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Invisible News

Invisibility cloak is possible one day

Munich - The idea of an invisibility cloak is edging closer to reality. However, it will be more like something seen in the movie 'Predator' rather than the magic of 'Harry Potter.'

Hunter Hayes earns 2015 Grammy nomination for 'Invisible'

Country star Hunter Hayes has earned a 2015 Grammy nomination in the "Best Country Solo Performance" category for "Invisible."

Review: Hunter Hayes delivers on new studio album 'Storyline' Special

Country music sensation Hunter Hayes has released his sophomore studio album "Storyline" on May 6 via his record label, Atlantic Nashville.

Interview with Hunter Hayes: 'We're Not Invisible' tour Special

Country music superstar Hunter Hayes chatted about his "We're Not Invisible" tour, which kicked off on March 20 in Pikeville, Kentucky.

Review: Hunter Hayes back with best music video to date for 'Invisible' Special

Country star Hunter Hayes has done it again. He has managed to outdo himself musically. This time it is with his new video for his latest single "Invisible."

Review: Hunter Hayes releases empowering lyric video for 'Invisible' Special

Atlantic Nashville recording country artist Hunter Hayes posted the official lyric video of his new single "Invisible" on his YouTube page.

Review: Hunter Hayes pours heart and soul into 'Invisible' Grammy song

On January 26, at the 2014 Grammy awards, country singer Hunter Hayes delivered a dynamic and bold performance of his brand new single "Invisible," which he premiered at the show.

Invisible bike helmet invented

After almost nine years of research and development two Swedish designers have invented a new way to keep cyclists safe on the roads — an invisible helmet. The new helmet is in fact an airbag that fits into a large collar around the cyclist’s neck.

Motorists confused over invisible object prank (Videos)

Amsterdam - A group of Dutch pranksters are causing some confusion among motorists in Amsterdam, filming their perplexed targets and posting the videos on YouTube.

MI6 tested semen for use as invisible ink during First World War

Semen was tested for effectiveness as an invisible ink during World War I, an entry from a diary belonging to a senior member of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) has revealed.

Study: US, Chinese researchers engineer invisible cloak

In a joint research by the U.S. and China, scientists and the universities in North Carolina have created an invisible cloak that mimics mirages in desert.

New Invisible Nano-Fibers Conduct Electricity

These tiny plastic fibers could be the key to self-cleaning surfaces, transparent electronics, and biomedical tools that manipulate DNA strands. The surface is covered with nano fibers which either repel or attract water or even conduct electricity.

How Do Cops Find An "Invisible" Sex Offender? They Don't.

In Central Florida there are many sex offenders who have been convicted of sex crimes but no one can find them. They have become "invisible" due to being homeless. Without known addresses they cannot be kept track of.

The Trick Of The Invisible Man

We have all had days when we have thought we were invisible, or even times when we would have loved to be, but can it actually be done? UK illusionist, Derren Brown puts it to the test

Incredible New Cloaking Device Makes You Invisible

Scientists have created a cloaking device that can reroute certain wavelengths of light, forcing them around objects like water flowing around boulders in a stream.

Invisible Mimic Octopus, Amazing Video

Amazing Invisible Octopus video.

The Invisible Girl, Video

Girl becomes invisible in the image

the invisible, new movie

He's alive, but no one can see or hear him.

Invisible Polar Bears in Arctic?

Polar bears look invisible when viewed with Infra red scanning, and Jessica Preciado finds the reason why.

Create Invisible Folders In Windows

Learn how to create your very own invisible folders in Windows XP so you can then hide stuff! A very easy trick

The Invisible Warship

New US Navy ship 600 feet long but shows up the size of a small fishing boat on radar!

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