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Strategies for improving healthcare IoT

The Internet of Things is impacting on many industries, including healthcare. Each industry presents different challenges. A new survey offers advice for those working in the healthcare sector seeking to brig connected technologies on-line.

Tesla shares tumble after Musk interview sparks fresh fears

Washington - Tesla shares took a pounding Friday amid fresh fears about the future of the electric carmaker after a wide-ranging interview with chief executive Elon Musk in which he revealed his struggles with exhaustion and a lengthy but unsuccessful effort to fin...

Hundreds rally in Moscow to demand release of 'extremist' teens

Moscow - Hundreds of people, many clutching stuffed toys, rallied in Moscow on Wednesday to demand the release of two teenagers accused of "extremism" in a case they say is part of a growing Kremlin crackdown on Russian youth.

Facebook to broadcast La Liga games for free in Indian subcontinent

Madrid - Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale and a host of La Liga stars will be beamed for free to viewers in the Indian subcontinent as part of a landmark deal with Facebook to broadcast live matches, the Spanish top flight division said Tuesday.

Pay up or else: Spain warns of online 'sextorsion'

Madrid - Spanish police warned Saturday of a massive blackmail campaign to expose web users' supposed visits to porn sites unless they pay up -- a technique police calls 'sextorsion'.

Russian internet group protests prosecutions for 'likes'

Moscow - The Russian company that owns the country's most popular social media network on Monday expressed concern at the increasing number of internet users facing prosecution for liking and sharing content online.

Twitter accounts calling for Italian president's resignation to be probed

Rome - The Rome public prosecutor's anti-terrorism section is to probe the appearance of hundreds of Twitter accounts which demanding the resignation of President Sergio Mattarella in the midst of an Italian government crisis in May, media reports said on Sat...

Turkey to block Periscope during live football broadcasts

Ankara - A Turkish court on Saturday ruled to block the live video-streaming service Periscope during top flight football matches, following a demand from the company with the exclusive rights to broadcast the games.

Broadband Internet linked to sleep deprivation

Is there a connection between high Internet use and sleep? A new study indicates so, with the research drawing a connection between broadband Internet use and sleep deprivation.

YouTube launches first series in Spanish, starring Gael Garcia Bernal

New York - Online video platform YouTube announced Friday plans to launch several series in Spanish for the first time, one of which will feature Mexican movie star Gael Garcia Bernal.

Number of mobile phone calls drops in UK

London - A new report from the U.K. technology regulator Ofcom reveals a decline in the number of calls to mobile phones since records began. The survey reveals other interesting online habits.

Battle lines drawn in the fight over net neutrality

In the U.S., battle lines have been reignited in the fight over net neutrality. The latest phase of the battle is to hit the courts, although it will probably take until 2019 to obtain a decision.

Apple shines in history-making style, despite some bruises

San Francisco - Despite fears of sapped inspiration, slowing sales, tariffs and suffocating regulation, Apple is now shining brighter than any other private-sector company in history, as the first with a $1 trillion market value.

San Juan: The Venezuelan city where nothing works anymore

San Juan De Los Morros - Power blackouts are daily fare, running water comes only once a month, cash machines are empty and waiting for a bus can take hours. Welcome to San Juan de los Morros in Venezuela, where nothing works."They send (running) water once a month.

Facebook uncovers political influence campaign ahead of midterms

San Francisco - Facebook said Tuesday it shut down 32 fake pages and accounts involved in an apparent "coordinated" effort to stoke hot-button issues ahead of November midterm US elections, but could not identify the source although Russia is suspected of involvement....

Uber hits brakes on self-driving trucks

San Francisco - Uber on Monday said it is hitting the brakes on self-driving trucks, shifting gears to focus just on autonomous cars.

Downloadable data on 3D guns temporarily blocked in Pennsylvania

Austin - State officials say they've stopped a company that makes 3D downloadable guns from making them Internet-accessible in Pennsylvania and from uploading new files.

China's former internet czar charged with taking bribes

Bejing - China's former internet czar, who oversaw a tightening of online censorship during his tenure, has been charged with taking bribes, state media said Monday.

Ecuador, Britain in talks over Assange fate: Ecuadorian president

Madrid - Ecuador is in talks with Britain over the fate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been holed up at Ecuador's embassy in London since 2012 when he was granted political asylum, the country's president said in an interview published Sunday.

Lebanon questions activists over social media posts

Beirut - Lebanon's security forces are increasingly bringing activists in for questioning over their social media posts, sparking widespread anger in recent days that freedom of expression is being squeezed.

