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Intruder News

White House intruder on grounds 16 minutes before arrest

Washington - A man who scaled a White House fence earlier this month traipsed the grounds of the executive residence for more than 16 minutes prior to his arrest, the US Secret Service said.

Trump hails Secret Service for White House intruder arrest

Washington - US President Donald Trump on Saturday praised the US Secret Service for a "fantastic job" following their late-night arrest of an intruder who breached the White House grounds while the president was there.

Florida: Mother shoots, kills daughter she mistook for intruder

Orlando - A Florida woman woke up right before midnight Tuesday and shot at and killed a person she thought was an intruder. But it was no intruder; instead she allegedly shot her 27-year -old daughter, who was pronounced dead on Wednesday.

Alleged intruder slain, Second Amendment used

Angels Camp - An investigation is underway in the California Foothills to determine the motives of a person making threats against an Angels Camp resident in Calaveras County. One person is deceased.

White House intruder review reveals string of blunders

Washington - An internal review of the security lapses that allowed an intruder to scale a fence and enter the White House has revealed a string of Secret Service blunders, reports said.

White House fence climber charged

Washington - An unarmed man arrested for climbing over the White House fence has been charged with assaulting a Secret Service officer after he attacked police dogs.

Foster Farms intruder kills 920 chickens with golf club

Caruthers - On September 20, an intruder killed more than 900 birds with a golf club at a Foster Farms chicken shed in Fresno County, California.

White House intruder decorated war veteran 'crying out for help'

Washington D.c. - The Texas man arrested for scaling the fence surrounding the White House Friday evening has been identified as a decorated Iraqi War veteran.

White House evacuated as intruder storms towards West Wing

Washington D.c. - Staff members and members of the media have been evacuated from the White House following an intruder scaling the fence and rushing towards the building.

Spain: Man with revolver breaks into house of former PP treasurer

Madrid - A 64-year-old man, armed with an antique revolver and dressed as a prison chaplain, broke into the family home of jailed former Partido Popular (PP) treasurer Luis Bárcenas on Wednesday afternoon.

Buckingham Palace: 44-year-old knife-carrying intruder held

London - Scotland Yard reported a 44-year-old man who tried to enter Buckingham Palace while he carried a knife was arrested today. The man allegedly attempted to enter through the palace's north centre gate at about 11:30 but was immediately stopped.

Woman unmasks intruder's bandana to find grandson, police say

Albuquerque - A woman in New Mexico was the victim of a break-in recently. She had confronted an intruder who had entered her home. When she unmasked the man, she found the prowler was none other than her own grandson. Later, he confessed his intent to commit robbery.

Invasive predator fish to be hunted in Central Park, NYC (video)

New York - This rather strange predator fish has the ability to breathe air and can live out of water for days under certain conditions, and frankly, is really not welcome in Central Park.

Barbecan's double revolving doors block and trap armed intruders

The recent gun violence incidents in the United States emphasizes the need for better security, better detection, and better protection.

Homeowner shoots naked intruder found choking dog

Miami - A bizarre incident, in which a homeowner shot an intruder who was allegedly in the process of choking the family dog, has been reported today.

Intruder arrested outside Miley Cyrus' home carrying scissors

Los Angeles - Police have arrested a man, allegedly carrying a pair of scissors, who had snuck onto the property of the Los Angeles area home of singer Miley Cyrus.

'Smart Carpet' will detect when the elderly fall

Manchester - It is always worrying when an elderly person lives alone. What if they should fall, and not be able to reach the telephone? The answer may have been invented.

LL Cool J tackles burglar in his home (video)

Los Angeles - Rapper LL Cool J doesn’t just have those biceps for show. And when he said, “Momma said knock you out”, he stands behind those words.

Woman breaks in and cleans house, leaves $75 bill

Westlake - An Ohio family was stunned to learn that someone broke into their home, not to steal anything, but to clean it. Not only was parts of their house tidied, but the intruder left a $75 cleaning bill.

Woman shoots intruder while on phone with 911 operator

Blanchard - A young mom in Oklahoma made the decision to protect her child by killing an intruder who tried to enter her home on New Year's Eve.

White House intruder arrested after jumping fence

Washington - A man was arrested Tuesday evening after he scaled the White House fence on the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the grounds and managed to get onto the lawn where he was immediately spotted by news crews and captured by Secret Service agents.

Elderly woman fights off intruder wearing pumpkin mask

Mayfield - An 88-year-old woman, who fought off a masked intruder who in her Kentucky home, said that she thinks she managed to hit a vital spot when she kicked him.

Halifax intruder watches and touches sleeping women

Halifax - Three women in Halifax, Nova Scotia awoke to find a man standing next to their beds and watching them Sunday morning. The women weren't hurt during the incident.

Paris Hilton tweets as intruder arrested

Paris Hilton took to Twitter earlier today as a man armed with two knives at her home was being arrested. Police were still at the scene when she sent the message online along with a photo.

80-year-old man kills intruder

A Chicago man living on the west-side of the city shot and killed an armed intruder in his home. The home owner is also 80-years old.

Judge releases UK man jailed for beating up home intruder

The issue of whether or not people in the UK have the right to defend themselves against home intruders was raised again today. A businessman, previously jailed for assaulting an intruder, was released after appealing his conviction.

Secret Service: 3rd uninvited guest crashed White House dinner

The U.S. Secret Service just announce that a third invited guest crashed the White House state dinner given in honor of India’s prime minister in November of last year.

Groom kills his bride thinking she was an intruder

A man in Winter Springs, Florida thought an intruder was entering his home early Friday morning. He shot the suspect only to discover that his fiance was the one breaking into his home.

Backyard Masturbator Rouses, Offends Suburban L.A. Family

It was a rude awakening for a Woodland Hills, California, family when a stranger rang their doorbell at 3 a.m. and proceeded to their backyard gazebo for a little self-pleasuring.

Peeping 'Tomarella' Arrested at Britney Spears’ House

The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department arrested a woman wearing camouflage and toting a camera at the home of Britney Spears in Calabasas, California.
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An armed man  dressed as a priest  gained access to the home of Luis Barcenas  former PP treasurer a...
An armed man, dressed as a priest, gained access to the home of Luis Barcenas, former PP treasurer and threatened his family.
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