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China slams Facebook's state media rules

Bejing - China said Facebook was unfairly targeting its biggest media companies on Friday after the network began attaching disclaimers to pages run by the country's state-controlled news outlets.

Gulf crisis sees new 'fake news' flurry online

Doha - A tweet claiming to show the start of a coup in Qatar, with shaky footage of an illuminated window and crackling gunfire, spread quickly after being posted early last month.

Facebook in turmoil over refusal to police Trump's posts

San Francisco - The clash between Twitter and Donald Trump has thrust rival Facebook into turmoil, with employees rebelling against CEO Mark Zuckerberg's refusal to sanction false or inflammatory posts by the US president.

Facebook slams 'severe' Singapore misinformation law

Fpo - Facebook said Monday Singapore's use of an online misinformation law is "severe" and risks stifling free speech, after the company was again forced to block a page in the city-state.

Virus misinformation fuels panic in Asia

Fpo - False alerts about a man shot dead at a coronavirus checkpoint, old footage of a supermarket stampede in reports of panic buying, and a 2015 video of a police raid on a brothel recirculated with a misleading claim.

In the US, camera phones increasingly expose racism

New York - From the death of a black man in Minneapolis to a racist incident in Central Park, camera phones are increasingly being used as a weapon against racism even when justice doesn't always follow.

World's fastest Internet speed broken

The world's fastest Internet is a record that many technologists aim to break. The latest record setting exploit has been achieved with the help of a single optical chip.

Q&A: How IoT engineers are attacking the COVID-19 pandemic Special

A new ventilator project has brought together 50 engineers across the globe, including two engineers from Very that are using their experience in managing dispersed teams to implement clear workflows into the GitLab Medtronic Openventilator project.

Facebook denies sidelining research on site's 'divisiveness'

San Francisco - Facebook on Wednesday defended itself against a report that it shelved internal research indicating that it was dividing people instead of bringing them together.

Bitter Israel-Iran rivalry takes new forms online

Jerusalem - Hacked websites in Israel, a reported cyberattack in Iran and a Twitter war between their leaders: the arch foes' animosity is flaring up online.

Uber says slashing jobs and trimming investment

San Francisco - Uber on Monday announced it is cutting a quarter of its global workforce and trimming investment to survive the financial hit to its business from the coronavirus pandemic.

With few computers, Romania and Bulgaria face homeschool hurdles

Darova - Maria Avadanei is exhilarated: after receiving a tablet as a donation, she can finally take her online lessons."I was afraid of failing my classes," says the 15-year-old from Darova, a rural commune in Transylvania in western Romania.

Australia media group wants tech giants to pay $400m a year

Sydney - A leading publisher called Thursday for Google and other tech giants to pay Australian news outlets some US$400 million a year under a mandatory code of conduct ordered by the government.

Biden ramps up digital footprint, still trails omnipresent Trump

Washington - Joe Biden is rapidly scaling up his digital campaign as he scrambles to compete with Donald Trump's formidable online operation, but Democrats say the presidential hopeful must move beyond flat speeches delivered from his basement.

US accuses China, Russia of coordinating on virus conspiracies

Washington - The United States on Friday accused China and Russia of stepping up cooperation to spread false narratives over the coronavirus pandemic, saying Beijing was increasingly adopting techniques honed by Moscow.

Misinformation flood hampers fight for virus vaccine in Africa

Dakar - The task of introducing a vaccine for the coronavirus faces an uphill struggle in Africa, where a flood of online misinformation is feeding on mistrust of Western medical research.

Bangladesh police charge 11 for spreading virus 'rumours'

Dhaka - A Bangladeshi cartoonist was among 11 people charged Wednesday for "spreading rumours" on social media about the coronavirus outbreak in the country, where experts say official figures likely understate the scale of the health crisis.

Game world star PewDiePie signs exclusive deal with YouTube

San Francisco - YouTube on Monday announced that streaming star PewDiePie will make the Google-owned video platform his exclusive online stage.

Cost of staying connected: Global differences revealed

The coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown has increased the global demand for digital technology and data transfer. While speed varies considerably between countries, so does the price that citizens pay. A new study looks at the differences.

Nearly two million Australians download coronavirus tracker app

Sydney - Nearly two million Australians rushed to download a new smartphone app designed to make coronavirus contact tracing easier, the government said Monday, overlooking privacy concerns in the hope of speeding up the end of social-distancing lockdowns.

Digital video game spending hits record high under virus lockdown

San Francisco - Spending on digital video games hit a record high $10 billion in March as people stuck at home under coronavirus lockdowns turned to gaming, market tracker SuperData reported on Thursday.Money spent on major console games leapt to $1.

