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Japanese News

Yoshiki honored as one of Asia's '30 Heroes of Philanthropy' 2019

Japanese rocker Yoshiki has a major reason to be proud. Forbes Asia has named him as of its "30 Heroes of Philanthropy" for the year 2019.

Yoshiki to join Sarah Brightman at Royal Albert Hall U.K. show

World-renowned Japanese composer, musician, and producer Yoshiki will be joining global music star Sarah Brightman in the United Kingdom for a special performance at the Royal Albert Hall this November.

Arrested ex-Toyota exec Julie Hamp to be released without charges

Kyodo - Prosecutors in Tokyo plan to release Julie Hamp, a former Toyota Motor Corp. executive, from custody on Wednesday. Hamp was arrested last month on suspicion of illegally importing Oxycodone, a painkiller, into Japan.

Prosecution of Japanese journalist shocks the world

On April 16 of last year, the Sewol ferry capsized while on a routine trip from Incheon, South Korea, to her Jeju island.

Porn stars to have boobs squeezed for AIDS research

A group of porn stars in Japan are preparing to have their breasts squeezed by fans for a charity event called “Stop! AIDS.”

Op-Ed: Slant I am

Slant. We all have it. Race, religion, creed. Right, left. Gay, straight. Like Bill O'Reilly, we stake out a territory and defend it. A journalist without slant is nothing but a copy clerk.

Op-Ed: Japanese clothing company labels sizes as 'fat' and 'jumbo'

Tokyo - A look into a Japanese clothing company reveals an effort to help people love their bodies, despite controversy over the brand shifting gears with their head-turning size labels — which read "titch," "skinny," "fat" and "jumbo."

Last of original group of Navajo Code Talkers dies

The last of the original group of 29 Navajo Code Talkers of WWII has passed away. Chester Nez of Albuquerque, New Mexico, age 93, died Wednesday morning of kidney failure. Announcing his death was Judy Avila, who helped Nez write his memoirs.

Japanese pop group attacked by saw-wielding man

Members of Japan’s popular singing group AKB48 were injured in a violent attack by a man wielding a saw during a fan event.

Op-Ed: Amache - What Americans should know about US internment camps

Granada - Down a seldom traveled road in Colorado, sits the ruin of a once sprawling prison camp. Aside from some barbed wire and a couple of towers, only the foundations remain of the camp that once held around 10,000 Americans. They received no trial.

Japan Daily Press: HPV eradicated by Japanese mushroom extract

In a Japan Daily Press post dated yesterday, Maan Pamintuan-Lamorena reported that a Japanese mushroom extract may eliminate the human papillomavirus (HPV) found in cervical cancer cells.

Japan launches 'affordable' Epsilon space rocket

Yesterday, Japan launched the first in a new type of space rockets particularly designed to make future space missions more affordable.

Black hot dog is a Japanese delicacy

Tokyo - Known as Tokyo's legendary hot dog, this hot dog may look like it has been left in the grill for too long. In reality, it is actually becoming a Japanese delicacy.

Japanese chef was allegedly killed over bad meal

A Japanese chef based in Germany was allegedly killed after getting into a fight with two customers over a supposed bad meal he had cooked for them.

New trend: Photos of Japanese teens devouring humans

A new anime called Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titans sparks a new trend for memes in Japan. Inspired by the concept of the anime, Japanese teens are utilizing camera angles to portray themselves as giants.

Japanese PM in vehicle accident, escapes injury

Tokyo - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was involved in a five-car pile-up at a toll gate in Tokyo en route to a rally on Saturday. He escaped unhurt, but two guards sustained facial injuries.

Japanese underwear designed to effectively kill fart odors

The Japanese company called Seiren, known for making odor-killing clothing, has made a pair of underwear that effectively kills fart odors.

Japanese protest deployment of U.S. Ospreys to Okinawa

Tokyo - Thousands of protesters gathered yesterday (November 4) to protest deployment of U.S. Osprey military aircraft to Okinawa. The Ospreys were deployed to the island last month in spite of local opposition after 2 crashes elsewhere.

Chinese protest Japanese claim to Senkaku Islands (video)

Thousands protested in the streets of both China and Hong Kong over the disputed Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands, named Diyaou by the Chinese, who claim it as their territory.

300 radioactive Japanese cars seized by Russian customs

Russian officials started monitoring imports from Japan soon after the Fukushima Daiichi disaster in March 2011. They state that they have stopped 300 radioactive cars from entering the country.

Japanese HTV3 space freighter lifts off for ISS

The unmanned Japanese HTV3 space freighter lifted off today and is heading for the International Space Station with supplies.

Four climbers perish in Alaska avalanche w/ update

Five climbers in Alaska's Denali National Park were swept away by an avalanche on Thursday. Today the rescue and recovery effort continues.

