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Vote for the best invention of all time

London - English Heritage has recently conducted a poll of visitors to its historic places to find out what the greatest invention of all time is. There are some interesting selections, with the Internet and the humble tea bag among them.

Software lets paralyzed people speak by breathing

Another example of a potentially revolutionary new technology allows paralyzed people to speak by analysing their "breath signals". Software can recognise specific patterns of breathing and then translate those rhythms into a spoken word.

Hydrogen-powered phone battery could provide charge for a week

A British firm has created a tiny hydrogen-powered battery that could let modern smartphones survive an entire week's usage without having to return to the charger. The company has already created a working iPhone 6 prototype device.

This $9 computer wants to 'work, play and everything in between'

A $9 computer seeking crowd-funding right now is making waves in the technology world because of its promise of being able to do anything an ordinary computer could do, while still fitting with ease into the palm of your hand and carrying that low price.

New aluminium battery charges phone in just one minute

Scientists have created a new battery that is capable of fully charging a smartphone in just one minute. Made of aluminium, it could replace today's lithium models in the future and is billed as being much safer too.

Scientists find new way to control light for next gen computing

Scientists have created a device reminiscent of a bee's honeycomb that can twist beams of light around tighter curves than has ever been witnessed before. This could become a powerful way of transmitting data on circuit boards in next gen computers.

Apple may have invented USB Type-C

A major Apple blogger has revealed that the company is actually responsible for the creation of the new reversible USB Type-C standard. The tech giant then gave it to the relevant bodies to encourage larger adoption by other companies.

Invisible bike helmet invented

After almost nine years of research and development two Swedish designers have invented a new way to keep cyclists safe on the roads — an invisible helmet. The new helmet is in fact an airbag that fits into a large collar around the cyclist’s neck.

High-tech bicycling is invented with Lumigrid

Cycling should be a fun and joyful experience minus the fear of crashing or slipping over rocks. Lumigrids might be the new way of riding bicycles.

Technical Oscars honor innovation

Beverly Hills - What we see on the movie screen is the result on invention, technology and science and that does not go unrecognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

New 'Eatmecrunchy' cereal bowl keeps cereal crunchy

The new 'Eatmecrunchy' bowl is designed to keep cereal from going soggy with a removable shelf to separate cereal from milk.

'Smart Highways' in the Netherlands will glow-in-the-dark

In the Netherlands, designers have created a novel way to light up the roads. Traditional paint used on roads has been replaced with a photo-luminescent powder which glows in the dark.

New soda can 'Smart Tab' poised to 'change the world' Special

A seemingly simple innovation to the aluminum can is causing waves not only for its improved functionality but for what its inventor intends to do with the proceeds from his invention.

Resilient Chinese man builds own prosthetics after losing limbs

The costs of prosthetics after losing both hands in an explosion eight years ago was too much for Sun Jifa. So he set out and built his own.

Can a lollipop be the cure for hiccups?

Manchester - A Connecticut teenager has devised a unique way that may cure hiccups. The 13-year-old inventor is now looking to market her new creation.

Egyptian girl, Aisha Mustafa, invents new space propulsion system

Sohag - A physics student from Egypt's Sohag University, Aisha Mustafa, 19, has patented a new type of propulsion system based on quantum theory that she says could propel space probes and artificial satellites without using any fuel.

1962 glass invention poised to become multi-billion dollar seller

Corning - In the 1960s, an ultra-strong glass was invented but it contained no purpose. Nearly a half a century later, Corning Inc. is expected to sell a multi-billion dollar product by installing the glass to face of touch-screen tablets and plasma televisions.

Australia Invents 'Bionic Eye' to Restore Failing Vision

A prototype 'bionic eye' designed to restore sight of people with failing vision was unveiled in Australia Tuesday. The Australian government-funded project aims to do a human implant of the device by 2013.

Op-Ed: Rent-a-polemic, Jewish people an invention of Zionist history?

At first, it looked like the usual brain dead anti-Semitism we all find so unpredictable and original. Shlomo Sand’s best-selling Invention of the Jewish People is based on the theory that Jews are neither biologically a race or “a people”.

Chinese Inventor Builds Homemade Submarine

Amateur inventor Tao Xiangli proves that with hard work and determination you can accomplish anything, even build a submarine.

New Invention Could Make Clean Energy a Reality Special

Former Yale engineering professor Béla Lipták says traditional power stations can be replaced with renewable energy generators. He has designed one that would use only the sun’s rays as fuel and produce water as a by-product.

Kid's invisible invention prevents birds from hitting windows

Ottawa kid Charlie Sobcov has invented a new material that will help stop birds colliding with windows. It will save millions of birds’ lives that are lost every year to tall buildings.

Retired Surgeon's Invention Could Prevent Blindness

A 74 year old retired surgeon has invented an inexpensive device that could prevent people from becoming blind. The device is made from wood and plastic.

Astronaut Invents Zero Gravity Coffee Cup For Space

As it stands right now, space crew can only drink coffee or other drinks via plastic straws. That could soon change, however, as a NASA scientist has invented a special cup to drink any hot or cold drinks without a straw.

The Telectroscope That Links New York To London

It started when Paul St George went through his grandmother’s attic and found a packet of dusty papers in a trunk. The papers were from his great-grandfather, an engineer named Alexander Stanhope St George. From there the Telectroscope was born.

Segway creator unveils his next invention: a magic water purifier

Segway inventor Dean Kamen announced his new invention, a miracle water purifier. The device provides energy as well as purifying dirty water without filters. Kamen said this device can help wipe out 80 per cent of human disease by providing clean water.

Wedgie-Proof Undies Invented

Eight-year-old twins Justin and Jared Serovich are on to something. The duo has invited wedgie-proof underwear, which was a hit at the 2007 Invention Convention held earlier this year in Ohio. Their secret? Velcro.

New Cricket Invention Proves To Be A Bit Of A Headache

A man who invented the world's first eco-friendly cricket box came to blows with the ball on it's first trail

Pong Clock Keeps Time

Continuous Ping Pong Played 24 Hours

The Beer Launcher fridge

Any old fridge can keep your beer cold, but a really special one will toss you the beer as well.
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Gentle pedaling can light up as many as 40 lamps. This demonstration panel has 21 light bulbs. The e...
Gentle pedaling can light up as many as 40 lamps. This demonstration panel has 21 light bulbs. The electricity may also be stored in a battery for later use. (Courtesy of J. Córdova).
J. Cordova

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