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Indian police arrest 70 for income tax scam targeting Americans

After a series of raids in and around Mumbai, police have charged 70 people and are questioning more than 600 more regarding allegations they were running a scam to defraud American taxpayers by posing as IRS officials.

Hackers make off with 100,000 people's tax info from IRS

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reported Tuesday that hackers have stolen the tax info of 100,000 people from the organization.

Internal Revenue Service ignoring 60 percent of taxpayers' calls

The deadline for filing taxes is on April 15, but the Internal Revenue Service is reportedly ignoring 60 percent of phone calls from those working on their tax return.

IRS accuses Michael Jackson estate of tax dodging, wants $700M

The Internal Revenue Service claims the Michael Jackson estate has cheated the government out of more than half a billion dollars in unpaid taxes, and is seeking more than $700 million in back taxes and penalties.

Manny Pacquiao claims bank deposits frozen for unpaid taxes

Right after his return to the Philippines from Macau, China, where he secured a unanimous decision victory against American Brandon Rios, Filipino boxing star Manny Pacquiao claims his bank deposits have been frozen by authorities.

Op-Ed: America the Once Beautiful

As Americans we have become hardened to the realities of our life, making the most of a bad situation and accepting that there can be very little change in the situation in Washington DC.

Op-Ed: Congress finds Apple avoided ‘tens of billions’ in tax

Washington - Apple is alleged to have used offshore tax havens to keep huge amounts of money away from clutches of the IRS. The other side of this large coin is that US tax laws are a positive incentive for behaviour of this kind.

On the IRS scandal, who knew what and when in the White House?

Washington - After repeated claims by the Obama administration that the IRS scandal was first made known to them more recently, it is now known that senior staffers at the White House were aware earlier in April.

Op-Ed: What creates a political activist? Special

I had to know what it takes to create a political activist. Twitter is an amazing social network and it's where I ran into Diane Atkins, organizer for the Impeach Obama project, someone I suspected was a firebrand, I was right. Native New Yorker to boot!

Obama criticism 'offensive,' but Benghazi is not Paris

Washington - Making the Sunday morning press circuits, White House insider Dan Pfeiffer condemned GOP criticisms of President Obama as "offensive" and "absurd," while Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) insisted on a need for greater embassy security.

Op-Ed: Facing tough media questions on IRS scandal a royal pain

Facing tough media questions on what is another scandal plaguing the Obama Administration, we are once again hearing the same worn out excuse, I know nothing.

Op-Ed: Politics and Comedy — May the farce be with you

A fine line exists between satire and bad taste. Mel Brooks danced up to that line with his “Springtime for Hitler and Germany” in “The Producers.”

Tea Party mobilizes in wake of 'appalling' IRS political targets

After the Internal Revenue Service admitted to openly targeting specific political groups to audit during the 2012 presidential election, the Tea Party has mobilized to push for a full inquiry.

IRS admits to targeting Conservative groups, GOP to investigate

With the White House blaming the matter on former president George Bush, the Internal Revenue Service openly admitted to targeting politically conservative organizations and apologized for doing so.

24 IRS employees charged with fraud for claiming gov't benefits

Several former and current IRS employees have been charged with fraud. It is alleged the 24 individuals fraudulently claimed unemployment and collected government benefits.

IRS asks taxpayers to limit visits to 'Where's My Refund?' page

As people eagerly await their tax refunds, the IRS is asking web users to limit visits to its "Where's My Refund?" site due to a high level of Web traffic that is arriving daily.

Op-Ed: Forget tax hikes and stop tax fraud

Woo hoo, Boo Boo! Houston just made another Top 5 list! Okay, maybe we should say “boo hoo” instead, because it's the list of US cities most likely to have big-time identity thieves stealing billions of dollars by filing fraudulent tax returns.

IRS releases 'Dirty Dozen', top tax scams to watch out in 2012

Tax season is currently in full swing in the U.S. As the Jan. 31 deadline for people to receive their tax documents is passed, millions of Americans have either already filed and/or are in the process of preparing to do so by April's tax day.

GAO audit says IRS has lapses in security for taxpayer data

A new report issued by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has determined through an annual audit that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is not doing enough to protect the sensitive data that streams through its offices.

IRS agent charged with threatening to kill other tax agents

April 15 was just days ago, a time to file taxes, something an IRS agent failed to do properly, then threatened to kill other IRS agents, according to charges filed against him last week.

Uncle Sam steps up income tax audits

The United States' Internal Revenue service performed more tax audits last year than at any point in the entire decade. There are certain things that can flag you for an audit and are important to watch when doing your taxes this year.

According to Law, What Is a Religion ?

In preparing a story about the religions of Natchitoches, Louisiana several days ago, I checked out a book on Mormons. I told the clerk I was writing about religions. “That’s not one,” she said, “It’s a cult. They don’t believe like us."

IRS Warns That Internet Scam Artists Are Using Its Free File Tax Program

The Internal Revenue Service on Friday warned of Internet scam artists trying to obtain people's bank account numbers and other information.

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Internal Revenue Service building in Washington
Internal Revenue Service building in Washington
Tax experts advise people to file early and to file on line as a way to help avoid identity theft  a...
Tax experts advise people to file early and to file on line as a way to help avoid identity theft, as well as miscalculations and other clerical mistakes.
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