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Op-Ed: The iPod earbud noise problem isn't simple, nor are your ears

There’s been plenty of talk about iPods and hearing problems. Sort of ironic, in a world where noise pollution is extremely common, and most of the daily racket doesn’t get a mention. Hearing loss is common, and it's just not on the health radar.

Digital Radio iPods expected on Wednesday

Apple plans to launch a new range of iPods this week, which are designed to receive digital radio and allow purchase of music of tracks being listened to at the digital radio station.

God hates iPods? Lightning ricochets hit enough players to cause concern

There’s some actual science in this. The metal in iPods can conduct electricity, obviously. Lightning can strike nearby, and ignore the skin, but any metal in contact with it can cause burns.

iPods: A double-edged sword for those with pacemakers

What an irony! Back on March 27, 1007, Sibananda posted an article reporting that instead of using stethoscopes to recognize heart problems, doctors have found that using an Ipod gives up to 80% accuracy as opposed to the 40% offered by a stethoscope.....

IPods Are a Cheap Idea For Your Reception

With the rising cost of weddings everyone could use a price break. Use your IPod and some speakers for reception music and you have save a bundle. Wedding singers and DJs have new competition for those pricey reception gigs. to send songs directly to iPods

Entrepreneurs behind Silicon Valley startup hope to transform the CD-swapping site into a music portal where members can download songs directly to their iPods, bypassing the computer hard drives where most music is stored.

Apple Announces Major Milestone: 100 Million iPods Sold

Apple has announced that 100 Million iPods have been sold worldwide as of April 9, 2007. This is a major achievement for any product and it all began November 2001.

iPods Help Doctors Recognize Heart Problems

Doctor's use stethoscope to listen to the heart beats. But it has been found that the diagnosis by using stethoscope is only 40% correct.Use of ipods help doctors to recognise heart problem properly and make diagnosis 80% correct.

Publishers cater to growing use of MP3s for schoolwork

Lindleigh Whetstone wears headphones as she shoves clothes into the washing machine. Her classmate, Stepheno Zollos, wears them as he shops for groceries. An onlooker might assume the teens are listening to the latest top 40 hit, but they're really learni

Prolong your iPod's battery life

Playlistmag has an article detailing steps you can take to keep your iPod's battery juiced for as long as possible on your next road trip.

20 Things We Don't Know About Apple's iPhone

Mike Elgan of Computerworld has compiled the list in response to the year's most anticipated digital device.

You're So Vain, You Probably Think This ScreenMirror Is For You

This ScreenMirror from Senko produces a shiny, reflective surface when your phone or iPod's backlight is off. As soon as your backlight comes on, you can see the screen and go about your business as usual.

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Marco Tempest manipulating iPods during his magical TED Talk
Marco Tempest manipulating iPods during his magical TED Talk

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