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Intestines News

Bad mix of gut microbes triggers age-associated inflammation

Inflammation increases with age and this leads to ill-health problems. One of the triggers appears to be the balance of microorganisms in the gut. This is based on studies using mice and the findings may well apply to people.

Essential Science: Why nitrogen is a key driver for gut health

Researchers have moved closer to connecting diets and dieting strategies and a healthy gut. This fits together with the need for having the right balance of microorganisms, and here nitrogen plays a key role.

Evidence in support of a probiotic for gut health

Eating a probiotic encourages the activity of beneficial gut microbes, leading to improved gut health. This is according to a new study using a special live yogurt.

Science helps solve stomach ulcers in cattle

Researchers looking into whether stomach ulcers in cattle are related to the presence of certain bacteria (as is the case with humans). They found that this not the case. This could lead to alternative treatments for livestock.

Immune cells help beneficial bacteria triumph over bad

The immune system helps to shape the balance of good or bad bacteria in the human gut. Researchers have found a protein on white blood cells affects the balance of the microorganisms in the gut.

Preventing antibiotics from killing beneficial bacteria

The microorganisms in the human gut can help the body to maintain a state of health. One problem with antibiotics, when used to fight pathogens, is that they can indiscriminately kill off beneficial bacteria. A new compound can help address this concern.

Are our gut bacteria swapped when we snuggle up?

Paris - The microorganisms that reside in the guts influence a number of health outcomes. There are variations between people. One source of the variation might be the extent of “personal relationships”, according to a new study.

From human gut to the smartphone, new health monitoring

Super-powerful high-tech gas sensing capsules have been designed. These micro-scale devices can send data from inside the gut direct to a smartphone. The aim is to use these devices for health analysis.

Doubt cast on gut bacteria triggering obesity

San Jose - Some science studies indicate that the gut microbiome is the cause of obesity. However, one microbiologist is challenging this and says it is not so simple.

Scientists grow human intestines inside a mouse

Scientists have begun growing human intestines in mice. The object of the research is to pave the way for better models of intestinal function and failure.

Viruses help to maintain human health

New York - Scientists now argue that the natural presence of viruses in the gut (virome) help to maintain health-maintenance and infection-fighting. This is similar to the role of the intestinal bacteria.

Low birth weight signalled by gut bacteria

Infants at birth have similar bacteria types and numbers in their gut and mouth. However, with low birth weight infants the types of bacteria soon start to vary.

A healthy gut and good bacteria

Specific gut bacteria appear to be beneficial for maintaining a healthy intestine, according to a new study carried out using fruit flies and mice.

Can gut bacteria help a person to slim?

Gut bacteria from thin people were transferred to the intestines of mice carrying microbes from obese people. The new bacteria kept mice from getting tubby.

Intestinal Health, what is important to know and what is hype? Special

Berkeley - In the past few years the focus on digestive or intestinal health has increased. Many yogurt brands now have "pro-biotic cultures" to aid in a healthy digestive system. Yet with all the products currently on the market, this reporter was curious to know,

Good intestinal bacteria can prevent diabetes

The type of bacteria found within the intestines appears to affect the risk of someone developing diabetes, once other lifestyle factors have been taken into account.

Doctors remove hairball weighing 4 lbs from girl's intestines

Indore - Doctors at the Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital in India removed a hairball weighing four pounds (1.8kg) from the intestines of a 19-yr-old girl. She ate her locks during lessons and reported at the hospital that she was not able to eat or drink for days.

Man cuts open his bowels and throws his intestines at police

Hackensack - A New Jersey man, Wayne Carter, who barricaded himself in on Thursday at a home in Hackensack, N.J., allegedly cut out his intestines while police watched and threw bits of his flesh and intestines at them.

Crohn's disease

Canadian scientists have found seven genes or areas associated with an increased risk of contracting Crohn's disease.

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