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Iowa caucus News

Op-Ed: Presidential candidate Ted Cruz and the art of being pathetic

The nutballs on the GOP side of the 2016 race for the presidency do not fill me with hope. That's especially true for Rafael "Ted" Cruz who seems so disconnected from reality that someone has to grab him out of the air.

Op-Ed: Trump's endorsements show he appeals to extremists

What do white supremacists, anti-gay pastors and anti-Muslim campaigners have in common? They all like Trump and many of them have officially endorsed him.

Unexpected town hall may give Clinton an edge in Iowa

Hillary Clinton will get a chance to challenge Bernie Sanders for the lead in the Iowa caucus in an unexpected town hall event just a week before the vote.

Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump two weeks before Iowa

Under two weeks before the Iowa caucus leads off the race for the Republican nomination for President, Sarah Palin has officially endorsed The Donald. The conservative star initially did so on Trump's website but later spoke at an Iowa rally for Trump.

Iowa Democratic Senate campaign runs afoul

Des Moines - Democratic Iowa Senate candidate Bruce Braley, already having been accused of siding with trial lawyers over farmers In the farm state of Iowa, is facing a new beef over livestock.

Ron Paul wins majority of delegates in Iowa, Minnesota contests

Des Moines - Is Texas Congressman Ron Paul's strategy of accumulating delegates in the Republican primary process actually working? Recent delegate confirmations suggest that Dr. Paul will come out with the most delegates in Iowa, Minnesota and possibly Colorado.

Video: Graphic Randall Terry abortion ad to air during Super Bowl

Super Bowl viewers may be in for an unpleasant experience as one candidate for President prepares to run an ad showing images of aborted fetuses using a loophole in the FCC’s rules that permits such ads if endorsed by a candidate for federal office.

Op-Ed: The Future of the Republican Party

The future, of course, is difficult - probably impossible - to predict, especially concerning a group as large as the Republican Party. Still, I’ll give it a shot by trying to answer the question “What will the Republican Party look like in 2032?"

Ron Paul supporters release video with 'Mitt Romney' endorsement

With the Iowa caucus just hours away, Ron Paul's supporters released a new long-form video featuring the endorsement of a Mitt Romney impersonator and highlighting Paul's many policy positions.

Iowa Republican Caucus Winner Won't Be President, History Shows

Unless they're the incumbent President, or unless the incumbent President is serving his second term, winning the Iowa Caucuses usually means not winning the nomination, and always means losing the White House, history shows.

Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich in statistical tie in latest Iowa poll

According to the latest poll from Public Policy Polling, former House speaker Newt Gingrich holds just a one percentage point lead over Congressman Ron Paul among likely Republican voters.

Op-Ed: Rick Perry ad seeks 'second chance' at first impression in Iowa

Washington - Despite plummeting poll numbers and a corresponding insignificance with Google Insights, Texas Governor Rick Perry has outspent the rest of GOP presidential contenders in Iowa with television ads targeting the state’s pro-life, conservative base.

Poll: Bachmann leading in Iowa over Romney and Paul

According to the latest Rasmussen poll of likely Iowa Caucus participants, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann leads against Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Op-Ed: The Hillary-Obama Iowan Slug Fest Didn't Matter?

The Hillary campaign pumped millions into the Iowa Caucus campaign with Hillary even going door to door, shaking hands and traipsing through the snow and ice that we all saw the pictures of. The infamous picture from the Drudge Report told the tale.

Iowa To Prepare For US Presidential Election Race

In preparation for the Iowa Caucus with will set the US election process, both the Democratic and Republican US Presidential hopefuls will have to go through their first real test of public opinion. This will make or break candidates.

Iowa To Be A Difficult Road For Clinton

Before the Iowa caucuses take place on January 3, Iowa looks to be a very difficult road for US Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY).

Oprah Tells Iowa Obama is 'the One'

Oprah Winfrey, smartly dressed in a velvet lilac jacket and pants, stepped onto the stage and strode up to the podium. From there she greeted 18,500 Iowans, the largest gathering for any candidate in Iowa, on behalf of Barack Obama.

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2012 Iowa Caucus GOP Results
2012 Iowa Caucus GOP Results
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