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Op-Ed: ISIS and Apocalyptic Islam — The threat and how to overcome it

The non-Muslim world, approximately 6 billion of us, is facing a challenge from fatalistic voices and actions born of Apocalyptic Islam — and we need to take action against this challenge.

France on terror alert following three incidents in three days

Nantes - Following three possible terror attacks in three days, the French government has put the nation on terror alert as operation “Vigipirate” swings into action.

French police shoot dead 'Allahu Akbar' assailant

Tours - French Prime Minister Manuel Valls vowed yesterday that those who “prey on the police” would face the face “the full severity of the state” following an attack at a French police station in a normally quiet suburb of Tours.

ISIS garnering more jihadi influence than al-Qaeda?

With Islamic State of Iraq and Great Syria (ISIS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi requiring an increasingly large support network it seems possible that his group is vying to be more influential in the jihadi world than the Al-Qaeda network.

Syrian war has attracted more jihadists than 1980s Afghanistan

A report from the private security company, Soufan Group, indicates that some 12,000 foreign fighters, many of them Islamists, have gone to fight in the ongoing war in Syria.

Saudi Arabia arrests professors over Muslim Brotherhood links

Saudi Arabia has arrested nine university professors who are alleged to have connections with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is banned in that kingdom.

Sisi: Without U.S. aid Egypt may become another Afghanistan

Egypt's Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has called on the United States to resume giving its military aid to enable Egypt to fight Islamists in order to prevent Egypt from becoming a new Afghanistan in the Middle East.

Op-Ed: Islamist fanatics target UK Moslems

London - Islamic leaders in the UK have been warned they are being targeted by the fanatics of al-Shabab. This should surprise no one.

Who is the White Widow?

Nairobi - There are reports that a woman known as the "White Widow" may be behind or involved with the ongoing horror in Kenya. Who is she?

Op-Ed: English Defence League — No friends on the right either

The English Defence League is portrayed by the mainstream media as a closet Nazi organisation. Real Nazis are not impressed, including Harold Covington.

UK: Islam convert threatened death to Prince Harry

London - London Metropolitan Police announced yesterday that a man had been arrested the day after Drummer Lee Rigby was murdered after making threats to kill British Royal, Prince Harry.

Suspected terrorist attack in London: Man hacked to death

London - One man is reported to have died and two men have been injured after a possible terrorist attack on the streets of Woolwich in southeast London.

U.N cancels Gaza marathon due to blatant Hamas gender segregation

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency has stated that it has cancelled the Gaza marathon due to Hamas' policy of disallowing females to participate.

The Great Terror Trial Verdict

Woolwich - On September 7, 2005, four terrorists murdered 52 innocent people and injured hundreds in a coordinated series of suicide attacks in London. Two years ago, three more planned an encore.

Op-Ed: 'The Freethinker' — The nasty face of atheism

Beckenham - 'The Freethinker' styles itself 'the voice of atheism since 1881', but there is a lot more to this monthly journal than denying the existence of God.

Op-Ed: Detention without trial — A lesson from World War II

If the name Jeffrey Hamm means nothing to you, his experience during World War II has striking parallels with the treatment meted out to those regarded as a danger to the state today.

Op-Ed: Home of anti-Semitism and Islamism, Canada fails to learn history

It seems like the saying is right, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Perhaps then Canada can be classified as guilty of repetition when it comes to its distinctive history with its ethnic and religious discrimination.

Op-Ed: Al-Qaeda's sad army of lost souls

Detroit - Al-Qaeda's terrorists including those who carried out 9/11 and 7/7 are men with evil and hatred in their hearts. Others are more like little boys who have lost their way.

Op-Ed: The West v Islam? Special

There are some in Britain, the US and elsewhere who are intent on portraying the West and Islam as a clash of civilisations or as democracy versus the forces of darkness, but is this really the case?

Op-Ed: Beware the agent provocateur!

An article that exposes the dark motives of those who seek to protect us from terrorists, extremists and paedophiles including by using "agents provocateurs" to exaggerate or create an entirely phantom menace both on-line and in the real world.

Op-Ed: What if they threw a crusade, and nobody came?

London - A slightly whimsical look at an extremist group who are doing their best to stir up social unrest in Britain at the time of the Royal Wedding.

Op-Ed: In Which Direction Should We Go, Then?

I have made mention, casually, on the "wrong direction" meme as presented by so many in the camps of the socialist liberal. I believe that they referred to one of those loaded and charged polls designed to deceive.

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