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Ivory coast News

Ivory Coast bans skin-whitening cream because of health concerns

Abidjan - Ivory Coast has banned skin-whitening lotions and creams, widely used products in West Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The Health Ministry is citing fears of lasting damage to people's health.

Italy's high court clears Amanda Knox and boyfriend of murder

Rome - Eight years of legal proceedings, two murder convictions and four years of prison later, the question still remains: Did she, or didn’t she?

Ivory Coast ritual killings continue, police step up patrols

Abidjan - A series of grisly child killings continues to plague the Ivory Coast and police have set up a special unit to investigate the suspected ritual killings that have claimed the lives of more than 20 children since December.

Serey Die breaks into tears during Ivory Coast national anthem

Prior to the match against Colombia, Ivory Coast midfielder Serey Die broke down in tears as his national anthem played, setting off a rumor that he had found out hours before the game that his father had passed away.

World Cup 2014: Japanese fans clean up stadium after team's loss

Win or lose it's not something you'll see fans of any other nation's team do at the World Cup, or anywhere. But it's tradition in Japan to clean up following a sporting event and so that's what they did after Japan lost 2-1 to the Ivory Coast in Brazil.

Report: United Nations to ease embargo on Ivory Coast diamonds

Abidjan - A decade-long embargo on diamonds from the Ivory Coast could be partially lifted this week, several United Nations diplomats said Friday.

New Year's Eve Stadium stampede kills 60

Around the World 2012 was seen out in a blaze of New Year's Eve celebrations and firework displays. In one such event in Abidjan, the Ivory Coast, 60 people are believed to have been killed.

Zambia wins Africa Cup of Nations

Zambia beat Ivory Coast in a nail-biting final to the Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon on Feb.12. They won the match following a penalty shoot out after extra time.

Op-Ed: Self-declared Ivory Coast president Gbagbo has been arrested

The news has started to come through that the terrible and bloody civil war in Ivory Coast may at last be coming to an end. Ivory Coast former president Laurent Gbagbo was arrested by French-backed forces of president-elect Alassane Ouattara.

Op-Ed: Ivory Coast — Another turn in this battle for power

Just as many of us thought that this long and bloody war was coming to an end, we see that there is yet another twist in this Ivory Coast tale.

Op-Ed: Ivory Coast - UN and the French take the battle to Gbagbo's door

Today, 5 April, 2011, Laurent Gbagbo's palace and two military camps under his control have been struck from the air, the UN confirmed, in retaliation for "reckless and mindless attacks on civilians and UN personnel."

Op-Ed: Ivory Coast — is the end of the fighting in sight?

Following a weekend of brutal battles in Abidjan and a massacre in Duekoue, it would appear that the situation is moving very quickly. The world is, watching and waiting to see just what will happen next.

Ivory Coast massacre revelation makes US 'deeply concerned'

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton characterized the US position as 'deeply concerned' over the Ivory Coast civil war and the reported massacre of 1,000 people at the hands of UN-backed Ivory Coast leadership.

Op-Ed: Religion and the exploitation of religion in Cote D'Ivoire

New York - The horrific violence in Ivory Coast, stemming from Laurent Gbagbo's gross violation of election results, is degenerating into sectarian conflict involving religious identities of Ivorians typically divided north and south.

One million refugees flee violence in Ivory Coast

Abidjan - The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says up to a million people have fled the West African nation of Ivory Coast because they fear an all-out civil war between followers of rival presidential claimants.

Op-Ed: Meanwhile, Ivory Coast slides unnoticed into civil war

The turmoil in Libya has eclipsed events in other African countries, and the further south they are the less attention they are getting. One of those countries is Ivory Coast, where the ongoing Gbagbo-Ouatarra standoff could result in civil war.

Op-Ed: France and the West take their anti-terror war into Africa

The increase in incidents of hostage-taking of French nationals in African countries by alleged al-Qaida affiliates AQIM has led France to step up its use of force to get them back and eliminate those responsible if necessary. Will that policy work?

UN ambassador: 'Unity government is possible in Ivory Coast'

Ivory Coast’s ambassador to the UN Youssoufou Bamba said a unity government was possible if incumbent Laurent Gbagbo stands down and hands over power to the President-elect Allasane Ouattara.

