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Iran Nuclear deal News

Group of senators sponsor bill to return US to Iran nuclear deal

A group of US Senators led by Senator Ed Markey, Dianne Epstein, Chris Van Hollen, Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Duckworth, all Democrats and Bernie Sanders an Indpendent have introduced the Iran Diplomacy Act.

Iran's work on nuclear weapons calls sanction deal into question

For years Iran's leaders have claimed their nuclear program is entirely peaceful. Now, officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are reporting Iran was indeed conducting research on nuclear weapons.

Op-Ed: Will the next president tear up the Iran agreement? Special

Washington - The Iran nuclear agreement may be a done deal, but its detractors are hardly ready to back down and its advocates are preparing to dig in for the long haul.

Global Peace Initiative 'Save Israel': Dr. Paul fights Iran deal Special

On Aug 4, 2015 Dr. K.A. Paul, founder of Global Peace Initiative, announced the launch of an international peace initiative in opposition to President Obama’s Iran Nuclear deal.

Mike Huckabee: Obama 'marching Israel to door of the oven'

Trailing far behind leading GOP rivals in every national poll, former Arkansas governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has invoked genocidal Holocaust imagery to criticize President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran.

Obama talks to Netanyahu by phone over Iran nuclear deal

With news of a deal between Iran and the U.S. still fresh, and reaction still pouring in, President Barack Obama put in a call to an interested bystander today. Obama called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to talk about the agreement.

Iran nuclear deal unlikely before deadline, criticism mounts Special

The deadline for nuclear negotiations is set to be delayed once again as it looks increasingly likely that negotiators will unable to meet the June 30 deadline. The Obama administration does believe, however, that a deal is within reach.

Op-Ed: U.S. Senator says bombing Iran's nuclear facilities a piece of cake

Washington - U.S. Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, claims that bombing Iran's nuclear facilities would take only several days. Cotton said the bombing would be nothing like the Iraq war.

Iran leaves negotiations after US blacklists more firms

Vienna - Iran has quit nuclear talks with major powers for now, claiming that Washington went against the spirit of the deal reached last month by expanding the number of firms blacklisted.

Op-Ed: Canada line on Iran deal echoes that of Israel

The Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird claimed he is "deeply skeptical" of the deal reached on the weekend to dampen down Iran's nuclear program in exchange for some relaxation in sanctions.

Saudi Arabia upset about Iran deal, may seek nuclear weapons

Riyad - Not only Israel is upset by the recent deal worked out between six nations and Iran over its nuclear program. Saudi Arabia too was against the deal and could possibly attempt to become a nuclear power.

The West is slowly moving toward a nuclear deal with Iran

Geneva - After years of distrust, disagreement and wrangling on the Iran’s nuclear aspirations, the clock is reportedly inching toward a nuclear deal with Iran is as the West gets ready to shed its inhibitions on Tehran’s nuclear aspirations.

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Iran Nuclear Negotiators
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