WhatsApp limits forwarding in India after lynchings

New Delhi - WhatsApp announced limits on Friday on the forwarding of messages by its 200 million Indian users in an effort to stop a spate of horrific lynchings and to assuage government threats of legal action in its biggest market.

WhatsApp curbs India service after lynchings

New Delhi - WhatsApp announced curbs on its service in India on Friday in an effort to stop a spate of horrific lynchings and to assuage government threats of legal action in its biggest market.

India issues fresh warning to WhatsApp over lynching deaths

New Delhi - WhatsApp could face legal action in India if it does not take further steps to tackle the spread of false rumours, the government said Thursday, in fresh criticism of the platform over a spate of lynchings.

Zuckerberg at center of Holocaust denial controversy

Menlo Park - Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has found himself at the center of a fresh row after saying the social network should not prohibit posts which deny the Holocaust.

India's top court demands government act to stop lynchings

New Delhi - India's Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the government to enact a new law and stem what it called "horrendous acts" of lynching, after some 22 people were killed by mobs this year.

Arrests after India mob kills man over WhatsApp child kidnap rumour

New Delhi - Indian police said Sunday they have arrested 32 people after a man was killed by a mob in the country's latest lynching over suspicion of child kidnapping sparked by rumours on WhatsApp.

Death by 'fake news': social media-fuelled lynchings shock India

- The smartphone footage shows the two blood-soaked men pleading for their lives. Moments later they were dead, two more victims of lynchings sparked by rumours spread on Facebook and WhatsApp in India.The two men were young and well-educated.

Founder of Bustle and Bleacher Report reportedly buys

The defunct gossip blog has a new owner. Bustle and Bleacher Report founder Bryan Goldberg put in the winning $1.35 million bid for the website in an auction held Thursday in Manhattan, according to the Wall Street Journal.

German court to rule on parents' access to dead daughter's Facebook

Berlin - German judges will rule Thursday on Facebook users' "digital legacy", or the fate of their private data after they die, in a case pitting the Silicon Valley giant against the grieving parents of a teenage girl.

US social networks help combat racial bias

Washington - "Permit Patty" and "Pool Patrol Paula" have been unlikely -- and somewhat infamous -- stars of the Twitter age: they are white Americans who have called the police to report alleged problems with black people.
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Photo-coverage from mesh13  Canada s premier digital conference
Photo-coverage from mesh13, Canada's premier digital conference
Adrienne Alix  President of Wikimedia France 2010
Adrienne Alix, President of Wikimedia France 2010
Adrienne Alix, with kind permission.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
YouTube screen cap
YouTube screen cap
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Homepage of French daily Le Figaro (screenshot)
Homepage of French daily Le Figaro (screenshot)
 Tastemaking Through Curated Communities  panel (L-R): Skipper Chong Warson  Julie Anixter  Brad Dav...
"Tastemaking Through Curated Communities" panel (L-R): Skipper Chong Warson, Julie Anixter, Brad Davis, Shane Rahmani, Kimberly Stone, Duncan Alney
Someone s inbox when Hotmail didn t load all his emails
Someone's inbox when Hotmail didn't load all his emails
Tom Rafferty
Jacob Bøtter
The Chinese are connected to the world in big numbers.
The Chinese are connected to the world in big numbers.
Tim Berners-Lee at the TED conference.
Tim Berners-Lee at the TED conference.
W. Markowsky
Sample front page of UStream website
Sample front page of UStream website
UStream screen capture
Mozilla is celebrating 10 000 days of the web
Mozilla is celebrating 10,000 days of the web
Recorded Future
At a digital conference.
At a digital conference.
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 Social Media Mixtape: Curating Music  panel (L-R): Mike Caruso  Elias Roman  Dan Zaccagnino  Richar...
"Social Media Mixtape: Curating Music" panel (L-R): Mike Caruso, Elias Roman, Dan Zaccagnino, Richard Zelson
Driver education car
Driver education car
Thomas R Machnitzki
Freedom House Verified account ‏@FreedomHouseDC Nov 14 
How did your country rank in the Freedom ...
Freedom House Verified account ‏@FreedomHouseDC Nov 14 How did your country rank in the Freedom on the Net 2016 report? / Freedom House
The Market Hall as seen from the Binnenrotte  Rotterdam center.
The Market Hall as seen from the Binnenrotte, Rotterdam center.
President Barack Obama addresses citizens at a town hall meeting in Santa Monica  California  Octobe...
President Barack Obama addresses citizens at a town hall meeting in Santa Monica, California, October 9, 2014
White House
Auckland  New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand