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Five key takeaways from the EU elections

Paris - The EU elections have been marked by successes for the far right, a surge by the Greens and setbacks for traditional parties across the continent.

Key points of NATO's Warsaw summit

Brussels - NATO leaders meet July 8-9 in Warsaw to finalise the biggest alliance revamp since the collapse of the Soviet Union to counter what they see as an aggressive and dangerously unpredictable Russia.

Gruesome murders: Bangladesh reels from Islamist attacks

Dhaka - Suspected Islamists have hacked to death two gay rights activists in the Bangladeshi capital, the latest in a series of chilling murders in the Muslim-majority country.

Security, immigration, guns top U.S. 2016 debate

Washington - From immigration to the thorny issue of gun control, from America's flimsy economic recovery to the fight against jihadists, White House rivals are clashing on multiple fronts as they woo voters.

Climate summit: The key issues

Le Bourget - Some 150 heads of government and state on Monday kicked off a high-stakes negotiation to curb global warming and help poor countries cope with its impacts.The Paris conference runs until December 11.

UN climate talks: Tough issues on the table

Paris - Diplomats convene in Bonn Monday for the last five-day negotiating session before 195 nations try to ink a global climate pact in December. The UN talks have made progress, but consensus remains elusive on many crucial points.

Windows 10 launch mired by annoying bugs for many

Microsoft's worldwide rollout of Windows 10 is now well under way but it hasn't gone through without its fair share of issues. Users have been reporting a wide range of early bugs including install failures, broken Start menus and crashing, unstable apps.

'Important issues' remain in nuclear talks: Iranian source

Vienna - Iran and major powers still have "important issues" to resolve before they can nail down a historic nuclear accord, a source close to Iranian negotiators said Monday amid expectations a deal was close.

Windows 10 update brings features, fixes and more finesse

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 10 Technical Preview that adds several new consumer-orientated features including improved customization options for the Start menu, Taskbar and window accent colours and an enhanced tablet mode.

Windows 10 for Phones update fixes some major issues

Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 10 for Phones to Windows Insiders. Build 10052 fixes some major issues in the release from a couple of weeks ago and may encourage more Windows Phone users to try out the new software.

The best-selling Windows Phone ever has Windows 10 preview pulled

Microsoft has been forced to temporarily cancel the Windows 10 preview for the world's most-popular Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 520. It follows reports from many users that their devices were bricked when trying to return to Windows Phone 8.1.

More Lollipop issues: Nexus 5 camera problems widely reported

After recent reports that Android Lollipop has been permanently bricking Nexus 5 and 7 devices, Nexus 5 owners are facing even more issues. Many users have reported that the camera often fails to start or immediately force closes in several apps.

Reports: Updating to Lollipop could brick the Nexus 5 & 7 devices

Several reports from across the Internet indicate that Google's Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 Android devices are, in many cases, ending up bricked after being updated to Android Lollipop. The company is not responding as owners get angry.

Early issues with Apple Pay are putting off users, says study

A study has revealed that early issues with Apple Pay are causing many earlier patriots to neglect regular use of the service. 47% of users have experienced issues in stores advertised as Apple Pay friendly.

Crunch issues for climate negotiators

Geneva - With fewer than 300 days until the long-awaited signing of a global pact to curb climate change, the world's nations remain deeply divided on fundamental issues.

Ecuador 'gravely concerned' about health of Assange

London - Julian Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy since June, was granted political asylum by Ecuador in August, but the UK will not grant him safe passage to leave the country. Now his health is suffering.

Op-Ed: Issues with iPhone 5 camera is deemed users' own fault by Apple

Apple, maker of the iPod, iPad and of course, iPhone, has responded to a complaint regarding a purple flare showing up in pictures taken by the iPhone 5's camera. Their answer being to angle it differently, has not sat well with many users.

Op-Ed: Clean water, a human right many will never experience

March 22, 2011. World Water Day, a day of awareness for water and water issues around the globe. Climate change, pollution and misuse, are contaminating and depleting the worlds fresh water supplies.

Stewardship groups discuss issues in Athabasca River Basin Special

People from the Athabasca River Basin meet with stewardship groups, to share their environmental concerns. The Athabasca River Basin is heavily impacted by industrial development.

Survey: Toronto restaurant owners want change at City Hall

Toronto - Toronto is a city of 8,100 restaurants, caterers and bars bringing in $5.8 billion in annual revenue. Owners of these establishments are demanding respect and attention from City Hall, a survey found.

Kids Help Phone readying for school year

Going to high school can be hard for kids. Trying to meet teacher's expectations and worrying about fitting in are just two of the struggles kids deal with. In Canada kids have someone to talk to about their concerns-The Kids Help Phone.

Twitter experiences issues with some users timelines

Some users on Twitter have reported issues with their timelines, rendering the service almost useless because all they can see is their @replies.

Election 2008 Canada: Where Do The Candidates Stand On Economy, Trade and Finance

Looking at the Party websites, Canadians can start to get a basic idea of what each candidate is aiming for if their party wins the election.

Op-Ed: From the Arts To Afghanstan The Canadian Issues That Will Steer This Election

What are the major issues that will decide who will reside at 24 Sussex Avenue? Which issues mean the most to you? Which issues are missing from the table?

Op-Ed: The U.S. and its economy won’t be fixed by paid cheerleading

Anyone would think that whoever gets elected will just sprinkle some pixie dust and the US will return to the Disneyland of voters' dreams. That is not going to happen any time soon. America is looking at a very rough ride for years to come.

Rhetoric vs action and what the leading Dem candidates have actually done

In the middle of the Democratic political "horse race" for the nomination, there have been many claims and counter claims as to who has done what, and which candidate would be better able to lead. One citizen decided to check their records for herself.

Op-Ed: Can You Be A Christian And Not Vote for Mike Huckabee?

In an election that has little in the way of well known "stars", one Republican has made a surprising jump toward the top of the polls based on one specific issue. A former governor from Arkansas seems to be polling at the top among the "values voters".

Op-Ed: APEC show its teeth, as uranium hits the table

Every once in a while, history defines itself clearly. Within 24 hours of arrival, Russian President Putin scored a deal for a billion dollars’ worth of Australian uranium a year. APEC is now at work. The first official snarls of the catfight have begun

Florida Highway Patrol Forced To Issue Lovebug Alert

Swarming lovebugs have gotten so bad, the Florida Highway Patrol has issued a travel warning along Florida"s Turnpike for Memorial Day weekend.
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Public watershed conference  Athabasca  Alberta  Canada January 29th  2011.
Public watershed conference, Athabasca, Alberta, Canada January 29th, 2011.

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