Britain and Canada reject order to leave Ivory Coast

Britain and Canada have rejected the expulsion of their ambassadors by the incumbent president of Ivory Coast. They say they recognize only the authority of his rival and widely-recognized winner of the country's presidential poll, Allassane Ouattara.

Refugees flee Ivory Coast

Thousands of refugees are fleeing violence in the politically unstable Ivory Coast in West Africa. Charity ActionAid reported more than 22,000 refugees have already crossed the border into neighbouring Liberia.

UN calls for more troops in Ivory Coast

The United Nations says it needs more troops in Ivory Coast as part of efforts to resolve a political crisis resulting from last November's presidential run-off in which the incumbent has refused to hand over to the internationally recognized winner.

African Union says no power sharing government in Ivory Coast

The African Union AU mediator to the political crisis in the Ivory Coast said there would be no option of a power-sharing government after the incumbent decided to negotiate with the continent’s leaders.

Attitude of African leaders clinging to power called 'shameful' Special

The Ivorian crisis in which an incumbent is refusing to admit election defeat is raising concerns over the sit-tight syndrome of African leaders who cling to power at all cost. This syndrome is turning shameful, some Africans at home and abroad say.

Op-Ed: Ivory Coast’s Laurent Gbagbo and his shady French lawyer friend

French lawyer Jacques Vergès is a shadowy and unscrupulous self-styled 'anti-colonialist' whose decision to defend Laurent Gbagbo, the losing presidential candidate in Ivory Coast who is hanging on to power, comes as no surprise.

Ivoirian incumbent refuses phone call from US president

The incumbent president of Ivory Coast Laurent Gbagbo reportedly refused to take a phone call from US president Barack Obama, resisting to bow to any international pressure to handover to adjudged winner of November’s election Allassane Ouattara.

International community urged to 'force' Ivorian incumbent out

A top member of the opposition in Ivory Coast called on the international community to use force to oust Laurent Gbagbo from the presidency after a disputed election in which the incumbent’s rival Alassane Quattara was originally adjudged winner.

Cocoa prices on the rise due to political unrest in Ivory Coast

Continued political upheaval in West Africa's Ivory Coast creates another spike in cocoa and chocolate prices around the globe.

France urges citizens to leave Ivory Coast

France has called on its nationals in Ivory Coast to leave following the continued crisis over disputed elections in the West African country.

Supporters of Ivorian incumbent vow to keep him as president

Supporters of Ivory Coast's Laurent Gbagbo have reportedly vowed to fight even to the point of death to keep the incumbent as president of the west African country.

International pressure mounts on Ivorian incumbent to step down

Incumbent president of Ivory Coast Laurent Gbabgo is facing an international pressure to step down and hand over power to adjudged winner of last months' disputed election Allassane Quattara.
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A Foreign Legion soldier with a captured rebel  Ivory Coast  August 2004.
A Foreign Legion soldier with a captured rebel, Ivory Coast, August 2004.
Prime Minister of Ivory Coast in Ouattara s cabinet Guillaume Soro.
Prime Minister of Ivory Coast in Ouattara's cabinet Guillaume Soro.
Ivory Coast flag
Ivory Coast flag
Hussein Abdallah
Abidjan  capital of the Ivory Coast.
Abidjan, capital of the Ivory Coast.
Zenman (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Hyperolius Nimbae- has been found after 43 years. Re-discovered by Dr.N’goran Germaine Kouame  in ...
Hyperolius Nimbae- has been found after 43 years. Re-discovered by Dr.N’goran Germaine Kouame, in a swampy field in Danipleu, an Ivorian village near the Liberia border. The species is approximately 33 mm long.
Ngoran Germain Kouame / Conservation International
Rough diamonds are shown in this photograph from 2013.
Rough diamonds are shown in this photograph from 2013.
Camila Mautschke/Wikimedia Commons
Abidjan  capital of Ivory Coast in West Africa
Abidjan, capital of Ivory Coast in West Africa
Thierry N doufou
Thierry N'doufou
Olivier Monnier
Abidjan in the Ivory Coast
Abidjan in the Ivory Coast

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