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Jailed News

Man jailed for four months over salt that was mistaken for meth

Maryborough - A guy in Australia was arrested after officers found salt in his car. However, it was mistaken for crystal meth, and the man ended up spending months in jail.

Teacher jailed for 90 days for showing graphic film

Columbus - A former substitute teacher in Ohio was sentenced to jail last Wednesday, after she was convicted of showing a graphic movie to a class.

Swiss banker wanted by US for helping tax evaders nabbed in Italy

Bologna - Wanted in the USA for allegedly helping wealthy Americans hide €15 billion ($20 billion) from their local taxman, the former top banker was found hiding away in style in a luxury hotel in Bologna.

Iran frees 80 prisoners jailed in political crackdowns

Tehran - Iran said Monday it had released 80 prisoners previously arrested in political crackdowns. The Boston Herald says the move will offer a potential diplomatic boost to the country before the new Iranian president's U.N. visit.

Homeless teen jailed after eating lunch at school

A homeless teenager who had run away from his family is in jail after being charged with disturbing schools after eating lunch out of a friend's car.

Bosnia: President Živko Budimir ordered jailed for a month

Sarajevo - A Bosnian court on Sunday remanded Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina President Živko Budimir and four other officials in custody for a month. The suspected crime: taking bribes to arrange pardons for convicts.

8-year-old girl handcuffed and detained for two hours

An 8 year old girl was handcuffed, hauled off to the back of a police car, and detained for more than 2 hours. Jmyha Rickman was said to have been throwing a tantrum and being out of control, when the school decided to call the police to deal with her.

Swede jailed for 'long-distance' child rape

A 52-year-old Swedish man was convicted for ordering the rape of 18 Filipino minors via webcam. The man was sentenced to eight years in prison.

US Marine jailed in Mexico, fighting weapons charges

In August Jon Hammar, a former U.S. Marine from Florida, took off on a surfing adventure to Costa Rica is in a jail in Mexico over the border from Texas.

Op-Ed: Rogue Traders star, Dan Penteado, guilty of benefit fraud

Dan Penteado, Rogue Traders star has been found guilty of benefit fraud. The court have sentenced him to 12 months jail sentence.

Former 'Sheriff of the Year' arrested in sex for drugs bust

Denver - Retired Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan was arrested Tuesday for allegedly attempting to trade drugs for sex. In an ironic twist, Sullivan is being held in the jail that bears his name.

Amish men jailed for refusal to pay fines, court costs

Mayfield - Eight Amish men in western Kentucky have received fines and jail time, due to religious beliefs. They refused to display slow-moving-vehicle emblems on their horse-drawn buggies, and received jail sentences ranging from three to 10 days.

UK Author Alan Shadrake jailed in Singapore

Alan Shadrake, British author and former journalist. has been jailed in Singapore. He was sentenced after being found guilty on charges of insulting the judiciary after he criticised the use of the death penalty in a book.

Outrage as rape case woman is jailed after withdrawing allegation

Mold - Rape crisis centres and charities have expressed alarm and anger as a woman who accused her husband of raping her six times and then withdrew the allegations, was jailed by judges for eight months in Powys, south Wales.

Men jailed for deliberately poisoning animals

Newham - Two former council workers have been sentenced to jail and fined for deliberately poisoning animals in a UK park earlier this year.

Man jailed over Toyota crash is freed

Koua Fong Lee, the 32 year old Minnesota man, who was jailed after the Toyota he was driving was involved in a fatal crash, has been released from prison. He had served over two years

Rapist who cut his own wrists is jailed

A Basildon man who cut his own wrists after the woman he had just violently raped called police has been jailed for eight years.

US Missionary in Haiti convicted, sent home

Port-au-prince - Laura Silsby, originally charged with kidnapping, criminal association along with nine other missionaries was convicted of arranging illegal travel under a 1980 statute restricting movement out of Haiti. She was then set free and put on a plane home.

Iraq war veteran jailed over 'violent' rap song

An Iraq war veteran recorded a violent rap song and sent it to the Pentagon. He is now being charged with threatening to kill his officers.

Shannon Matthews Aunt Admits To Stealing £35,885.27

Shannon Matthews aunt was placed in prison for a year yesterday when she admitted benefit fraud that was over £35,000. Benefit fraud is a serious crime and Mrs Hyett was given a prison sentence.

Man arrested and charged after kitten put in washing machine

A 19-year-old man was arrested last night for breaking into a home and killing a kitten "because it was bothering him." The man allegedly removed clothing from a washing machine and placed the kitten inside while burglarizing the home.

eBay fraudster jailed in United Kingdom

A 22-year-old who used the auction site eBay to commit fraud has been sentenced for 30 months in prison. This will be the second time Phillip Shortman has served time and he was only recently released from prison.

Two jailed in Dubai for adultery

A woman from the United Kingdom was today found guilty of adultery in a court in Dubai. The mum of two will now face two months in jail.

Iran says U.S.-Iranian reporter appeals her 8-year jail term

An Iranian-American journalist jailed in Tehran for alleged espionage is now appealing her 8-year prison sentence. The hope is that she will be freed by an Iranian High Court.

Man Jailed, Owes Back Child Support of $530,000 for 14 Children

Making babies is sure fun; paying for them…not so much. A Michigan man has been jailed for not paying child support for 14 children, he allegedly fathered with 13 women.

Author jailed for insulting Thailand's royal family

An Australian author has been sentenced in Thailand to three years in jail after he pleaded guilty to charges of insulting the country's royal family.

Dog kills baby, dog owner gets 6 months jail term

In September of 2007 four-month-old baby Kylie was mauled to death by a rottweiler. The dog's owner has been sentenced to 6 months in jail and 3 years probation. During that time he cannot own an animal.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick goes to jail

Detroit Michigan's Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick involved in a sex and perjury scandal has been ordered to jail today for violating the terms of his bond which was imposed on him for allegedly assaulting a sheriff's deputy last month.

British Man Gets Life Without Parole For Murder of U.S. Woman and Baby

A British man on trial for the killing of his young wife and baby daughter has been found guilty of their murder and has been sentenced to life without parole. The 29 year old starts his sentence today

Northeast Georgia D.A. gets six years in prison for payroll theft scheme

On Tuesday longtime Northeast Georgia district attorney Tim Madison was sentenced to six years in prison for his role in a payroll theft scheme and ordered to pay $40,000 in restitution.
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OCCUPY: Demonstrators rally in support of jailed transgender whistleblower PFC Bradley Manning in Be...
OCCUPY: Demonstrators rally in support of jailed transgender whistleblower PFC Bradley Manning in Berkeley in 2012.
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Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan  22 (left)  Jordan Blackshaw  21  jailed for four years each for using Facebo...
Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22,(left), Jordan Blackshaw, 21, jailed for four years each for using Facebook to incite disorder during riots in England.
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