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Internet Archive 'carbon dated' using Bitcoin technology

The entire Internet has been timestamped using a cryptographic technique based on the blockchain technology that characterises digital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The work allows Bitcoin timestamps to be downloaded for almost any online content.

Trump administration orders EPA to remove climate change web page

Major news sources are reporting that the Environmental Protection Agency has been ordered to remove its Climate Change web page from its home on the Internet.

Canadians join in to save climate data before Trump takes power

Some people may look at archiving all the federal government's data on climate science as nothing more than paranoia, but when the incoming administration has made no secret it is hostile to climate change science, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Internet Archive adds classic 70s and 80s games online for free

Remember those early video games which were addictive but fun? Gaming may have come a long way in recent years but if you still have fond memories of classic video games from the 1970s and 1980s you will soon be able to enjoy them free online.

Op-Ed: The future of cyber-learning

If you would like to study for a degree but can't find the time or the fees, and don't want to be burdened with a student loan, there is an alternative.

Fixing broken links with the Internet Archive

San Francisco - The Internet Archive's new link repair tool is now up and running. Make sure you make liberal use of it, for the sake of posterity.

The new Internet Archive Wayback Machine now online

San Francisco - The Internet Archive's new Wayback Machine is now online. It is an improvement over the last version, so be certain to use it.

Free wine in San Francisco, Thursday

San Francisco - If you are in the San Francisco area on Thursday, why not drop in on the Internet Archive for a free glass of wine and some enlightened gossip?

Taxation is theft, says Uncle Sam

Washington - Libertarians claim taxation is theft. Usually politicians disagree, but an agency of the American Government has let the cat out of the bag.

Your chance to ‘tag’ history

Kew - Now that the Internet is in practically every home, history is but a mouse click away, and you too can contribute to it, or simply add a pointer or two.

The British Library and its ‘new’ billion page archive

London - Yesterday, the British Library announced with much fanfare that it is to attempt to archive all UK websites. The informed viewer may well have asked "What's new?"

WebCite is in dire financial straits

The WebCite archiving service has announced that it may have to close for new submissions by the end of the year unless it can raise substantial funds. To date, it has received little support.

Next Saturday is National Libraries Day

Whether or not you ever use one, libraries are a big part of your life. Next Saturday is National Libraries day in the UK.

The latest news from the Internet Archive

San Francisco - Do you like following the news? The Internet Archive has just announced the launch of its TV News Archive of 350,000 broadcasts.

Why you need never buy another book

The African nation of Kenya has just announced the digitisation of its official Parliamentary record ("Hansard") from November 1959 to date. This is only the latest of many great on-line archives, and the best is yet to come. has closed

A short report on a now defunct website for on-line poets, and some background information about its owner plus where to find the archived version.

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The WebCite homepage.
The WebCite homepage.
Techno-historian Jason Scott.
Techno-historian Jason Scott.
Creative Commons
The message displayed by the new Wayback Machine as it archives a page more or less instantaneously.
The message displayed by the new Wayback Machine as it archives a page more or less instantaneously.
The new Wayback Machine does not archive non-existent pages.
The new Wayback Machine does not archive non-existent pages.

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