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Integration News

Immigrants anxious over rise of Swedish far-right

Rinkeby - "I'm not afraid, but I am worried," Hassan Abdullahi said while distributing voting papers at a polling station in a disadvantaged Stockholm suburb, as the far-right was set to win record support in Swedish elections Sunday.

After migrant influx, voters ask: what makes a German?

Berlin - Germans vote in a general election on Sunday after a campaign which has seen parties spar over how closely refugees and immigrants should integrate into the national culture, sparking fierce discussions about what it means to be German.

Refugee workers urge Germany to learn from past mistakes

Cologne - Chancellor Angela Merkel's mantra on Germany's record migrant influx has been "we can do it", which Cologne refugee worker Behshid Najafi heartily agrees with -- but would add a qualifying "if".

Facebook plans to allow third-party apps onto Messenger

Facebook is planning to open up the Facebook Messenger app to third-party apps and services that will run on top of the service, continuing the large-scale expansion of Messenger that the company has started in the past year.

Copenhagen attacks renew debate over Europe integration struggles

Copenhage - A drab collection of four-storey buildings in a rough area of Copenhagen has become a potent symbol of Denmark's struggles with integrating Muslims in the wake of last week's attacks.

Op-Ed: Multiculturalism better in America than Europe?

Angela Merkel’s cat-amongst-the-pigeons declarations concerning the failure of German multiculturalism are pertinent and they must not go unheeded by the rest of Europe. Should we be looking towards America for new sources of inspiration?

Yahoo, Facebook integration launched

The partnership between Yahoo! and Facebook has reached a new plateau. Facebook integration launched globally on more than 15 Yahoo! sites.

Integration and radical Islam in the Netherlands Special

How to integrate the new immigrants into Dutch society? Why it is so hard and how come some people on both sides become radical? Since September 11, 2001 the magic Dutch integration experiment has sparked some changes.

New education policy in Germany: Islamic Studies in the school

The Wissenschaftsrat (WR), the German Council of Science and Humanities, recommends the establishment of new institutions with Islamic Studies in Germany.

Would an All-Black School Be the Answer to School Dropouts?

Toronto, Canada is setting up an Africentric school in September 2009 to reduce the dropout rate of minorities. But would that type of school be successful in a place like Louisiana where racial conflicts continue in some of the schools?

LA Times and True/Slant show need for integrated ad models

A front page advertisement made to look like a news story draws criticism for the Los Angeles Times. Meanwhile, True/Slant launches a new editorial/advertorial business model. Why integrated ad models are the way forward for journalism.

Did Integration Negatively Affect Discipline for Black Kids? Special

Outcomes of integration haven’t been as positive as hoped. According to a number of African Americans equal opportunity was the goal of civil rights, not integration. Results have shown negative consequences, some say.

`Islamophobia' makes integration tough for the Europe's 15 million Muslims

Ganging up on Islam is a sign of the times in Europe. But the clash isn't so much between Christianity and Islam, as between Islam and Europe's dominant faith, secular humanism.

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