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Ivory News

China seizes nearly 2,750 elephant tusks in huge bust

Bejing - Chinese authorities have seized 7.5 tonnes of ivory -- 2,748 elephant tusks -- in one of the biggest busts in recent years as the country cracks down on the sale of illegal wildlife products.

In Siberia, Chinese demand for prehistoric tusks fuels 'mammoth rush'

Yakutsk - Crouching near a wooden shed in his snowy backyard, Prokopy Nogovitsyn lifts up a grey tarpaulin and takes out a vertebra the size of a saucer: part of a mammoth skeleton.

Vietnam makes fresh ivory, pangolin haul from Nigeria

Hanoi - Vietnam has seized eight tonnes of pangolin scales and elephant ivory shipped from Nigeria, police said Friday, the second such haul in a week in a country which both consumes and trafficks huge volumes of endangered African wildlife.

DNA sleuths bolster case against three ivory cartels

Tampa - DNA tests on smuggled elephant tusks have identified three major ivory cartels in Africa and are helping investigators bolster the criminal cases against some of the most dangerous traffickers, researchers said Wednesday.

Kenyan court overturns landmark sentence of ivory kingpin

Nairobi - A Kenyan court on Friday overturned a 20-year jail term handed to an ivory trafficking "kingpin", in a case that had been seen as a test of the country's will to take on rampant poaching.

Illegal ivory openly sold across Europe: study

Apo - Traders are selling illegal ivory openly across the European Union through a loophole allowing trade in "antique" items, the campaign group Avaaz charged Tuesday.

Britain to ban ivory sales

London - Britain will ban sales of ivory in a bid to help preserve the world's dwindling elephant population, the government announced Tuesday.

Hong Kong bans ivory sales in landmark vote

Hong Kong - Hong Kong voted to ban ivory sales in a landmark move Wednesday to end the infamous trade in the city.

Chinese ban on ivory sales goes into effect

Bejing - China's complete ban on ivory trade went into effect Sunday, officials said, a major step forward in Beijing's efforts to rein in what was once the world's largest market for illegal ivory. "From today...

Britain announces plan to ban antique ivory trade

London - Britain on Friday outlined plans for a near-total ban on trade in antique ivory, bowing to pressure from campaigners who say that poachers are exploiting loopholes in the current regulations.

Chinese buyers fuelling ivory surge in Laos, report says

Nairobi - Surging demand from Chinese visitors has made Laos the world's fastest-growing market for ivory, conservation group Save the Elephants said Thursday.

Tales of murder and suffering in Hong Kong ivory ban debate

Hong Kong - A Kenyan park ranger who said his closest friend was shot dead while protecting elephants urged Hong Kong not to compensate the city's ivory traders in an emotive speech to lawmakers on Wednesday.

Three tonnes of ivory seized in Vietnam

Hanoi - Vietnamese authorities have seized nearly three tonnes of ivory hidden among boxes of fruit, officials said Sunday, the latest haul to spotlight the country's key role in the global wildlife smuggling trade.

Hong Kong launches ivory ban bill

Hong Kong - Hong Kong launched a landmark bill to ban its ivory trade Wednesday, describing it as an effort to "eradicate" the illegal poaching of elephants.

African park ranger hits out at Hong Kong ivory trade

Hong Kong - A frontline park ranger from the Democratic Republic of Congo on Tuesday delivered an emotive testimony to legislators against the ivory trade in Hong Kong, as the city faces criticism over how it plans to phase out the trade.

Hope for elephants as ivory prices fall

Nairobi - The price of ivory has fallen by nearly two-thirds in the last three years, according to research conducted in China and published Wednesday by the conservation group Save the Elephants.

China to ban ivory by 2017

China has declared a ban on all ivory trade and processing activities by the end of 2017. The decision has been declared "historic" by a number of conservation and environmental groups.

Two tonnes of ivory seized in Vietnam

Hanoi - Around two tonnes of ivory hidden in a timber shipment from Mozambique has been seized in Vietnam, customs authorities said Friday, the second large haul of the illegally-trafficked product in a week.

Singapore crushes 8 tonnes of illegal ivory

Singapore, a major transit point to ship illegal ivory from Africa to China crushed 8 tonnes of seized ivory estimated to be worth $10 million.The remains will be used as landfill at an offshore island.

