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Ivory News

'Queen of Ivory' arrested, charged in major smuggling operation

She's known as the "Queen of Ivory" and for more than 15 years, she allegedly helped smuggle more than 700 elephant tusks out of Africa and across the world. She kept a high-profile, owning a popular Chinese restaurant, yet managed to evade capture.

Africa's elephants have a champion on their side Special

In the ongoing battle to save Africa's two species of elephants, many organizations have combined forces. But Tara Easter, with the Center for Biological Diversity is at the forefront of this strategy in combating the illegal wildlife trade.

Mozambique elephant poaching fuels ivory trade in China and Asia

Maputo - The U.S.-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) reported on Tuesday that nearly half of Mozambique's elephants have been killed for their ivory in the past five years.

Kenyan president torches 15-tonne ivory stockpile

Nairobi - Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta set fire to a giant pile of 15 tonnes of elephant ivory Tuesday, vowing to destroy the country's entire stockpile of illegal tusks by the year's end.

Elephant slaughter, ivory sales 'out of control': conservationists

Nairobi - The slaughter of Africa's elephants and the illegal trade in ivory in China are "out of control" and could push wild elephants to extinction within a generation, conservationists said Tuesday.

Elephant slaughter, ivory sales 'out of control': conservationists

Nairobi - The slaughter of Africa's elephants and the illegal trade in ivory in China are "out of control", conservationists said Tuesday, with wild elephants potentially disappearing within a generation.

Angelina Jolie to direct ivory poaching movie

Los Angeles - Angelina Jolie is to direct "Africa," a movie about celebrated conservationist Richard Leakey's battles with ivory poachers. The feature will be Jolie's fourth directorial effort.

Hannibal's main weapon against Romans may be nearing extinction

Nairobi - Once the weapon of mass destruction for Hannibal, African elephants could become extinct. Despite some success in curbing their poaching, more are dying than being born in Africa.

Hong Kong officials seize ivory valued at $1 million

A group of smugglers tried to get a whopping 32 cases of luggage filled with ivory through Hong Kong customs. They were caught and lost $7.9 million HK in smuggled ivory, the equivalent of $1 million USD.

Slaughtered for ivory: 65% of forest elephants killed since 2002

London - Yesterday, the Wildlife Conservation Society released new data about the plight of the forest elephants. The release of information was timed to coincide with a conference on wildlife crime.

US bans commercial ivory trade

Washington - The United States banned the domestic trade of elephant ivory as part of a new drive to help African countries stem the rising threat to wildlife from poachers.The White House administrative action prohibits all commercial imports of African elephant i...

Suspected ivory smuggler in Kenya facing life due to new law

Nairobi - Tang Yong Jian, who was allegedly attempting to smuggle raw ivory out of Kenya to China, may face life imprisonment and a $230,000 fine if convicted. The new punishments are part of Kenya’s new Wildlife Act of 2013.

Ivory smugglers sentenced in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City - A Vietnamese court sentenced two men to three years in prison for their role in smuggling ivory weighing 2,400 kilograms into the nation from Singapore. The tusks originated in Mozambique. The trial lasted one day.

Report: Joseph Kony and LRA killing elephants across Africa

Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army have been butchering elephants across central Africa for their ivory tusks, a report says.

Poachers have killed all rhinos in Limpopo Park, Mozambique

The directors of the Limpopo National Park (PNL) in Mozambique have announced that poachers have wiped out all the rhinos in the park. Poachers traffic in rhino horns to meet the Asian market demand for preparations believed to have medicinal properties.

Elephant poaching increasing in Gabon

Elephant poaching in Gabon is increasing at an ‘alarming rate’ according to environmental groups. Since 2004, some 11,000 elephants have been killed by ivory poachers.

Gabon sets fire to 10,000 pounds of elephant ivory

Libreville - Over 10,000 pounds of seized elephant ivory were burned in Gabon on Wednesday to combat a spike in poaching and illegal ivory trafficking.

Review: Ivory Wars — Out Of Africa Special

The latest edition of the BBC's 'Panorama' documentary series casts a disturbing eye over the trade in ivory, and the future, or otherwise, of the elephant.

Cape Town man out on $1.3 million bail over ivory haul

Cape Town - A man from Milnerton, Cape Town has been charged with the illegal possesion of elephant tusks and ivory products worth an estimated R10 million or approximately $1.3 million USD.

Two tonnes of ivory seized in Kenya

Nairobi - Smugglers tried to get about two tonnes of ivory and five rhino horns out of Kenya by hiding them inside boxes labelled avocados. The boxes, which were destined to be shipped to Malaysia, were seized at Nairobi's international airport.

One-time ivory sale prohibitted by CITES

The United Nation’s Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES) in Doha, Qatar rejected requests for a one-off sale of stockpiled ivory.

eBay will impose a worldwide ban on ivory products from 2009

Ebay in joint cooperation with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) will impose a worldwide ban on sale of ivory products at their sites.

U.S. Accuses 6 of Smuggling Disguised Elephant Ivory

Boxes from Africa came through Kennedy airport and they were marked “African Wooden Handicraft” and “Wooden Statues.” That was not what was in the boxes.

Africa's Record Setting Ivory Bust

A joint operation between Interpol and the Kenya Wildlife Service has resulted in Africa's largest-ever international crackdown on wildlife crime.

More then 23,000 Elephants are being slaughtered for their Tusks

DNA helped investigators trace the biggest ever consignment of contraband ivory seized since 1989

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Ivory Image

Reliquary with ivory inlays.
Reliquary with ivory inlays.
James Morgan / WWF
A luxury goods store showroom in Beijing  China.
A luxury goods store showroom in Beijing, China.
screen grab
A poacher doesn t see the elephant. All he sees is the ivory.
A poacher doesn't see the elephant. All he sees is the ivory.
N. A. Naseer
Collection of ivory figurines destroyed 
during Ivory Crush by USDFW in 2014.
Collection of ivory figurines destroyed during Ivory Crush by USDFW in 2014.
Kate Miyamoto/USFWS
This ivory carving is a gift from China presented to the United Nations in 1974. It depicts the Chen...
This ivory carving is a gift from China presented to the United Nations in 1974. It depicts the Chengtu-Kunming railway, which was opened to traffic in 1970 and covers a distance of over 1,000 kilometers. The railway connects two Chinese provinces, Yunnan Province in the South and Szechuan Province in the North. The sculpture was carved from eight elephant tusks, and it is said that 98 people worked on it for more than two years. It is amazing for its detail - it is possible to see even tiny
Wikipedia Commons

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