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Islamic law News

Malaysia: Islamic leader warns comedians not to make people laugh

An Islamic mufti has warned Malaysian comedians against telling jokes that cause excessive laughter. According to the mufti, Islam urges emotional moderation and to refrain from excessive laughter, crying, or other emotional expressions.

Sharia law to be incorporated into British legal system

The British Law Society issued guidelines to solicitors allowing them to draw up wills that comply with Islamic law. Critics say this is discriminatory and only the first step that will see more Sharia law incorporated into the British legal system.

Iranian man's eyes ordered gouged out for pouring acid on girl

Tehran - A major Iranian opposition group claims Iran's highest court has ordered a man's eyes gouged out and his ears and nose chopped off as punishment for an acid attack that left a girl blind and disfigured.

Have sex with your dead wife — Egypt's Islamic gov law proposal?

It appears unsubstantiated controversial news reports are circling regarding the fact that Egypt's Islamist-dominated parliament has proposed a controversial law allowing husbands to have sex with their dead wives within six hours after death.

Operational in America — Sharia influence in schools

The growing influence of Islamic teaching in U.S. public schools is causing concern in several different states such as Massachusetts and Virginia.

Op-Ed: No 'Spring' For Saudi Women

In the midst of the Arab awakening, women fighting oppression—in Saudi or any other Muslim nation—is doomed to fade away into a dark night.

New 'Jihad Threat Report' from the Center for Security Policy

Washington - A new and comprehensive fact-finding report concludes that the US administrations of both political parties failed to grasp the nature of the great danger posed by an adversary that aims to install a totalitarian Islamic regime.

Muslim woman caned for talking to a Hindu man in Bangladesh

A Muslim woman was caned for talking to a Hindu man in Bangladesh, the police reported on June 6. This comes after a government policy to ensure equal property rights to women in the country was met by angry protests by Muslim clerics.

Muslim Leader Declares Interest in 'Flag of Allah' for Britain

Islam may be a peaceful religion, but most Westerners react adversely when they are told they should be dominated forcefully by that faith. A call by a jihadist leader “to see the flag of Allah over Downing Street” isn't supported by most Muslims.

Islamic Law invoked to pacify Swat

In a desperate bid to pacify its beleaguered Swat valley as well as take out the steam from Taliban movement in the region, the Pakistani authority invoked a stricter version of Islamic law in the region.

Banned: Western Hairstyles, Eyebrow Plucking, and Make Up for Men in Iran

Recently, strict rules were put in place for women’s apparel. There's no indication if men will be subject to fines, lashings, incarceration, the way women are for violating new codes regarding appearance.

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Woman in Afghanistan warning a full body burqa  which is required under Shari a law for all women to...
Woman in Afghanistan warning a full body burqa, which is required under Shari'a law for all women to wear if they wish to leave the home.