Facebook 'complicit' in Vietnam censorship: Amnesty

Hanoi - Amnesty International on Wednesday accused Facebook of "caving" to Vietnam's strict censorship regime, after the US tech giant confirmed it was blocking content deemed illegal by the country's communist government.

Former Baidu executive suspected of corruption

Bejing - A former executive at China's internet search giant Baidu is being investigated for corruption, the company said Wednesday.

Netflix sees record sign-ups during pandemic lockdowns

San Francisco - Netflix on Tuesday reported soaring profits as subscriptions surged by almost 16 million at the streaming television service during lockdowns to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Australia to force Google, Facebook to pay for news content

Brisbane - Australia will force Google and Facebook to pay media outlets for their content, the government announced Monday, vowing to lead the world in making the tech giants share lucrative advertising revenues with traditional media.

America's love affair with an elderly epidemiologist

Washington - Move over, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. There is a new feisty super senior in Washington who is captivating American hearts.

Web browsers are getting a security upgrade

A new innovation aims to provide the same level of cybersecurity to the Internet web browser as people have on their mobile phones and tablet devices.

Hunger for 'good news' grows as pandemic woes deepen

New York - Battered by grim headlines, horrifying statistics and deep uncertainty over the coronavirus pandemic, many people worldwide are trying to lift their spirits by seeking out "good news.

Asia cracks down on virus 'fake news'

Fpo - Hundreds of people have been arrested across Asia for posting purported false coronavirus information, according to an AFP investigation, deepening concerns that growing government efforts to combat "fake news" will target the wrong people and silence ...

Twitter's Jack Dorsey pledges $1 bn for COVID-19 relief effort

San Francisco - Twitter co-founder and chief executive Jack Dorsey said Tuesday he was committing $1 billion of his personal fortune to coronavirus relief through his philanthropic fund.
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Internet Image

An illustration of the ubiquity of social media
An illustration of the ubiquity of social media
Illustration by Gerardo Obieta - @G_Obieta (CC BY 2.0)
The test even allowed me to see how lousy my Internet is in Costa Rica.  Not (ahem) Bogota.
The test even allowed me to see how lousy my Internet is in Costa Rica. Not (ahem) Bogota.
Internet Health Test
The Market Hall as seen from the Binnenrotte  Rotterdam center.
The Market Hall as seen from the Binnenrotte, Rotterdam center.
Internet store
Internet store
Photo-coverage from mesh13  Canada s premier digital conference
Photo-coverage from mesh13, Canada's premier digital conference
A team of scientists developed Internet Atlas  the first detailed map of the internet’s structure ...
A team of scientists developed Internet Atlas, the first detailed map of the internet’s structure worldwide. The lines represent crucial pieces of the physical infrastructure of the internet that billions of people rely on.
University of Wisconsin–Madison
Model Noel Jadon  A Millennial
Model Noel Jadon, A Millennial
Connectivity lounge
Connectivity lounge
The Air Force Cyberspace Command.
The Air Force Cyberspace Command.
U.S. Air Force photo / Tech. Sgt. Cecilio Ricardo
Internet addiction is a serious concern in Asia.
Internet addiction is a serious concern in Asia.
Flickr user Addicts
Government buildings in Tunis  the capital city of Tunisia.
Government buildings in Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia.
Amy Keus
Among the products and other items featured at Macworld Expo 2014 was services concerning data stora...
Among the products and other items featured at Macworld Expo 2014 was services concerning data storage and security, yes, including "cloud technology" as well.
Screenshot of North Korea internet page  via Reddit
Screenshot of North Korea internet page, via Reddit
Reddit / Jabberminor
Talking about the protest in front of City Hall  Torricke-Barton wrote: Today I told 9 000 people th...
Talking about the protest in front of City Hall, Torricke-Barton wrote: Today I told 9,000 people the story of my father, the refugee, and why I choose to stand up for humanity first.
Dex Torricke-Barton
Yang Dacai  a Chinese safety official  was exposed as corrupt by bloggers  posting images of him wea...
Yang Dacai, a Chinese safety official, was exposed as corrupt by bloggers, posting images of him wearing luxury items, promoting a disciplinary investigation, which found him guilty of serious wrongdoing.
Trowbridge Estate
Chinese children attend a computer class in Beijing to learn how to use the Internet
Chinese children attend a computer class in Beijing to learn how to use the Internet
, AFP/File
BrandYourself founders.
BrandYourself founders.
Natalie Brasington
Brian Quinn mixing cocktails at Sidetour during WalkaboutNYC 2012
Brian Quinn mixing cocktails at Sidetour during WalkaboutNYC 2012
Internxt has announced an ICO to build a  brand new Internet
Internxt has announced an ICO to build a "brand new Internet"
Pixabay / Pexels

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