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Comics, narrative, and the unstable other in Who’s Hump? Special

Chicago - On September 24th Chicago’s LATITUDE gallery space will host a Winkelman-Milling Projects show called Who’s HUMP?, the latest in a series of WMP shows that spotlight art and artists exploring boundaries in the windy city and beyond.

Malaysia did not realize Flight 370 was missing for 17 minutes

Perth - Malaysia Airlines did not realize Flight 370 was missing until 17 minutes after the jetliner disappeared from radar and did not begin searching for the plane for another four hours, authorities said.

Helping children for over 50 years: The Have-A-Heart Campaign Special

Chiropractic colleges, hundreds of chiropractic clinics, and advocacy groups around the world are helping the non-profit Oklahaven Children's Chiropractic Center by participating in the Have-A-Heart Campaign during Valentine's Day week, February 7-15.

Is Amnesty International ignoring human rights of Hungarians?

Budapest - The youth wing of the current ruling party in Hungary, FIDESZ, called Fidelitas, has called on Amnesty International to respond to its frequent requests to ensure Serbs stop beating ethnic Hungarians in ethnically-mixed Vojvodina Province.

Op-Ed: Can we justify war?

War has never been a happy affair, but are we trying to justify going to war more and more as time goes on? Are we taking into account the innocent people harmed?

Milky Way twins found by international group of astronomers

Two exact matches to the Milky Way system have been found by an international astronomer team. The group was led by Dr. Aaron Robotham of the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) and Scotland's University of St. Andrews.

'Jeopardy' wins a Peabody Award; luncheon ceremony is May 21

"Jeopardy" has just bagged a Peabody. So has Stephen Colbert. OK, wait just a minute. Before we go any further, let's answer this question. What is a Peabody?

Fuengirola - multi-cultural town on the southern coast of Spain Special

Fuengirola - Located on the Costa del Sol in Spain, Fuengirola is a multi-cultural town with many nationalities represented. Each year they have a huge party.

Connecting Dots: Reporting on the Byron Bay Writers' Festival Special

Byron Bay - Offering art, entertainment, food, and ideas, a growing number of literary festivals worldwide are attracting ever-increasing participation from an international sub-culture.

72 charged in international child pornography network

After almost two years of investigations, Operation Delego arrested 72 people, including Canadians, involved in an international child porn ring.

San Francisco International Film Festival celebrates 54 years Special

Next week beginning April 21 the San Francisco International Film Festival will kick-off 15 days of film-showings, premieres and yes, lots of parties.

Don Wright of Amnesty International on Write for Rights Day Special

Vancouver - December 10 is Human Rights Day, and one of the ways that Amnesty International, the global human rights organization, celebrates it is by what they call Write for Rights, asking members to write letters on human rights issues.

All international flights to use only English by March 2011

One language for both pilots and air traffic controllers - English has become the universal language, at least in international travel.

Melbourne's 150th Running of 'The Cup' Goes International

Melbourne - Horse racing in Melbourne is a world event. This year represented by seven countries. Trained in France, bred in America, then ridden by a jockey from Hong Kong for Australian owners, the winner illustrates international presence looming large.

Sept. 19: International Talk Like a Pirate Day

It may be a holiday that very few people have heard of, but September 19 actually is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Op-Ed: Financial Downside of Buying a Foreign Vacation Property

Is it financially beneficial to buy a foreign vacation property? Let’s take a balanced look at the rent (or lease) versus buy alternative for international property.

Flight attendant helps land plane at O'Hare airport

Chicago - An American Airlines flight had an unusual experience when the first officer became ill and was replaced by a flight attendant who hadn't flown a plane for 20 years. She said they worked as a team as trained and safely landed at the Chicago airport.

Apple delays international launch of iPad

Apple has been forced to hold back the date for the international launch of their new iPad. It was initially scheduled to be available this month, but consumers outside of the States can now expect to see the iPad in stores in May.

Op-Ed: A ghost story from the Vegas Strip

Every year at Halloween Taxi cab drivers on the Las Vegas Strip are paid a visit from ghosts from the Sin Cities past and get a fright on all hallows night.

World Holds Negative View of U.S., but Confident in Obama

President Obama gains approval from 61% of respondents polled, but the world sees the U.S. as using its military force to control international affairs.

First quarter tourism spending in Canada declined

Both outlays by Canadians and international visitors fell and this was the first time tourism spending has fallen for three consecutive quarters since 2001.

Founding Member Labyrinth Society: Walking is Good for the Soul Special

Frank Sinatra sang “Come Fly With Me” to lift the spirits and stir the soul, but members of The Labyrinth Society invites you come walk with them.

International strike kills 27 Taliban

Around 27 people thought to members of the Taliban have been killed in Afghanistan. The strike was made by international troops and was led by United States forces.

Unique Shakespearean Portrait Unveiled In London

Believed to be the only authentic image of Shakespeare rendered during his lifetime, a 300-year-old portrait has been uncovered by a London heritage group. Read on, dear Horatio, and wonder not what the literary master really looketh like.

Op-Ed: Evil bankers profiled in 'The International'

Banks come under scrutiny big time in "The International," a taut thriller from Columbia Pictures now looking for ticket deposits

Blind Mechanic Never In The Dark

A Dutch mechanic has repaired cars for thirty years, despite being totally blind. Read all about how he diagnoses problems by using his hearing and sense of touch.

Hidden Love Letter From Henry VIII Finally Comes To Light

A love letter written in French by Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn that was hidden from public view for more than 500 years will soon go on display in Britain for the first time in April. Read on for the torrid details.

Student Accuses Mother of Torture

A student dialed police and claimed his mother psychologically tortured him because she asked him to take a bath once a week, tidy up his room and help with the rent!! Read on, but only if you are clean and fairly neat.

Siblings Reunited After 40 Years of Living Only 300 Yards Apart

An English brother and a sister were reunited after 40 years of separation only to discover they had been neighbors for the last decade. Read on for more details about this touching reunion.

$12-Million Car Found in Garage

In an odd but very pleasant twist of fate, the heirs to Dr. Harold Carr’s estate were left an ordinary garage within which was found the world’s most valuable car. Read on for more details about the 89-year-old eccentric’s very fortunate relatives.
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Members of Amnesty International in Vancouver
Members of Amnesty International in Vancouver
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International recording artist Kalomira
International recording artist Kalomira
Giorgo Karfamanolis
1941 International
1941 International
International business development and funding.
International business development and funding.
A logo for Consumers International.
A logo for Consumers International.
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San Francisco International Film Festival  executive director  Graham Leggat  addressed those in att...
San Francisco International Film Festival, executive director, Graham Leggat, addressed those in attendance at the Opening Press Conference for the festival held at the Westin St. Francis Hotel on Tues. March 29, 2011
SFIFF program director Rachel Rosen answered questions from the press in a panel discussion format. ...
SFIFF program director Rachel Rosen answered questions from the press in a panel discussion format. The Opening Press Conference held on Tues. March 29, 2011 was well attended.

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