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The reality of hacking Islamic extremist websites

A computer vigilante, Jester is a former American soldier who hacks anti-American, Jihadist and homophobic websites. Serving four tours in Afghanistan and elsewhere, he is a former military contractor involving US Special Operations Command projects.

Op-Ed: Did Obama not attend Paris vigil to avoid angering extremists?

While many Western heads of state are flocking to Paris to mourn the victims of the terrorist attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, top leaders from the United States are notably absent. Is this intentional? Is it appeasement of extremists?

Op-Ed: West must not compromise on free speech after Paris shooting

Paris - A horrific terrorist attack has occurred in Paris. Twelve innocent people were slain by black-clad gunmen at the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in what appears to be a highly-organized assault. Will free speech stand strong?

Swiss detain three Iraqis planning IS attacks in Europe

Berne - Three Iraqis suspected of planning a terrorist attack in Europe under the auspices of Islamic State (IS) have been held in custody in Switzerland since the end of March this year.

Op-Ed: ISIS and Ebola — Could international extremists spell disaster?

Dallas - Despite the West launching an air war against ISIS, the terrorist organization is still on the offensive. Even worse, it remains popular with foreign extremists. Could porous borders lead to west Africa extremists bringing Ebola samples to ISIS?

Op-Ed: Why the U.S. should not rule out boots on the ground against ISIS

President Obama has vowed to neutralize ISIS as a dangerous organization, but has also vowed not to use U.S. ground troops to do the job. This "war on the cheap" method is exactly what landed us in trouble in Iraq in 2003.

Op-Ed: Caught in the Cross Fire — Turkey and Syria

Turkey’s policy of robust support for the rebel fighters has not only failed to overthrow President Assad or the Syrian government, but it has also had led to a rising threat from extremists linked to Al Qaeda who dominate the Syrian battlefield.

Op-Ed: Holy War ticking time bomb for America

With Egypt on fire and Christians running for their lives under threat from the Muslim Brotherhood, is this only the beginning of the war against Christians around the world? Will the United States be next?

Islamic extremists in Woolwich inspired attack on prison officer

Stamford Bridge - An Islamic extremist serving a prison sentence for plotting to behead a British soldier led two other prisoners in a four-hour attack against a prison officer in an East Yorkshire jail.

French leader quells talk of quick Mali pullout

Bamako - Tuesday, France’s government said French forces deployed in Mali are currently involved in “very violent fighting” in the mountains of north Mali and warned that any talk of a quick pull out would be premature.

United Nations unveils the 'Malala Plan' education fund

The United Nations and the Pakistani government, on International Human Rights Day, has unveiled a global education fund called the "Malala Plan."

Op-Ed: Islamic extremists confiscate televisions in Mali

As foreign Islamic extremists flock to Syria to engage in a spot of jihad, there are still plenty to spare to cause chaos in northern Mali.

British Islamists train for jihad in Syria at Lebanese camp

A Syrian born radical Islamic cleric who lived in the U.K. for almost 20 years before being banned in 2005, is training British born Islamic extremists for jihad in Syria, in a Lebanese training camp.

France expels radical Tunisian cleric Mohamed Hammami

French authorities yesterday expelled radical Tunisian imam Mohamed Hammami after accusing him of advocating “violent jihad”, violence against women and anti-semitism.

Op-Ed: Islamic protests over film spread to Europe

Islamic protests in reaction to the film "Innocence of Muslims" have been spreading across European cities. Over 150 people were detained at an unauthorised protest in Paris on Saturday.

Op-Ed: Innocence of Muslims movie a fraud?

Sydney - Even the actors were surprised what was in their movie, The Innocence of Muslims. The anti-Islamic materials were apparently included in after they did their shoots. Something stinks, and it’s not just the movie.

Syrian rebels claim 48 abducted Iranians are Revolutionary Guards

Damascus - Syrian rebels who captured 48 Iranian pilgrims from a bus are now claiming that the pilgrims are in fact elite members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Iranian Red Crescent team kidnapped by Libyan Islamic extremists

Benghazi - Tehran has demanded the immediate release of a seven member delegation of the Iranian Red Crescent, who were kidnapped at gunpoint in Benghazi by a group of Islamic extremists.

Maldives: Islamic extremists destroy priceless Buddhist statues

In an episode of mindless vandalism reminiscent of the Aghan Taliban's destruction of priceless historical artefact's in 2001, members of an Islamic mob destroyed priceless Buddhist statues in the Maldives earlier this week.

Op-Ed: 'Destroy, burn, kill' messages from Arab and Jewish extremists

On one side, OxOmar, the Saudi hacker has leaked 200 more Israeli credit card details and encourages Arab hackers to ‘destroy Israel.’ On the other, an IDF soldier who writes ‘burn Arabs’ is arrested for leaking information. Peace when exactly?

Op-Ed: NATO's surprise with pro-Gaddafi resistance is surprising

It appears surprising that NATO military spokesman Col. Roland Lavoie has expressed such surprise that pro-Gaddafi fighters are putting up a strong resistance in Sirte. They have reason to fear surrender to NTC rebel fighters.

Tunisia: Islamic extremists attack university head over veil ban

Sousse - A group of extremist Islamists reacted violently to a university's refusal to enrol a woman wearing a niqab. They stormed the university in Sousse, attacking the General Secretary.

Terrorists Prepare for Cyber War

According to a top government official, terrorists are preparing for an Internet war, designed to take down systems and create havoc in financial markets and defense systems. The result may be of far greater consequence than bombing.

Scotland Yard Foils Plot By Islamic Extremists To Kill Publisher Of Muhammad Novel

Scotland Yard has foiled an alleged attempt by Islamic extremists to assassinate Dutch publisher Martin Rynja, because of his intention to publish a controversial novel featuring Muhammad and his child bride Aisha.

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