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Chrome to dethrone Internet Explorer as most popular browser

Google Chrome is now very close to becoming the world's most popular web browser. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are about to swap places in the charts as Microsoft's aging browser continues to quickly fall out of favour with many consumers.

Internet Explorer update adds banners to advertise Windows 10

Some users of Internet Explorer on Windows 7 and 8.1 have discovered banner advertisements have begun appearing inside the web browser. The adverts market Windows 10, attempting to convince users to upgrade in yet another unwelcome marketing push.

340m PC users thrown 'hot potato' as Microsoft pulls plug on IE 8

Microsoft has followed through on its plans to end support for old versions of its Internet Explorer web browser and Windows operating system today. The move, described by experts as a "hot potato," puts as many as 340 million Internet users at risk.

Microsoft will abandon old Internet Explorer versions next week

Microsoft is issuing reminders to people who still use old but popular versions of its Internet Explorer web browser that it will be ending support for IE 8, 9 and 10 next week. The company will no longer issue security patches, putting PCs at risk.

Months from the end, Internet Explorer still the largest browser

New figures have revealed that Internet Explorer is still retaining its title as the most-used web browser on Earth, beating both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to the top. Loathed by many users, it will soon be replaced with Microsoft Edge though.

Tips: Which browsers are the most secure?

Back in the early days of Internet browsing, the choices for the browser you could use were limited to Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Microsoft's 'Project Spartan' web browser is here

Microsoft released a new build of Windows 10 to Windows Insiders yesterday that includes the company's new web browser to replace Internet Explorer, Project Spartan. The new browser promises to be much faster than IE and built for the modern web.

Internet Explorer is finally dead, Microsoft is killing the brand

Microsoft's marketing chief confirmed at the company's Convergence conference yesterday that the long ill-spoken Internet Explorer web browser brand will be killed off with Windows 10 and replaced with the company's new "Project Spartan."

Microsoft's Internet Explorer taps into power of Japanese anime

At this year's Anime Festival Asia in Singapore, Microsoft plans to launch Internet Explorer 11 and IE's new mascot Inori Aizawa.

New Microsoft commercial takes jab at Internet Explorer critics

Microsoft hit back at Internet Explorer critics Thursday by releasing a new commercial in response to a viral parody of its previous commercial.

Security experts warn users of Internet Explorer vulnerability

This week it was announced a vulnerability was found in Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser. The problem affects several versions of the popular browser.

Browser tax levied upon Internet Explorer 7 users

An Australian online retailer has begun implementing a penalty on Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) users when purchasing items from their store using the browser.

Microsoft finally buries IE6 with baking of a celebratory cake

Originally released in August 2001 shortly after Microsoft's most prominent operating system, Windows XP, Internet Explorer v6 was used by 99 out of 100 surfers in its early heyday.

Report: Google's Chrome 15 becomes world's top Internet browser

Boston - A new report suggests that Google's Chrome 15 is the world's most-used web browser. The global analysis showed that Chrome took 23.6 percent of the market, while Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 garnered 23.5 percent.

Web browser, IQ study discovered to be hoax Special

A recent study linking a person's use of a Web browser and IQ level has been found to be an elaborate hoax created by a disgruntled Web developer.

Google to phase out support for those using older browsers

Google is to abandon its support for users still on Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3, Firefox 3.5 and all their predecessors. Limits on functions using Gmail, Google Sites, Google Calender and Talk will apply to those still on the older browsers.

Microsoft debuts Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate

Microsoft has today announced the immediate availability of a release candidate for their forthcoming web browser, Internet Explorer 9.

Google to cut Internet Explorer 6 support for Gmail

Google’s Gmail and Calendar support for Internet Explorer 6 are going to be suspended late in 2010, according to a company statement.

New IE exploit exposed, says Microsoft

Just months after the last batch of critical holes in IE were patched, Microsoft has warned of new holes in IE that could pose problems for you and your computer.

Internet Explorer not included for European users of Windows 7

People in Europe who buy the new Windows 7 will not find the popular Internet Explorer Web browser included. The news comes as Microsoft looks to comply with European competition laws and avoid more potential antitrust lawsuits.

Some Internet Explorer 8 Users are Unhappy

Internet Explorer 8 users are downgrading to Internet Explorer 7. The IE8 browser has only been on the market less than a week.

Op-Ed: Microsoft releases IE8 for download, now wait for the response

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been used as target practice by hackers on a huge scale. Criticism has been intense, and industry pundits have been complaining about Microsoft’s apparent slow response to known threats.

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft is attempting to win back users with the release of its browser, Internet Explorer. They say IE8 is the faster, easier and more secure than its competitors.

Op-Ed: Microsoft to release emergency patch for Internet Explorer

Huge numbers of hacker attacks on computers using Internet Explorer have made Microsoft bring forward their patch for a security vulnerability which is said to have already compromised millions of computers.

Experts: Switch Web Browsers, Internet Explorer Contains Serious Security Flaw

Web security experts say they found a serious security flaw in Internet Explorer. They are advising users to stop using IE and use other browsers until the situation gets resolved.

Study shows Google's Chrome is the fastest of all browsers

A new performance study compared Firefox 3.0.4, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 7, Opera 9.6, and Safari 3.2 browsers. Results showed Google’s Chrome loads Web pages faster than others.

Google Chrome surpasses Opera, gaining share from IE

Google’s new Chrome browser has overtaken Opera in browser market share in just two days. Opera achieved the same feat in a decade.

Google's Chrome Tops Internet Explorer and Firefox in Speed Tests

Google's Chrome browser is faster than other leading browsers, including Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7 based on the [url= t=_blank]Acid3 test[/url] for browsers.

IE7 and Sitemeter, 'Operation Aborted’ Error

There is a widespread problem throughout the blogging world with those that that use the popular free sitemeter service and accessing those sites for people using Internet Explorer 7.

Microsoft's IE Team Sends Mozilla a New Cake for Firefox 3

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team sent a special cake to congratulate Mozilla for their new Firefox 3 browser launch. Are we seeing a gentler side of Microsoft?
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This is the screen I got when I tried to log in to Google Accounts
This is the screen I got when I tried to log in to Google Accounts
An icon for Internet Explorer
An icon for Internet Explorer
More websites choose to drop support for Internet Explorer.
More websites choose to drop support for Internet Explorer.
PR screen grab from the Internet Explorer anime featuring Inori Aizawa.
PR screen grab from the Internet Explorer anime featuring Inori Aizawa.
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer
Microsoft s Internet Explorer 10 bears very little resemblance to what we knew of the original produ...
Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10 bears very little resemblance to what we knew of the original product

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