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Jail News

Man faces life in prison for stealing candy

New Orleans - Thieves beware. Mandatory sentencing laws across the United States mean that you could end up spending the rest of your life behind bars over a petty crime, like stealing candy.

FacePalm Friday: YouTuber jailed for bomb hoax prank

London - A popular prankster on YouTube was arrested and jailed after he was convicted of bomb hoaxes and mock robberies in London.

Egyptian court gives man jailtime for comments about wives

Over the weekend, a popular Facebook user was sentenced to three years in prison after he asserted that many women in Egypt were unfaithful.

UFC fighter Jon Jones avoids jail time by pleading guilty

Albuquerque - On Tuesday, Ex-UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon 'Bones' Jones pleaded guilty to a felony charge of leaving the scene of an accident.

Rwanda rape victims jailed for abortion

Two advocacy groups said that almost one in four women in a number of jails in Rwanda are serving time for illegal abortions, and many of them are rape survivors.

Jailhouse death of US black woman ruled suicide

Chicago - The controversial death of a black woman in a Texas jail was ruled a suicide after an autopsy found no signs of foul play, prosecutors said Thursday.

China ire as Myanmar jails scores for illegal logging

Beijing on Thursday hit out at long jail sentences handed to more than 150 Chinese nationals for illegal logging in Myanmar, in the latest tremor to shake relations between the neighbours.

Woman who died in U.S. jail victim of officer's 'ego': Family

Chicago - A black woman who died in a Texas jail under suspicious circumstances was there only because she hurt the "ego" of an overzealous police officer, her family alleged Wednesday.

Alabama jail forced to release prisoners after it ran out of food

Fairfield - If you can't feed em, set em free. An Alabama jail was forced to release some prisoners in its care after running out of food. The released were guilty of committing only minor crimes.

Indian mob lynches alleged rapist: New facts emerge [Video]

Dimapur - Footage has emerged showing the moment that a mob broke through the gates of Dimapur Central Jail in the state of Nagaland, northeast India, overpowered security personnel and dragged out of jail a man accused of raping a student at a women's college.

Garbage collector jailed for starting work too early

Atlanta - Kevin McGill is a sanitation worker in an Atlanta suburb, and he was sentenced to jail because he started work too early.

Woman who stole and euthanized dog gets jail time

On Friday, a woman from Pennsylvania was sentenced to jail for stealing her neighbor's dog and paying to have it euthanized.

WhatsApp 'revenge porn' man sentenced to 12 weeks in jail

On Friday, a 21-year-old man may be the first person in the United Kingdom to be jailed for posting revenge porn on the WhatsApp messaging service.

Puppy rapist sentenced to 5 years in jail

Daytona Beach - On Friday, James Guy Bull, 62, was convicted of fondling and raping his eight-month-old puppy. He will now spend five years in a Florida prison.

Teen faces prison time for simulating oral sex with Jesus statue

Everett - A 14-year-old boy from Everett, Pennsylvania, stood in front of a Jesus statue and simulated oral sex with its face. He now faces up to two years in jail.

Rome man begs police to take him to jail due to house arrest hell

Rome - It seems house arrest isn't quite what it's cut out to be. A 37-year-old Italian man has begged the Rome police to put him in jail, after suffering nearly three months of constant fighting with his wife while under house arrest.

Wild ginseng poacher heads to jail as Feds crack down

Bryson City - Billy Joe Hurley, 46, of Bryson City, North Carolina was broke and quite simply just trying to make a living. Unfortunately he chose to continue to illegally poach wild ginseng, putting the species at risk, despite several arrests and warnings.

Woman allegedly stole bottle of wine to see jailed boyfriend

Cedar Park - A woman from Cedar Park, Texas, allegedly stole a bottle of wine that cost about $4, because she wanted to get arrested so she could see her boyfriend, who was in jail.

Photo Essay: Among the ruins of Bodmin Jail Special

Bodmin - Bodmin Jail is a historic former prison situated in Bodmin, on the edge of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. Recently Digital Journal paid a visit.

SF judge denies bail for bomb suspect

San Francisco - A San Francisco political consultant jailed after authorities found alleged bomb-making materials in his home will not be transferred to a mental hospital for treatment before trial, a federal judge ruled July 22.