Singapore destroys tonnes of illegal ivory

Singapore - Singapore on Monday crushed and burnt almost eight tonnes of ivory confiscated over two years to try to deter smugglers as activists called for tighter enforcement.Over 2,700 elephant tusks weighing 7.

France seizes 350 kg of ivory

Ivry-sur-seine - French customs said Wednesday that officers had seized over 350 kilogrammes (770 pounds) of elephant tusks in recent weeks, the biggest haul of ivory in the country in ten years.

US announces near-total ban on African elephant ivory trade

Washington - The US authorities announced a near-total ban on the trade of African elephant ivory on Thursday, finalizing a years-long push to protect the endangered animals.

Kenya lights world's biggest ivory bonfire, demands tusk trade ban

Nairobi - Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta set fire to the world's biggest ivory bonfire Saturday, after demanding a total ban on trade in tusks and horns to end "murderous" trafficking and prevent the extinction of elephants in the wild.

Kenya demands total ivory ban to stop elephant slaughter

Nanyuki - Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday demanded a total ban on trade in ivory to end trafficking and prevent the extinction of elephants in the wild."To lose our elephants would be to lose a key part of the heritage that we hold in trust.

Kenya's mega ivory piles 'will burn even if it snows'

Nairobi - Eleven towering piles of ivory rise above the savannah grasslands of Nairobi National Park, ready to be burned Saturday in a symbolic grand gesture against the trade threatening elephants with extinction.

Ivory trucks arrive in Kenyan capital for mass burning

Nairobi - Truckloads of elephant tusks arrived in the Kenyan capital Friday, collected from across the east African nation ahead of the world's biggest burning of ivory later this month.

Kenya ivory amnesty ahead of record-breaking tusk burning

Nairobi - Kenya on Wednesday launched a three-week amnesty to hand in ivory and rhino horn ahead of the world's biggest burning of ivory next month.

Kenya's canine cops sniff out illegal ivory

Nairobi - Burrowing deep into a huge pile of jumbled luggage, Dick the dog wags his tail, pawing at a small green rucksack: inside is the hand-sized tip of an elephant's tusk.

Kenya to destroy largest ever ivory stockpile

Kenya will set ablaze 120 tonnes of ivory worth $270 million, the biggest to be burned by any country in one go, in April this year. The event will be attended by Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicole Kidman along with several other celebrities.

Sri Lanka destroys biggest ever illegal ivory haul

Colombo - Sri Lanka's government on Tuesday destroyed its biggest ever illegal ivory haul in the first public crushing of poached tusks in South Asia, intended to send a stark message to smugglers.
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Ivory Image

Collection of ivory figurines destroyed 
during Ivory Crush by USDFW in 2014.
Collection of ivory figurines destroyed during Ivory Crush by USDFW in 2014.
Kate Miyamoto/USFWS
Three tonnes of illegal ivory are displayed on February 6  2014 in front of the Eiffel tower in Pari...
Three tonnes of illegal ivory are displayed on February 6, 2014 in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris
Bertrand Guay, AFP
James Morgan / WWF
Reliquary with ivory inlays.
Reliquary with ivory inlays.
A poacher doesn t see the elephant. All he sees is the ivory.
A poacher doesn't see the elephant. All he sees is the ivory.
N. A. Naseer
China is the world's largest consumer of illegal ivory  according to conservationists
China is the world's largest consumer of illegal ivory, according to conservationists
Philippe Lopez, AFP/File
This ivory carving is a gift from China presented to the United Nations in 1974. It depicts the Chen...
This ivory carving is a gift from China presented to the United Nations in 1974. It depicts the Chengtu-Kunming railway, which was opened to traffic in 1970 and covers a distance of over 1,000 kilometers. The railway connects two Chinese provinces, Yunnan Province in the South and Szechuan Province in the North. The sculpture was carved from eight elephant tusks, and it is said that 98 people worked on it for more than two years. It is amazing for its detail - it is possible to see even tiny
Wikipedia Commons
A luxury goods store showroom in Beijing  China.
A luxury goods store showroom in Beijing, China.
screen grab
Over 2 700 elephant tusks weighing 7.9 tonnes were fed into an industrial rock crusher before incine...
Over 2,700 elephant tusks weighing 7.9 tonnes were fed into an industrial rock crusher before incineration
Roslan Rahman, AFP

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