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Op-Ed: 12 days of Christmas? Not for iTunes

For the past three years Digital Journal has showcased some of the top iTunes giveaways from Apple during the 12 days following Christmas. Not this year, however, since Apple has called time on the promotion.

Review: Armin van Buuren back with superb new track 'Hystereo' Special

Electronic dance music (EDM) superstar Armin van Buuren has topped the Dutch iTunes charts with his newest single "Hystereo," and rightfully so.

Ariana Grande scores a Number One album across the globe

Not only has the pop diva hit the top spot on the Billboard charts, but her second album, 'My Everything,' is Number One in 85 countries (on iTunes) and has garnered over 200 million streams (on Spotify). It's truly a historical week for Ariana Grande.

Dash Berlin: King of dance charts with new 'We Are (Part 1)' CD

DJ and EDM producer Dash Berlin's newest studio album "We Are (Part 1)" was released on August 29, and it is already off to an excellent start on the charts.

Which online movie rental service is right for you?

All online movie rental services are not created equal. Providers of streaming video rentals vary in terms of selection, quality and price.

Apple's next revamp may be music to the ears of iTunes users

Following weeks of speculation and rumors about Apple's purported plans to roll out a significant revamp of iTunes, reports have surfaced in recent days to suggest that Apple's foray into high-definition music is now on the horizon.

Taking your band digital Special

You’ve spent the last year rehearsing in your garage with your bandmates and perfecting your sound. Now it’s time to get your band out from behind closed doors and into the public’s eye. But how do you go about doing this?

Christmas giveaway on iTunes, starting December 26

Apple's iTunes is giving away a range of free content for the fifth year, running over the 12 days of the Christmas period.

Review: Beyoncé by Beyoncé

As opposed to her pop star colleagues, Beyoncé dropped an album unannounced, out of nowhere, to the delight of her fans. It was perhaps an incredible PR move, as the surprise has caused more uproar than any other album this year.

Interview with country singer Justin Adams Special

Country singer and songwriter Justin Adams has a big reason to celebrate: his self-titled new EP reached No. 4 on the iTunes Country Album charts.

Maura Magazine offers stories outside the mainstream Special

Music Maura Johnston, known to many for her smart pop culture observations, has launched her own weekly magazine. It’s the paid model of digital journalism its founder thinks many fans of the “old web” have been waiting for.

Review: Timberlake's 'Suit & Tie' has catchy tune, decent lyrics

Justin Timberlake just dropped a new single in the music world after a six-year hiatus. "Suit & Tie" has a very classy sense of score and even lyrics. But it isn't quite up to super high-brow standards.

David Bowie drops new single: Where Are We Now?

The Thin White Duke releases his new single upon the occasion of his 66th birthday and adds a long player release which will drop in March 2013.

Video: Shaq meets undead in the 'ShaqDown' trailer

In the debut trailer for the Apple iOS and Google Android app-based game, you take on the role of NBA player Shaquille O'Neal who is humanity's last hope in the zombie apocalypse.

Les Miserables music number one with a bullet on Amazon & iTunes

The music industry is shocked and awed by the amazing sales performance of the selected soundtrack from the motion picture Les Miserables, which is today's number 1 charting on both iTunes and Amazon.

Christmas giveaway on iTunes, starting December 26

Apple's iTunes is giving away a range of free content for the fourth year running over the 12-days of the Christmas period.

Need a ‘porn star escort’? Head to the Russian iTunes store

Apple announced the launch of its new iTunes store in Russia Tuesday. Little did they know the “In Soviet Russia…” joke would live up to its name. How about a side of sex with your new app?

AC/DC songs now available on iTunes after long holdout

Rock group from down under, AC/DC, have just allowed their music to be sold on iTunes. While hesitant to allow their songs to be sold individually, the band's entire catalog is now for sale in Apple's digital storefront.

Corona Beach Volleyball, perfect time killer for Corona drinkers

The makers of the beer brand Corona released an app called "Corona Beach Volleyball" which activates when the user's iPhone or iPad detects a bottle of Corona on the table.

Rihanna is the world’s most illegally downloaded artist

A survey by Musicmetric indicates that the artist Rihanna is the world’s most illegally downloaded music artist. The country recording the most illegal downloads is the U.S., followed by the UK.

Op-Ed: iTunes vs. consumers? Who owns what when you buy a download?

Sydney - Bruce Willis is looking at legal action against Apple over a dispute regarding his digital music collection. Under the terms of the iTunes license, purchases are “borrowed”.

Op-Ed: Big win for music as online sales beat retail for first time

Sydney - The death grip of the recording “industry” on musicians and content has finally been broken by online sales. For the first time ever, online sales have overtaken retail market share. Online sales were 50.3% of the gross for 2011.

iTunes 12 days of Christmas giveaway, starting Dec. 26

Apple's iTunes is giving away a range of free content for the third year running over the 12-days of the Christmas period for the UK and Europe.

Google Music launches, will allow social music sharing

Tonight, Google launched its online music service, featuring the ability to listen to songs on Android devices and the Google+ social network. It's unclear when Google Music will be available outside the U.S.

iTunes mastermind Jeff Robbin linked to Apple television rumors

Rumors have been surfacing once again about an Apple branded television and the tech giant entering the video content arena.

Hank Williams Jr. retaliates with new song against ESPN, Fox

Nashville - In the wake of the Hank Williams Jr controversy that began with his comments about President Obama on 'Fox and Friends' and ended with his dismissal from Monday Night Football, Hank did what songwriters do best, he wrote and recorded a song about it.

Apple reportedly in talks to acquire Hulu's online video service

Cupertino - Apple, the 2nd most-valuable company in the world, is considering making a bid for the Hulu online video service. Two industry insiders who know of the possible deal say that talks between Apple and Hulu are already taking place.

Stephen Colbert, Jack White, The Black Belles release new song

Comedian and talk-show host Stephen Colbert unveiled his new song last night on The Colbert Report. Called “Charlene II (I’m Over You),” the song has been released on Jack White's label Third Man Records and features music by The Black Belles.

Amazon drops song prices to take market share from iTunes's effort to knock out competition like Apple's iTunes Store is making headlines today. Popular songs are now available for 69 cents on the site.

Amazon launches new Cloud Player music service today announced the launch of an online music storage service. The details were given in a press release issued earlier.
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