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International law News

Op-Ed: U.S. allies blindly follow U.S. lead and support Syria strike

U.S. allies fall in line giving support for Trump's missile attack on a Syrian air base to punish Assad even though there was no independent investigation as to who was to blame, nor any UN motion of support, nor U.S. Congress approval either.

UN denies 'world drug decriminalization' claim by Richard Branson

Kuala Lumpur - Sir Richard Branson caused a stir when he shared an unpublished draft document on drug policy from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) that purports decriminalizing drugs would be in agreement with international law.

Review: Sonoma has a man of intrigue, or at least in Avery Mann's books Special

Sonoma - Avery Mann, a nom de plume for international law attorney Bruce Janigian, may seem ordinary. But once you delve into his his two books “Angel Landing” and “Persona Non Grata” you are taken from the local to the global.

Op-Ed: Obama's bombing of IS in Syria likely violates international law

Washington - The Obama administration has explained why it thinks it has the legal authority to bomb IS in Iraq and Syria although many doubt whether the justifications are sound. No justification has yet been been given for the attacks under international law,.

Company fined $306K for charging a couple $3,500 on a bad review charged a couple $3,500 for a bad review on a product the buyers never received. They are now having to repay the shoppers with additional damages to the tune of $306,750.

Op-Ed: Was the US seizure of Abu Anas Al-Liby in Libya legal?

Tripoli - There is little discussion of the legality of the seizure of suspected Al Qaeda operative Abu Anas al-Liby in front of his house in Tripoli as he arrived home from prayers except in terms of defense of its legality under US law.

U.N. rights commissioner calls for Guantanamo Bay to be closed

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, has called on the US to close its Guantanamo Bay detention camp, claiming that the US is in violation of international law.

Legal recourse available for international air travelers Special

Let’s say someone drops a bag on your head as they pull their luggage out of an overhead compartment on a jetliner. Or you get thrown around like a ragdoll in the lavatory as the jetliner experiences some unanticipated turbulence.

West celebrates Gaddafi's end, but others express broad concern

The murder of Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi has been positioned by the White House as a win for the Libyan people, but its barbarism has drawn the attention of many countries who object to Western interventionism.

Op-Ed: Secession, National Sovereignty, and Territorial Integrity

When Kosovo attained its independence in February 2008, some pundits warned against this precedent-setting event and foresaw a disintegration of sovereign states from Belgium to Russia. This time, with South Sudan, they remained mum.

UN Security Council to receive Gaza war crimes report

The United Nations Human Rights Council voted to refer a war crimes report on the Gaza conflict to the UN's Security Council, possibly leading to Israeli and Palestinian prosecutions.

Polenz: Israel risks 'committing suicide as a democratic state'

European countries increase the pressure on Israel to stop settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Germany, France and Sweden formally protest.

UN Court: No Immunity for Karadzic

Bosnian Serb Radovan Karadzic had sought to see his case dismissed. Today the Yugoslavian war crimes tribunal rejected his request, meaning Karadzic is one step closer to facing trial.

Op-Ed: Bringing Omar Khadr to Canada

Omar Khadr is set to appear in a Guantanamo Bay courtroom today. Yet, the fact that Omar Khadr has not been returned to Canada is a tragedy for the protection of our citizens and youth and a travesty of international law.

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