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Isreal News

Op-Ed: Israel has no respect for the lives of innocent children

Tel Aviv - They are supposed to be the good guys. They argue their actions are one of self defense, but anyone who values human life will see Israel does not have a halo above its head.

When journalists become the news: Cameraman latest victim in Gaza

Gaza - A well respected photojournalist has become the latest victim in the bloody conflict in Gaza, killed during continued Israeli shelling of the area.

Israel reacts angrily over reports of U.S. spying on Netanyahu

Washington - Israel officials have reacted heatedly over recent reports that U.S. and British intelligence had spied on their emails.

Israeli Prime Minister cancels his annual 'ice cream budget'

Jerusalem - Revelations that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had an annual ice cream budget have some Israelis criticizing the leader.

As censorship cracks, Israel and Australia explain too little

Melbourne - Israel's security forces admitted, after gag rules were relaxed, that an Australian from Melbourne, held under a false name for security reasons, died in prison more than two years ago, apparently by suicide, however, curious wrinkles have emerged.

Op-Ed: Israel continues Palestine punishment with tax grab

Jerusalem - In retaliation for Palestine seeking and winning observer status at the UN, Israel has approved building 3,000 housing units just outside of Jerusalem and now says that it will keep $120 million in tax money collected for the Palestinian Authority.

Op-Ed: The littlest victims — Children of Gaza and Israel

Hundreds of Palestinians and Israelis have been killed or wounded during eight days of violence, and the children of both countries are left with scars that will last a lifetime.

Netanyahu spokesman, Hamas say 'no ceasefire agreement'

Among rumors that both Israeli and Palestinian officials have agreed to a ceasefire, an Israeli government spokesman has told CNN it is not finalized and the "ball is still in play."

Clinton heads to Middle East as Israel agrees to 'temporary hold'

President Barack Obama has dispatched Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to Israel where she will meet with Israeli, Palestinian and Egyptian officials in and effort to negotiate a diplomatic resolution to the conflict in Gaza.

Amid growing tensions Obama and Netanyahu speak over the phone

U.S. President Obama spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu over the phone today. The White House reports that they discussed a range of security issues.

Suspicious device found — Israeli Embassy evacuation in Dublin

Dublin - An Army bomb disposal unit is in route to the Israeli embassy in Dublin to respond to what is being called as a "suspicious device" found this morning.

Op-Ed: Muslim Brotherhood takes control of Egypt

Muhammad Mursi, won the Egyptian presidential election on Sunday, 24 June 2012. Mursi begins the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to create an Islamic caliphate system throughout the Mideast with Jerusalem as its capital, while Egyptians celebrate his victory.

New assault on Gaza imminent

Three years after a major three-week assault on Gaza left over 1,000 Palestinians and 13 Israelis dead, Israel’s military has indicated it will ‘sooner or later’ launch a ‘swift and painful’ offensive against Gaza.

Israel denies Mavi Marmara was on humanitarian mission

Just as new video footage showing a portion of the boarding of the Mavi Marmara has been released, Israel issued a report claiming the Mavi Marmara was a cover for Turkish insurgents who were bent on a violent confrontation with Israel.

Israel Warns U.K. Over Former Foreign Minister Arrest Warrant

Israel has warned the U.K. that its part in the peace process may be jeopardized by a warrant issued in a British court for the arrest of Tzipi Livni, the Israeli Foreign Minister during last winter's invasion of the Gaza Strip.

New Israeli missile system downs rockets in flight

A new Israeli defence system has succeeded for the first time in destroying rockets similar to those fired from Gaza or Southern Lebanon says Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak. The system intercepted several rockets according to a press release.

Need for Palestinian State Recognized by Israeli PM

In terms never before heard at such high levels of Israeli government, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the creation of a Palestinian state.

Op-Ed: Could Two 'Axis of Evil' Wars Be Looming On The Horizon?

Things are heating up in the Axis of Evil. The US and South Korea warned Kim Jong-Il over his planned missile launch. Kim promises war if it's shot down. And Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened to strike at Iran's nuke program.

Israel Invites Beatles To Birthday Bash

In May, Israel is celebrating its 60th birthday party and wants the Beatles to attend! Yes, you’ve read that right But apparently as long as there's even one Beatle standing,..

Israeli jets Intercept a commercial U.S. flight ~ almost shot out of the sky ~

Continental Boeing 777 was on scheduled flight from Newark

Deadly Bacteria Killed Hundreds in Isreal

Doctors said an antibiotic-resistant bacterium known as Klebsiella pneumoniae has killed as many as 200 patients in hospitals across Israel.

Former Israeli Official warns of Iran’s nuclear power

A former Israeli General warns the World that Iran is now months away from enriching uranium and making nuclear weapons.

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Rockets are launched into Gaza
Rockets are launched into Gaza
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