Video: The U.S. national prison problem

We hear a lot of talk about the United States prison system not being up to par with the rest of the world. This article is a collection of evidence that the problem exists and the factors that contribute to it.

Man to serve 3 months in jail for smuggling dinosaur skeleton

A Virginia fossils dealer was sentenced to three months in prison for smuggling a Tyrannosaurus skeleton out of Mongolia.

Man slapped and killed teen daughter, only gets 60 days jail time

Longueuil - A Quebec man is given the sentence of 60 days in jail after raising his hand to his teenage daughter and subsequently ending her life.

Women in Prison: No longer hopeless Special

Cells in jails and prisons around the United States are being filled by women at an alarming rate. Drugs. Crime. Children. Shame. A prison sentence is different for a woman than it is for a man.

French crook continues the con from behind bars

Lannemezan - A criminal, locked up in a prison cell in the south-western French town of Lannemezan, managed to continue his life of crime, despite being behind bars. However, once he was found out, he had literally nowhere to go.

L.A. County deputies arrested for prisoner abuse

Eighteen L.A. sheriffs deputies face charges of prisoner abuse, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice in an ongoing FBI jail abuse investigation.

French prisoners doing the Harlem Shake launches probe (videos)

Just when you thought the whole Harlem Shake craze was over, videos have appeared on YouTube. One of them shows French prison inmates enthusiastically doing the dance. Authorities are investigating how this could have possibly happened.

Louisiana lawmaker wants to defund library in favor of new jail

Come Saturday, members of a southern Louisiana community of 97,000 known as Lafourche Parish will vote on a controversial ballot proposal aiming to reallocate $800,000 a year from the local library budget to the funding of a new $25 million jail.

Lafourche Parish to vote on funding jail with library money

Given the choice, would voters opt for a new 600-bed jailhouse, or vote to keep funds in a library system that has been well-managed for years? That question has been put on the ballot in one Louisiana parish today, and the outcome will be interesting.

Greenpeace activist scaled Eiffel Tower for release of Arctic 30

Paris - In protest against the Russian detention of 28 activists and 2 journalists, a Greenpeace activist staged a solo, 2-hour protest by hanging from a tent suspended from the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Saturday.
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Jail Image

Old Jail Museum  located in the historic district of Warrenton  Virginia.
Old Jail Museum, located in the historic district of Warrenton, Virginia.
Bible in Jail
Bible in Jail
Scales of Justice
Scales of Justice
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Ongoing efforts to preserve history and locate items from days past is occurring at the Old Jail Mus...
Ongoing efforts to preserve history and locate items from days past is occurring at the Old Jail Museum. Several artifacts, such as these dishes, were found during excavation projects.
San Quentin Prison
San Quentin State Prison is a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation state prison for men
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A jail
A jail
The Alcatraz prison off the California coast
The Alcatraz prison off the California coast
Robert L Kugle is arrested after allegedly exposing himself to fellow postal worker.
Robert L Kugle is arrested after allegedly exposing himself to fellow postal worker.
Clarksville Mug Shots
Lafourche Parish jail was built in the 1940 s.
Lafourche Parish jail was built in the 1940's.
Jordan McAlister
Militants in police uniform attacked Central Jail in Dera Ismail Khan late on Monday as around 20 ex...
Militants in police uniform attacked Central Jail in Dera Ismail Khan late on Monday as around 20 explosions were heard and at least two policemen injured. – File photo
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Daniel Chong  forgotten in a San Diego prison cell.
Daniel Chong, forgotten in a San Diego prison cell.
Video screen capture
An old padlock
An old padlock
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The kitchen in the Old Jail was added in 1824 after the new jail building was constructed. This room...
The kitchen in the Old Jail was added in 1824 after the new jail building was constructed. This room rounded out the Old Jail as the building was converted into a home for the full time jailer and his family to live.
One of the former cells located in the  new  jail  built in 1823.
One of the former cells located in the "new" jail, built in 1823.
Prison cell.
Prison cell.
Michael Coghlan
Prison in Lisbon  Portugal
Prison in Lisbon, Portugal
Paulo Juntas