Video: Japanese 'ghost ship' destroyed by U.S. coast guard

The Japanese fishing vessel which drifted away during the tsunami in Japan and ended up near the Canadian coast last month, has now been sunk.

Japanese develop 'SpeechJammer' gun to shut up tiresome talkers

Japanese researchers have developed a "SpeechJammer" gun than can be used to force people to stop speaking from more than 30 meters away. The device does not cause pain or physical discomfort to the target.

Japanese prisoners poisoned by food

More than 1,000 inmates at Osaka Prison in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, were left sick after they were struck with food poisoning.

Japanese kids speak with officials to share nuclear crises fears

Tokyo - Children from Fukushima Prefecture have met with government officials to voice their concerns about the ongoing nuclear crises that's affecting their region and their worries about the unsafe levels of radiation in places where they live, swim and play.

Japanese return $78 million in cash found in earthquake rubble

Tokyo - The people of Japan may have lost their homes, family members, and their livehood to the earthquake and tsusnami but they haven't lost their integrity, according to reports that say over $78 million in cash and valuables has been turned in to authorities.

Op-Ed: Bartender impresses audience with 100 sake bomb dominoes

It currently appears that everybody is after their five minutes of YouTube fame, and this bartender is no exception. In a task that was executed to perfection, he calmly drops 100 sake bombs into a collection of cold beers, much like a set of dominoes.

Japanese World Cup star dies at 34

Matsumoto - Naoki Matsuda, a former World Cup football player for Japan, died today at the age of 34, two days after collapsing from a heart attack during training.

Japan's 'Takabisha' becomes the world's steepest roller coaster

Yamanashi - If you're an adrenaline junkie, consider visiting Japan - the new home of the world's steepest roller coaster - 'Takabisha'.
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Japanese Image

Image grab taken off a video on January 20  2015  reportedly released by the Islamic State allegedly...
Image grab taken off a video on January 20, 2015, reportedly released by the Islamic State allegedly shows Japanese hostages Kenji Goto (L) and Haruna Yukawa (R) with a black-clad militant brandishing a knife at an undisclosed location
Clock at Nobiru  Japan train station stopped at the moment tsunami washed debris into the station bu...
Clock at Nobiru, Japan train station stopped at the moment tsunami washed debris into the station building and destroyed tracks March 11, 2011.
Kazunobu Shoji
Tsunami Memory Stone  Kamaishi  Iwate Prefecture.
Tsunami Memory Stone, Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture.
Osamu Yamasaki
Imperial Palace  Tokyo  Japan
Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan
Toontown Whitefox
A street view in Sagamihara  Japan.
A street view in Sagamihara, Japan.
Phronimoi via Wikimedia
Japanese composer and musician Yoshiki
Japanese composer and musician Yoshiki
Resonance Media
Mike Morpeth
Tsunami  Pacific coast of Japan March 11  2011. Photo taken March 24  2011
Tsunami, Pacific coast of Japan March 11, 2011. Photo taken March 24, 2011
Frequently described as a “singing actress ” Racette has been hailed for her artistry and her de...
Frequently described as a “singing actress,” Racette has been hailed for her artistry and her deeply-entrenched commitments to both singing and acting. Known for her Puccini roles as well as performances in Italian classics, modern operas like 'Dolores Claiborne' (based on Stephen King’s book) and cabaret, Racette’s primary concern in approaching a role isn’t directly related to personal desire or ambition.
Veronika Roux-Vlachova
Master Sgt. Claudesedrick Grace  the non-commission officer in charge of Joint Force Land Component ...
Master Sgt. Claudesedrick Grace, the non-commission officer in charge of Joint Force Land Component Command (Forward), and Detroit native, removes a frame of broken glass from the Nobiru Rail Station, April 21 in support of Operation Soul Train. Operation Soul Train consists of U.S soldiers supporting the Japanese in removing debris from two rail stations.
Japanese pop-rock band MONKEY MAJIK
Japanese pop-rock band MONKEY MAJIK
Edward Entertainment Group
Mike Morpeth
Tsunami evacuees in shelter in Rikuzentakada City  Iwate prefecture March 27  2011.
Tsunami evacuees in shelter in Rikuzentakada City, Iwate prefecture March 27, 2011.
100 Sake Bomb Dominoes
100 Sake Bomb Dominoes
YouTube Screen Capture - benjiwaa
Sign next to map in a Fukushima City park expresses apologies from city for declaring one-hour park-...
Sign next to map in a Fukushima City park expresses apologies from city for declaring one-hour park-usage time limit due to radiation level on soil and equipment.
Tsunami Memory Stone  Kamaishi  Iwate Prefecture.
Tsunami Memory Stone, Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture.
Osamu Yamasaki
Japan s HTV3 space freighter.
Japan's HTV3 space freighter.
New York City s Sushi Yasuda dish
New York City's Sushi Yasuda dish
A plate of salmon sashimi.
A plate of salmon sashimi.

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