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Snowden hails EU for quashing transatlantic data deal

Moscow - America's most-wanted whistleblower Edward Snowden on Tuesday hailed a decision by the EU's top court to strike down a transatlantic data deal used by companies like Facebook to send citizens' personal data to the US.

Facebook says 'imperative' for EU, U.S. to find data deal solution

Brussels - Facebook urged the EU and US to find a quick solution after Europe's top court struck down a key transatlantic data sharing deal that is relied on by the social media giant and other big firms.

EU says US data transfers 'can continue' despite Facebook ruling

Brussels - The EU insisted Tuesday that Internet companies like Facebook can keep transferring personal information to the United States while authorities work out a replacement for a transatlantic deal struck down by the bloc's top court.

U.S.-EU data deal at risk in Facebook case judgment

Brussels - The EU's top court is set to rule Tuesday on a transatlantic data deal, relied on by companies such as Facebook, a judgement that could see it declared invalid given spying revelations in the Edward Snowden scandal.

No more IPv4, now what?

After several false scares and years of warnings, it has finally happened: the Internet has run out of IPv4 addresses. The American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN) can no longer satisfy requests for new IPv4 addresses.

650,000 Chinese smartphones behind massive web server outage

It has been discovered that a massive DDoS attack that took out a web server was fuelled by spam requests originating from the combined might of 650,000 Chinese smartphones. The server was forced offline by the massive overload.

Facebook blames engineer for causing net neutrality controversy

A day after controversy heated up over Facebook’s alleged role to end net neutrality in India, the social media giant has come out with an explanation to clear all doubts regarding its part in the Digital India initiative.

Zuckerberg, Gates make bid for universal Internet access

New York - Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates on Saturday threw their weight and resources behind the goal of bringing Internet access to everyone in the world by 2020.

Italy student crowdfunding PhD to fight mafia

Rome - An Italian student is appealing for the public to crowdfund his PhD research into the mafia so he can shed new light on organised crime on the streets of Naples where the powerful Camorra syndicate holds sway.

Brief Facebook outage prompts flurry on Twitter

San Francisco - Facebook users experienced a brief outage of the huge social network Thursday, with many turning to Twitter to vent frustration or joke about the incident.

Op-Ed: iOS 9 ad-blocking one week on: Developer pulls app from sale

Last week, Apple opened the gates to ad blockers on iOS. Since then, the new genre of apps has dominated App Store charts but also created waves of controversy. One developer has withdrawn his app from sale, describing the situation as a "kind of war."

Kim Dotcom extradition hearing opens in New Zealand

Auckland - Internet mogul Kim Dotcom's long-awaited extradition hearing opened in New Zealand Monday with the flamboyant founder of now-defunct Megaupload confident he can avoid being sent to the United States to face online piracy charges.

Tech for tuskers: Protecting Africa's elephants with Google

Mariakani - As elephant poaching in Africa by organised crime gangs using high-tech equipment rises, those working to stop their extinction in the wild have turned to technology too.

Facebook pledges to combat racism on German platform

Berlin - Facebook pledged Monday to combat racist hate speech on its German-language network amid an upsurge in xenophobic comments online as Germany faces an unprecedented influx of refugees.

Bangladesh arrests militant chief over blogger murders: police

Dhaka - Bangladesh's elite security force Thursday arrested the head of a banned hardline Islamist group over the murder of two atheist bloggers that sparked an international outcry, a spokesman said.

Reports: Google creating a special 'China-compatible' Play Store

Reports have indicated a relaunch of Google's services in China could be imminent. The company is believed to be preparing a special version of the Play Store that will fully comply with the strict Internet regulation in the country.

Opportunity found in lack of diversity in U.S. tech sector

San Francisco - Too many white men and too few women, blacks and Latinos: While fueling debate, the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley is also inspiring startups focused on improving the mix.

Snowden attacks Russia rights curbs

Oslo - Former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden on Saturday criticised Russia -- the country that has granted him asylum -- calling its crackdown on human rights and online freedom "fundamentally wrong" and said he would prefer not to live in exile.

Google Chrome is going on a diet today

Google has updated its Chrome web browser with several new features designed to make the browsing experience feel much faster, especially on low-end devices. There are also some major improvements to battery life, another traditional issue in Chrome.

Fears stalk Bangladesh bloggers after killing spree

Dhaka - Nervous, pale and sleep deprived, Bangladesh blogger Shammi Haque describes living in constant fear after four of her colleagues were hacked to death this year by suspected Islamists.

Wikipedia blocks accounts linked to paid edits

San Francisco - Wikipedia said that it has blocked more than 300 accounts being used by people being paid to create or tweak entries at the communally sourced online encyclopedia.

Ex-Facebookers raise $6 million to bring Internet to more people

In June 2014, Facebook engineers Sam Gadodia, Terry Guo, and Shao Xia left the $250 billion company. The three launched a startup in stealth called LotusFlare to bring internet to more people around the world.

Greeks fight ballot box fatigue with Internet jokes

Atenas - Called to the ballot box for the third time in eight months, some Greeks are responding to election fatigue with a bailout-sized dose of Internet humour.

Ashley Madison says site growing, insists women are using

Ottawa - Embattled dating-for-cheaters website Ashley Madison insisted Monday that a massive hack and release of user data had not affected the site's prospects, with hundreds of thousands of new members -- including real women.

Ashley Madison boss steps down after data breach

Ottawa - The chief executive of dating-for-adulterers website Ashley Madison stepped down on Friday after hackers leaked its membership list online.

Zuckerberg: 1 billion people logged onto Facebook on Monday

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday that 1 billion users logged onto Facebook on Monday August 24, representing an all-new and very impressive milestone for the social network that has made it to the heart of the Internet.

U.S. shooting video shocks Internet in 'new frontier'

San Francisco - It almost looked like a first-person shooter video game: A handgun in a man's grasp comes into view. A woman appears in the gunman's sights. Shots are fired. But this was no game.

Malaysia to block websites 'promoting' rally against PM

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia's government said Thursday it will block access this weekend to websites that disseminate information about a major demonstration that will demand the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Razak over graft allegations.

Russia lifts Wikipedia ban after it edits drugs entry

Moscow - Russia's media watchdog said Tuesday it had lifted a short-lived ban on Russian-language Wikipedia over an entry on a form of cannabis.

Online Thai sleuths try to crowdsource bomber's identity

Bangkok - Thais have taken to the Internet to crowdsource the identity of the prime suspect in Bangkok's shrine bombing, but police have appealed for online calm after an Australian model was falsely accused.
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Elizabeth Elfenbein, founder of Happy Fuel
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"Tastemaking Through Curated Communities" panel (L-R): Skipper Chong Warson, Julie Anixter, Brad Davis, Shane Rahmani, Kimberly Stone, Duncan Alney
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Detail from the Google tool
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