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Iraqi Kurdistan News

Iraqis angry at being blocked from visiting U.S. by Trump

Baghdad - Iraqi MPs say that it is very likely the Iraqi government will respond to the executive order banning all Iraqis from visiting the U.S. for 30 days by initiating a retaliatory ban on Americans wanting to visit Iraq.

Op-Ed: Kurdish capture of Sinjar from Islamic State creates new problems

Sinjar - Kurdish forces with U.S.-backed air strikes have driven Islamic State fighters out of the city of Sinjar, home to the Yazidi minority group. However, the victory also exacerbates tensions between Iraqi Kurdistan and the central Iraqi government

Resolving to make Kobani Islamic State's Stalingrad

The Stalingrad analogy is a suitable one for the present situation in the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani. One hopes that Kobani prove to be the Stalingrad of Islamic State.

Op-Ed: Iraq — Situation deteriorating as Kurds lose key area

Baghdad - President Barack Obama has approved US airstrikes in support of US personnel and civilians in Iraq, but the situation on the ground is getting a lot worse, fast, for the Kurds. Air power may not be enough.

A Stalingrad-esque showdown coming to Iraqi Kurdistan's capital?

After displacing tens-of-thousands of Iraqi Christians and Yazidis the Islamic State group appears poised to strike Iraqi Kurdistan's autonomous capital Erbil.

Op-Ed: The Kurds are on the front-line in the fight against Islamists

With the black flag of the Islamic State having just been flown over the town of Sinjar and the displacement of thousands more Iraqis in the north we're once again reminded of the threat posed by a strong invigorated ISIS.

Kurds and Iraqi government seem on collision course

Kirkuk - Already strained relations between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Baghdad have become worse as Kurdish forces, the peshmerga, seized control of two central-government run oil fields near the northern city of Kirkuk that the Kurds now occupy.

Islamists surround Iraq refinery and already ship oil from Syria

Baghdad - The Islamic State in Syria(ISIS) has surrounded Iraqi troops in the Baiji oil refinery, Iraq's largest refinery. They are also already shipping oil from oil fields they control in Syria.

Kurdistan may soon declare independence from Iraq

Erbil - Iraqi Kurdistan, the area of Iraq controlled by the Kurdish Regional Government(KRG) may be set to separate from the rest of Iraq and claim full sovereignty rather than just a form of autonomy.

Kurds extend borders of Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq

Erbil - While many in Iraq see the ISIS advance as an unmitigated disaster, the Kurds have used the situation to their advantage by occupying new territory such as the city of Kirkuk claiming that they are simply protecting the city from the ISIS advance.

Turkmen minority in Kirkuk form militia after Kurdish takeover

Kirkuk - The takeover of Kirkuk by Kurdish Peshmerga the Kurds claim is designed to protect the city from any jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ((ISIL) attack is greeted with suspicion by the large minorities of Arab and Turkmen residents of the city.

ISIL jihadists' offensive in Iraq helps Kurds take new territory

Kirkuk - The self-defense forces of the Kurdish autonomous area in northern Iraq called the Peshmerga have taken advantage of the offensive of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) to occupy and defend the city of Kirkuk.

Trench planned for border between Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan

In Iraqi Kurdistan a trench is being dug along the frontier with Syria in order to prevent militants from that war torn country illegally crossing into that territory.

Kurds win Syria-Iraq border crossing from Al-Qaeda-linked rebels

Damascus - After three days of fighting on the Syrian side of the border at the Yaaroubiyeh border crossing Kurdish forces have ousted fighters from Al-Qaeda in Iraq (Islamic State in Iraq and Levant) and also the Jabhat al Nusra Front.

Op-Ed: Kurdish comrades

Iraqi Kurdistan's President Barzani's recent comments reinforces the notion that the Kurdish people see themselves as a nation. A nation that will do its utmost when it comes to protecting its citizens.

Allure of independence still strong in Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurds have went to vote in local elections recently. Given the timing of the elections and increasing tensions with Baghdad the prospect of an independent state is one that still has great allure to it.

Iraqi Kurds mark Halabja gas attacks 25th anniversary

It has been 25 years since Saddam Hussein's forces infamously wiped out 5,000 Kurds with poison gas in the town of Halabja in 1988.

Op-Ed: 55 killed and hundreds wounded in Iraq violence

Baghdad - In Kirkuk, a suicide bomber detonated his car outside the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, while nearby another car bomb exploded close to the Criminal Investigations Bureau. This second blast may have targeted a KDP official.

Talks break off between Kurdish and Iraqi military commanders

Baghdad - Talks in Baghdad between Kurdish and Iraqi military commanders broke down on Thursday just two days after the Prime Minister Maliki had announced that the two sides had agreed to pull back their forces in disputed areas.

Turkey launches more air strikes against Kurdish rebels in Iraq

The Turkish military has stated it has launched more air strikes against Kurdish rebels in their hideouts in northern Iraq.

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Erbil  the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.
Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

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