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Two Indians shot, one fatally, in possible Kansas hate crime

Olathe - A Kansas man allegedly mistook a pair of Indian-born engineers relaxing in a suburban Kansas City bar for Middle Easterners and told them to "get out of my country" before he shot them both, one of them fatally, on Wednesday.

Trump visa ban deprives children of parents, life-saving surgery

President Donald Trump's ban on refugees, immigrants and travelers from seven mainly Muslim countries is having life-or-death consequences for one Iranian baby, while also separating a badly burned Iraqi toddler being treated in Boston from his parents.

Report: Trump to focus counter-extremism program solely on Islam

Washington - President Donald Trump is seeking to rename and reshape a federal program targeting all violent extremism so it focuses exclusively on "radical Islam," sources briefed on the matter said.

5-year-old boy handcuffed, detained for hours as 'security risk'

Dulles - The 5-year-old American son of an Iranian woman was handcuffed and detained for hours without his mother at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia because he was deemed a "security theat," according to the White House.

Giuliani admits Trump sought to find way to legally ban Muslims

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani claimed on Saturday that President Donald Trump told him he wanted to ban Muslims from entering the United States but worried about how he could do so legally.

Op-Ed: Trump's refugee ban is ugly, deadly history repeating itself

It's cliché to say, even during these dire days, that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. But in a nation steeped in historical ignorance and enduring racism, it's all too easy to slip back into darkness, as current events prove.

Trump's immigration ban begins, permanent U.S. residents included

Washington - Permanent U.S. residents — holders of so-called green cards — are included in President Donald Trump's executive order banning immigrants, refugees and travelers from seven majority Muslim nations, the Department of Homeland Security said on Saturday.

Canadian parliament finally passes motion condemning Islamophobia

Ottawa - There was no coverage of passage of a motion against Islamophobia approved on October 26, by the CBC, Globe and Mail, or other prominent Canadian media. In contrast, there was plenty of coverage of the defeat of a similar motion on October 6.

Evangelical leaders urge Christians to accept Syrian refugees

Wheaton - Amid rising xenophobia, Islamophobia and outright attacks on Muslims in the United States in the wake of recent terror attacks, the leaders of some of the most prominent Evangelical Christian sects in the nation are urging acceptance of Syrian refugees.

Donald Trump: Ban all Muslim immigration, travel to U.S.

Mount Pleasant - Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Monday called for a ban on all Muslim immigration and travel to the United States until the nation's leaders can “figure out what is going on."

Op-Ed: Toddlers shoot more Americans than Muslim terrorists

San Francisco - The recent Islamist terror attacks in Paris, France have rekindled long-simmering Islamophobia and xenophobia among many Americans, including political leaders from both major parties who now want to shut the door on Syrian refugees fleeing civil war.

Israelis not Muslims were arrested in U.S. after 'celebrating' 9/11

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump says he saw "thousands of people cheering" as the World Trade Center collapsed following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Anne Frank was a refugee who was denied asylum in U.S.

As the horrors of Hitler's Holocaust unfolded, growing in scope and severity, the United States and other nations failed to take action to save Jews, sending boatloads of Jewish refugees back to their almost certain deaths.

Conservative columnist: 'Bomb Mecca off the face of the earth'

One of the most popular right wing websites in the United States has published an article calling for the destruction of Mecca, the holiest city in Islam, to show that "our God is more powerful" than "their puny deity."

Mayor says Japanese internment camps justify refugee rejection

Roanoke - Roanoke, Virginia Mayor David Bowers has raised eyebrows and ire by citing the internment of Japanese and Japanese Americans in concentration camps during World War II as justification for rejecting Syrian refugees.

Trump won't rule out gov't database, IDs, for Muslims

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said that if elected he would "certainly implement" a government database of all American Muslims, and that he is open to the idea of requiring them to carry Muslim-only identification cards.

Quebec man arrested after posting video threatening Muslims

Montreal - A Quebec man is under arrest today, charged with inciting hatred and making death threats after a YouTube video surfaced of him in a "Joker" mask threatening to kill one Arab person a week in retaliation for the Paris attacks.

Police knew Ahmed Mohamed didn't have a bomb, arrested him anyway

Irving - Police in the Dallas suburb where a 14-year-old Muslim student was apprehended for bringing a homemade clock to his high school now say they knew all along that the child did not have a bomb, but arrested him anyway.

Anti-Muslim acts soar in France since Paris attacks

Paris - The number of anti-Muslim incidents in France has soared since the Paris attacks, with 128 such acts registered over two weeks, almost the same amount as all 2014, a watchdog said Friday.

Anti-Muslim incidents soar in France in wake of Paris attacks

Paris - The number of anti-Muslim incidents in France has soared since the Islamist attacks in Paris two weeks ago, an organisation that tracks Islamophobia said Monday.

Why trending #KillAllMuslims isn't all it seems

The twitter hashtag #KillAllMuslims has been trending strong in the wake of Wednesday's Islamist terrorist attack on the headquarters of a controversial French satire magazine known for its cartoons skewering religion.

Maryland school district removes religious holiday names

Rockville - Maryland's largest school district voted on Tuesday to strip the names of religious holidays from next year's academic calendar after Muslims requested equal recognition with Christians and Jews.

Op-Ed: Video of Canadians defending a young Muslim on the street

Hamilton - Watch this video of several Canadians defending a young Muslim man faced with Islamophobic aggression waiting for a bus in Hamilton.

Praying Muslim family ejected from Empire State Building sues

New York - A New York family has filed a religious discrimination lawsuit alleging they were "forcibly removed" from the Empire State Building for reciting Muslim prayers last summer.

Restaurant owner refuses to serve gay people or 'freak' customers

Enid - An Oklahoma restaurant and bar owner has raised eyebrows and ire by refusing to serve gay people, blacks, Hispanics and other racial minorities, welfare recipients, disabled people, Muslims and Democrats.

French Air Force sergeant accused of planning mosque attack

Lyons - French security services have arrested a 23-year-old sergeant in the French Air Force who is accused of planning an attack on a French mosque to coincide with the end of Ramadan, France’s Interior Ministry announced yesterday.

Mike Huckabee calls Muslims 'uncorked animals'

Former Arkansas governor and current Fox News host Mike Huckabee raised eyebrows and ire after he called Muslims 'uncorked animals' on his radio show earlier this week.

Third night of trouble in Paris suburb over France's burqa ban

Trappes - The town of Trappes in Yvelines department (county), just outside Paris, was again the scene of street disturbances Sunday night as protesters, thought to be mainly Muslims, faced off with local police and riot police.

Op-Ed: Fox News host heaps praise on leader of violent UK hate group

A Fox News host has raised eyebrows and ire by heaping praise upon the leader of a British anti-Muslim hate group known for its Nazi salutes and violent demonstrations.

Op-Ed: Who are the English Defence League?

The English Defence League has been receiving quite some attention from the press recently. In particular, they have had some very favorable publicity in Digital Journal. However, readers may be surprised to know who they really are.
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