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Robert Glinta opens up about Team Iron, ISL Season 2, and success Special

Olympic swimmer Robert Glinta chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about being a part of the second season of the International Swimming League (ISL), where he competed for Team Iron.

Meet Peter John Stevens: Slovenia's 'Iron Cowboy' in swimming Special

Slovenian swimmer Peter John Stevens chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his athletic career in swimming, and being a swimmer in the digital age.

Review: Katinka Hosszu wins big at ISL match in Budapest for Iron Special

Budapest - Three-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Katinka Hosszu was the big winner at the International Swimming League (ISL) competition in Budapest.

Review: 19-year-old Kristof Milak triumphs at ISL competition in Budapest Special

Budapest - On October 27, the second day of the International Swimming League (ISL) competition in Budapest was held. Hungarian swimmer Kristof Milak was victorious.

Bacteria fed synthetic iron become electrical generators

Some bacteria are electrogenic, meaning they can generate current as part of their metabolism. Researchers have succeeded in conferring this ability onto bacteria that do not naturally have this function. The aim is sustainable electricity generation.

'Piure' — Possibly the world’s most outlandish seafood Special

It looks like a bag of blood inside a stone. Some people compare its flavour to that of sea-urchin; others define it as “bitter and soapy,” and its smell as “sweaty underarms.” Loaded with iodine and iron, the taste of piure defies description.

Hasbro's Monopoly boardgame to replace iron with new cat token

Pawtucket - The polls are closed and Monopoly players have spoken: the boardgame will no longer have the iron token. Instead, it will be replaced by a cat. The feline design defeated four other contenders in the voting process.

Children of obese mothers have low iron levels

A research study has indicated that children born to obese mothers tend to have a higher number of health problems than those born from mothers who are of a more healthy weight.

Mixing iron and oceans, a potentially toxic brew Special

The theory said fertilize oceans with iron, encourage phytoplankton blooms and trap carbon dioxide for centuries. Simple. But the result may be toxic blooms, poisoned marine life and possibly tainted seafood lethal to humans.

Obama Stimulus Package Violates NAFTA

In what many are calling a clear violation of the North American Free Trade Act, a clause in President Barack Obama's stimulus package was added, that bans foreign iron and steel from being used in funded infrastructure projects.

Phytoplankton Farming Scrutinized by Environmentalists

Selling Carbon Offsets have become scrutinized over the past few years, but one man found a way to sell them and save the planet. However environmentalists may have something to say about that and for good reason.

Downey's Past Troubles Power 'Iron Man'

One of Robert Downey Jr.'s co-stars from the upcoming superhero flick 'Iron Man' believes that the actor's history of troubles off the screen and in real life will help the audience bond with his new character.

The New Iron Man

Be prepared to rock out the Tony Stark way. Sega has just done everyone a good deed by sending out some new Iron Man screen shots our way. Good Things get any better than this?

Hey Hillary: 'Iron My Shirt'

During a seemingly routine campaign day in Salem, New Hampshire, two men began holding up signs and shouting “Iron my shirt!” The sexist comment was not lost on Hillary Clinton, the first woman to be running for president.

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Picture of the oldest known star.
Picture of the oldest known star.
Space Telescope Science Institute
This trio was created by Doris Soley from metal found on a property where a blacksmith s shop had on...
This trio was created by Doris Soley from metal found on a property where a blacksmith's shop had once been located.

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