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Australian refuses to give more proof he created Bitcoin

London - Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright on Thursday said he would not provide further proof to back up his claim that he created Bitcoin, saying he was "not strong enough" for the public scrutiny."I believed that I could do this.

Brazil to end WhatsApp smartphone app blockage: Company

S - A Brazilian court will soon reverse a ruling that blocked smartphone message service WhatsApp for 24 hours, the company said Tuesday.

CEO of China's Baidu summoned over student death

Bejing - Authorities have summoned the head of Baidu after the death of a student who sought a cancer cure on the Chinese search giant, reports said Tuesday, prompting a barrage of criticism for prioritising paid search results.

Court order shuts down WhatsApp in Brazil, again

S - Irate Brazilians found themselves without the popular WhatsApp smartphone messaging application for the second time in six months Monday, after a court blocked the service for 72 hours.

World Jewish Congress slams YouTube over neo-Nazi videos

Berlin - The World Jewish Congress on Monday accused the German unit of YouTube of failing to stop neo-Nazis from using the online video channel to distribute thousands of anti-Semitic tracks.

Australian Craig Wright says he created Bitcoin

London - Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright on Monday identified himself as the creator of Bitcoin following years of speculation about who invented the pioneering digital currency.

Malaysian capital to be one of world's most connected cities

The Malaysian government is implementing an ambitious three-year plan to transform the capital Kuala Lumpur into one of world’s most connected cities. 'partially dangerous,' according to Google

Google's homepage at is unsafe, according to the search giant's own safe browsing search tool. Google's Transparency Report named its own homepage as a domain that could be hosting malware and "deceptive content" used by hackers.

Bug at BT forwards every sent email to one man's email account

BT, the UK's largest broadband provider, has admitted a "testing" error resulted in every email sent across its network being forwarded to a single account for a brief period this week. A "Steve Webb" received every email sent by BT users.

Top German court strikes down key parts of anti-terror law

Karlsruhe - Germany's highest court on Wednesday struck down key planks of an anti-terror law, saying they violated privacy protections enshrined in the constitution.

Web hosting firm 'deletes part of Internet', loses customer sites

A web hosting company has accidentally deleted some of the customer websites it is responsible for, pulling a part of the Internet offline in the process. UK-based 123-reg admitted that many of its 1.7 million customers currently have inaccessible sites.

Social networks offer comfort, confusion in Japan quake

Toukyo - People trapped under buildings that collapsed in Japan's double earthquakes used social media to chat to friends and keep their spirits up while they awaited rescue, reports said Sunday.

Review: ‘Das Ding’ hits Toronto with eccentric take on globalization Special

Toronto - If you’ve always wanted to see a play about a large, sentient cotton ball that travels around the world and observes how people’s behaviour interconnects through modern technology and economics, German playwright Philipp Löhle has you covered.

Competition to buy Internet giant Yahoo starting to heat up

London - Talks are underway in London between potential bidders for venerable Internet giant Yahoo, led by England's Daily Mail newspaper and websites.

Google ending free Fiber Internet in Kansas City

Google is going to discontinue its free Internet service in Kansas City. Since the launch of Google Fiber, residents have been able to pay a one-time construction fee and then receive unlimited Internet access for free, a deal Google has decided to end.

Intel Corporation's head of mobile group plans to leave company

After less than a year as the head of Intel's mobile phone division, Aicha Evans recently announced her plans to quit. The semiconductor chip giant is still struggling to gain a foothold in the mobile applications market.

Outrage over on-camera abduction attempt in China

Bejing - The choking, assault and attempted kidnapping of a Chinese woman at a Beijing hotel in full view of security cameras and multiple passers-by has sparked a social media firestorm, with more than two billion views.

Vatican seeks to spread the .Catholic message

Vatican City - The Vatican has set up a new office charged with promoting the use of the .Catholic domain name, in its latest move to upgrade its communications for the digital era.

Op-Ed: How will the Google 2016 algorithm change affect our content?

At the beginning of 2016, Google announced a core update of its famous Truth Algorithm. Since most of the real changes of the ranking metrics are still a secret, what the factual effects we experienced so far are, and how is this affecting our content?

Wikimedia art database breaks copyright law: Swedish court

Stockholm - Sweden's highest court on Monday found Wikimedia Sweden guilty of violating copyright laws by providing free access to its database of artwork photographs without the artists' consent.

Chrome to dethrone Internet Explorer as most popular browser

Google Chrome is now very close to becoming the world's most popular web browser. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are about to swap places in the charts as Microsoft's aging browser continues to quickly fall out of favour with many consumers.

Internet demotion to lowercase by AP Stylebook upsets internet

As of June 1, 2016, it will be internet, not Internet. And web will no longer be Web. That's because both words will be lowercase instead of capitalized in the Associated Press Stylebook.

Mobile messages tell stories of refugees fleeing war

Dubai - "Daddy, where are you now? In Turkey or Sweden?" a Syrian girl asks her father in her first voice message to him since he joined hundreds of thousands fleeing the war.

'#WeLoveErdogan': supporters rally around Turkey leader in Twitter campaign

Istanbul - A bid by supporters of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to create Twitter buzz around the Turkish leader as he makes a sensitive trip to the United States descended into acrimony Wednesday amid accusations of censorship.

Facebook apologizes for Safety Check glitch after Pakistan blast

San Francisco - Facebook apologized on Sunday for a bug that sent a Safety Check notification to users around the world following a deadly suicide bombing in Pakistan.

Briton arrested over Brussels attacks tweets

London - A British man who sparked outrage on Twitter with a message about confronting a Muslim woman over the Brussels attacks has been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred, London police said Thursday.

Journalists in line of fire over reporting of terror attacks

Paris - Two controversies around the Brussels attacks have shown yet again the thin line the media must tread between breaking the news quickly and not compromising police enquiries.

Australian jailed in Singapore for sedition over website

Singapore - An Australian woman whose website published made-up stories about foreigners that prosecutors said incited racial hatred was jailed in Singapore Wednesday after falling foul of colonial-era sedition laws.

Tintin weeps as world puts an arm around Belgium

Paris - Tintin wept.Within hours of the attacks on Brussels Tuesday, tens of thousands of people were sharing images on social media of the country's most famous creation in tears.

Itching to graffiti? Do it digitally on Florence treasures

Florence - The days of scribbling "I woz here" on Florence's historic monuments are gone: from now on would-be vandals will be able to graffiti via an app instead, with their messages kept for posterity."Welcome to Giotto's Campanile!
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Manicure with IWNY hashtag
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Elizabeth Elfenbein, founder of Happy Fuel
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Photo-coverage from mesh13, Canada's premier digital conference
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Photo-coverage from mesh13  Canada s premier digital conference
Photo-coverage from mesh13, Canada's premier digital conference

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