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Italian News

Chatting with Andrew Basso: Illusionist, magician, escape artist Special

Italian illusionist, magician and escape artist Andrew Basso chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his career while quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Review: Il Volo mesmerizes Radio City Music Hall with ethereal vocals Special

New York - On February 6, acclaimed Italian trio Il Volo headlined the historic Radio City Music Hall in New York for a sold-out audience. This show was a part of their 10th-anniversary tour.

Review: Trattoria Dell'Arte is a fine restaurant in New York City Special

New York - This journalist was afforded the privilege to dine at Trattoria Dell'Arte in the heart of New York City, and it is a fine example of the Tuscan cuisine.

Review: Jack Savoretti releases charming album 'Singing to Strangers' Special

On March 15, singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti released his highly-anticipated studio album "Singing to Strangers" via BMG.

Benny Benassi discusses new track with Sofi Tukker, future, Bono Special

Acclaimed Italian DJ and producer Benny Benassi chatted with Digital Journal about his new collaboration with Sofi Tukker entitled "Everybody Needs a Kiss."

Lorenzo Richelmy talks second season of 'Marco Polo' on Netflix Special

Italian actor Lorenzo Richelmy chatted with Digital Journal about playing the lead character on the Neflix series "Marco Polo."

Surgeon says first head transplant could be only 2 years away

Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero predicts that he will be ready to carry out the first head transplant in just two years from now. He says the various medical techniques already exist and he only has to bring them together to succeed.

A waitress accused of adjusting customers' tips

A restaurant server has been accused of editing the tips that customers gave her with extra numbers, adjusting a $5 tip to $15 or even $25, affecting at least 20 of the restaurant users.

The remarkable chemistry of pizza (video)

Naples - Everyone enjoys pizza, right? As you tuck in to a slice, have you ever wondered what is happening in order make the slice so tasty? A new video explores the chemistry behind the cheese, tomato and dough.

Review: It all boils down to ‘Me and You’ Special

Oscar-winning director Bernardo Bertolucci ends a 10-year hiatus with a stimulating portrait of damaged youth in ‘Me and You.’

World Cup 2014: How far will the Italian team spirit take them?

Manaus - England lost to Italy in Brazil's Amazon on Saturday after the Azzurri team won 2-1 in their first Group D match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Just how far will the Italian team spirit take Italy in this year's World Cup matches?

Unlike U.S. law, cannabis and heroin no longer equal in Italy

Italy's constitutional court has declared a law that tripled sentences for selling, cultivating and possessing cannabis "illegitimate" and has overturned it. Antigone, a prison rights group, say the law has caused prison overcrowding.

Video: Learn Italian hand gestures with Dolce&Gabbana

It's always good to learn a foreign language, but if you don't have the time, maybe the hand gestures will do as a start. Some handsome Dolce&Gabbana models will show you how.

Theater manager rams French presidential palace in protest

Paris - Protesting against subsidy cuts for his Paris theater, Attilio Maggiulli rammed his car against the iron gates of the Elysée presidential palace in Paris on Thursday.

Italian expat arrested in Burundi for smuggling human skulls

Bujumbura - When searching the Burundi home of Italian national, Giuseppe Favaro, police found dozens of human skulls. Favaro had been trying to export the skulls and has been arrested.

Italian police find stolen sphinx

Police in Italy have said that they found an Egyptian sphinx that was stolen. The 2,000-year-old sphinx was found near the capital Rome.

Italian scales Vatican cathedral dome in anti-EU protest (video)

Rome - An Italian restaurateur was on top of St Peter's Basilica in Rome on Tuesday, protesting against the Italian government and Prime Minister Mario Monti in particular.

Italy: Comic turned activist shakes political establishment

Rome - As Italians' faith in political parties declines, an allegedly populist movement led by a former comedian is set to become the third political force.

British and Italian Boko Haram cell hostages killed in Nigeria

Sokoto - British Prime Minister David Cameron, said on Thurday that a British and an Italian held hostage in Nigeria by a faction of the terrorist group Boko Haram with al-Qaeda contacts were killed before they could be rescued by special forces.

Op-Ed: Figures show British women are the fattest in Europe

New figures published by Eurostat - the European Union's statistics agency - reveal that British women are the fattest in Europe.

British women revealed as Europe's biggest 'beach prudes'

According to a survey conducted by, British women have been revealed as Europe's biggest "beach prudes". Two-thirds of continentals believe they are more likely to cover their bodies during beach holidays.

Op-Ed: Goalkeeper celebrates too early, costs his team promotion

Whatever the sport, all athletes are certain to question themselves at some stage during their careers. For Loris Angeli, he may be left questioning this decision for many years to come.

Op-Ed: The Spring planting season begins for Italian gardens in Ohio Special

Old world traditions still live on in Trumbull County, Ohio where Italians still garden, can, and make great use of home grown produce.

Killing of Italian activist in Gaza may signal weaker Hamas

After appeals by Hamas to release abducted Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni, the Islamist captors sympathetic to Al Qaeda murdered him, an action that, coupled with ongoing rocket fire from Gaza, may signal a weaker Hamas.

First woman to run for VP of America dies at 75

Boston - Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to be nominated by a major political party for Vice President of the United States, died on Saturday at Masachusetts General Hospital. She was 75.

For 8 out of 10 Italians too many immigrants arrive in Italy

Rome - The results for some may be surprising, regarding a survey sponsored by Focsiv, the umbrella federation of 64 non-governmental organizations international voluntary Christian service.

North-Africa, ultimatum for the Sicilian in the hands of Al-Qaida

Alger - One day before the expiration of the ultimatum, the terrorist group ‘Al Qaeda in the Maghreb released an audio message by Sergio Cicala, the Sicilian abducted with his wife last December, in the desert of Mauritania, on the border with Mali.

Italian PM endorses Tony Blair for EU presidency

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has received the backing of Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi as a candidate to become president of the EU.

Annie Leibovitz sued by Italian photographer

An Italian photographer is suing celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz, claiming that she used his pictures without gaining his permission.

Italian regulators investigate Google

Italian competition authorities are investigating Google because publishers are complaining the Web company is denying them a fair share of online advertising revenue.
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Italian Image

Italian magician and escape artist Andrew Basso
Italian magician and escape artist Andrew Basso
Photo by WoWe
Tartufo from Pizzo: Chocolate gelato with a core of vanilla gelato  and covered in chocolate and syr...
Tartufo from Pizzo: Chocolate gelato with a core of vanilla gelato, and covered in chocolate and syrup.
Anna Fox
Il Volo
Il Volo
Photo Courtesy of Il Volo, Sony Italy
Daughter s death revealed on reality TV.
Daughter's death revealed on reality TV.
Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli
Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli
Dovywiarda, Wikimedia Commons
Food personality Lidia Bastianich with her pasta and pasta sauce during a Toronto appearance
Food personality Lidia Bastianich with her pasta and pasta sauce during a Toronto appearance
Andrea Bocelli
Andrea Bocelli
Giovanni De Sandre
Learning Italian hand gestures with Dolce&Gabbana male models.
Learning Italian hand gestures with Dolce&Gabbana male models.
Sergio Cicala and 6 of his kidnappers
Sergio Cicala and 6 of his kidnappers
Italian Ambulance - Fiat Ducato II facelift  with  AMBULANZA  in mirror writing ( AZNALUBMA )
Italian Ambulance - Fiat Ducato II facelift, with "AMBULANZA" in mirror writing ("AZNALUBMA")
Antonio Iovine  a dangerous mafia boss  was arrested this afternoon by the Italian police.
Antonio Iovine, a dangerous mafia boss, was arrested this afternoon by the Italian police.
Questura di Napoli
Dominick Gatta( right)  his wife  Mickey  his grand daughter and great grand daughter
Dominick Gatta( right), his wife "Mickey" his grand daughter and great grand daughter

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