stunning karaoke performance at a gas station which went viral. The couple were caught up in a "Tonight Show" camera prank at the station.

Jay Leno to retire, Jimmy Fallon to host Tonight Show in New York

Jay Leno, the host of NBCs The Tonight Show, announced today he'll leave the show in the Spring of 2014; his replacement will be Jimmy Fallon. While that may be the entertainment world's worst kept secret, other changes to the show were more unexpected.

New book reveals Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show drama with Jay Leno

On Wednesday, hours before NBC officially announced Jay Leno's departure from The Tonight Show, a controversial new book was released that explores the ongoing tension behind the scenes at NBC.

NBC prepares to dump Leno from The Tonight Show

Los Angeles - The only game which is more sneaky, dirty and conniving than the record business is the television business and by proxy the movie business. Jay Leno has survived a long time as the host of The Tonight Show, but is he prepared for the ax?

Watch Jay Leno's 'Open Denim Style' parody of Gangnam Style

Jay Leno, in his 'Open Denim Style," has created yet another parody of Psy's phenomenally successful "Gangnam Style." His parody celebrates his favorite clothing, denim.

Jay Leno cuts salary to save jobs of 'Tonight Show' staff

Popular late night talk show host Jay Leno has taken a pay cut to save the jobs of his staff members after about two dozen workers were laid off from "The Tonight Show" last week.

Leno and Seinfeld battle at the Super Bowl

Torrance - Two titans will do battle at this year’s Super Bowl game, but we are not talking about the Giants and the Patriots. Automotive enthusiasts Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld will go head-to-head for the chance to own the first Acura NSX supercar.

We shouldn't relish footage of Gadhaffi's death, Obama says

Los Angeles - President Barack Obama on Tuesday objected to what appears to be people relishing video footage of Gadhaffi's bloodied face which showed his captors beating him before he was killed.

Ugliest dog alive beats own record – for being ugly

Rascal, internationally called “The Ugliest Dog Alive,” has just broken his own record by winning more ugly-dog contests than any other dog in history.

Conan O'Brien takes shots at Leno and NBC

Conan O'Brien has some very definite feelings about how things went down as host of 'The Tonight Show." He is cleared to speak about the show on Saturday May 1st and '60 Minutes' has his first interview.

Leno: Conan and I got screwed

Jay Leno told Joy Behar that he feels that both he and Conan O'Brien were screwed by NBC when Leno replaced O'Brien, who had replaced Leno as the host of "The Tonight Show" last year.

Op-Ed: Hollywood Stars Making Headlines in Blockbuster PR Disasters

Is this a Triple Feature or what? First, Sean Penn says to jail journos who call Chavez a dictator. Then, Megan Mullally calls Jay Leno insane for targeting red state viewers. Now, Tom Hanks and Matt Damon star in their PR Hiroshimas. The buzz is red hot!

Jay Leno returns to 'Tonight Show' tonight

Less than a year after handing the show down to Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno returns to his 11:35 p.m. time slot Monday, March 1.

Op-Ed: 5 Reasons to Stop Hating Jay Leno’s Guts

NBC screwed up late night. Ratings tanked, Conan's out of a job, Bill Carter's working on another Late Shift best seller and everybody's blaming Jay Leno. Come on now. Is that fair?

NBC, Conan O'Brien Reach $45 Million Exit Deal

NBC has reached a $45 million agreement with Conan O'Brien that will end his run as host of "The Tonight Show" ending a feud that had grown nasty over the last few weeks.

Jay Leno in 2004: 'In 2009, Conan, it's yours'

In the light of the recent controversy surrounding Jay Leno returning to the Late Night timeslot after less than a year, footage has surfaced from Leno's original broadcast in 2004 where it was confirmed Conan O'Brien would take over the show in 2009.

NBC's Night Show Shakeup

In the recent weeks, there has been a huge change in the night show schedule, with many scheduled changes, and some are not happy with them.

Jay Leno's prime-time show canned

NBC has announced Jay Leno's prime-time show will end as the Winter Olympics begins on February 12. This comes as no surprise to those watching the ratings. While Leno's show was satisfactory for the network, it did not fill NBC's affiliates’ needs.

Leno tossing and turning at 10 p.m.

Long-time late night television host Jay Leno took some time to reflect upon on his decision to move to an earlier time slot in a recent interview with Broadcasting and Cable News.

Seinfeld to be first guest on new Jay Leno show

It has now been confirmed that famous American comedian Jerry Seinfeld will be the first guest on the new NBC show The Jay Leno Show.

Jay Leno out of hospital

Jay Leno has been let out of hospital. The chat show host had to stay in overnight which led to the cancellation of his show for two nights.

Jay Leno In Hospital, Tonight Show Taping Canceled

The Tonight Show has been canceled tonight after Jay Leno checked himself into the hospital. Leno left his offices midday to enter hospital for observation. Leno, who turns 59 on Tuesday, is expected to leave the show on May 29 after a 17 year run.

Humor is the spice of life as shown on television

Last night on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno rekindled some thoughts on humor and how important a good laugh is for the soul. In a game show format, Leno left no one spared as he exploited the trademark idiocy associated with many.

Former Secretary of State Holds Court With Jay Leno

In her first television appearance since leaving Foggy Bottom, Condoleezza Rice sat in the same chair that President Obama did almost a week ago. Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Obama Apologizes for Special Olympics Comment

History was made on March 19 on Jay Leno's television show, when Barack Obama was the featured guest. President Obama compared bowling skills to those at the Special Olympics, and today he aplogized for the gaffe.
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Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld in the making of Acura s Super Bowl Commerical. (PRNewsFoto/American Hon...
Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld in the making of Acura's Super Bowl Commerical. (PRNewsFoto/American Honda Motor Co., Inc.)
President Barack Obama made an appearance on NBC s Tonight Show
President Barack Obama made an appearance on NBC's Tonight Show
Jay Leno parodies Gangnam Style
Jay Leno parodies Gangnam Style

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