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Sunni insurgents overrun oilfields in Iraq as US advisers arrive

Tikrit - Islamic insurgents seized several small oilfields and attacked an airbase in northern Iraq on Wednesday as US military advisers dispatched to keep the Baghdad government in power began to arrive.

U.S. readies diplomatic push as Iraq PM pressured

Baghdad - Washington readied a new diplomatic push to unite Iraq's fractious leaders Saturday and repel a Sunni insurgent offensive that has put Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki under growing pressure domestically and overseas.

Iraqi militants overrun Tikrit after seizing Mosul

Tikrit - Anti-government militants seized most of the northern city of Tikrit, birthplace of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, on Wednesday, one day after taking over Mosul, Iraq's second largest city.

Op-Ed: No leniency for Marine A convicted of killing injured insurgent?

London - The trial of a British military marine accused of killing an injured insurgent ended late last week. The man was found guilty and is awaiting sentence. Two other soldiers in the Dock were found not guilty. Should this man be shown leniency?

Egyptian army launch offensive against insurgents in Sinai

The Egyptian army has mounted a major offensive in the northern Sinai, targeting militant locations, which the military termed "terrorist hotbeds".

Report: Syrian militants fire rockets into Lebanon

12 rockets have been fired into Lebanon's border town Hermel, where one person has been killed, and several others have been wounded.

Roadside bomb kills sixth French soldier in Mali

France’s Defence Ministry announced yesterday that a French soldier, Master Corporal Stéphane Duval, aged 32, a member of the 1st Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment, died yesterday afternoon in the north-east Mali between Tin Zaouaten and Boughessa.

Nigeria: 185 die in fighting between Boko Haram, soldiers (Vid.)

Maiduguri - Authorities said on Sunday that about 185 people were killed in fighting between Nigerian soldiers and Boko Haram militants in Baga, a fishing community in Nigeria's northwest Lake Chad region in Borno State.

Afghanistan: Mounting casualties and Karzai's demands

This has been a particularly violent week in Afghanistan. While only one US soldier was killed in action this week and 14 wounded, the targeting of Afghan Security Forces by insurgents is on the rise and this week nine Afghan Police members were killed.

Islamist insurgents kill teacher, attack truck carrying students

A teacher was shot and killed by Thai insurgents as he monitored more than 30 students in a school cafeteria on Wednesday.

British aid worker missing in Afghanistan

It is reported that a British woman has been kidnapped in Afghanistan. Insurgents are said to have ambushed the vehicle that she was in.

Force escalated in Kabul on Saturday

From stopping motorists who do not respond to orders to catching insurgents this weekend found Afghan and coalition security forces using force to achieve their goals.

Abu Sayyaf terrorists attacked civilians in southern Philippines

Around 30 gunmen believed to be members of the dreaded Abu Sayyap militants opened fire at a group of civilians, killing four and wounding six others in Maluso town in Basilan province, southern Philippines.

Insurgents hack U.S. drones using $26 software

As the United States military orders more military operations using unmanned drones, insurgents have adopted a counter strategy to hack those drones: $26 software.

Investigation launched on Mosul police following soldier's death

As the deadline for inner-city operations comes to a close, the focus is turning to the lack of police professionalism as two Mosul officers are under investigation in the shooting death of a US soldier and his interpreter.

Clinton announces $40 million for Afghan elections in August

The US will foot part of Afghanistan’s election bill this August, up to $40 million, said Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. She is now attending an international conference on Afghanistan at The Hague, Netherlands.

Op-Ed: Drone Attacks, Or How Not to Fight Insurgents

The new American administration of President Barack Obama is making a serious error on what he has termed the “Central Front” in the fight against terrorism.

Pact Between 6,000 Sunnis and US Forces Made

Almost six-thousand Sunni Muslims have joined a security pact with US forces on Wednesday. US officers say this is a critical step to eliminating escape routes for extremists.

The Hunt For Insurgents

The Hunt For Insurgents.

Iraq insurgents used children in car bombing

Insurgents in Iraq detonated an explosives-rigged vehicle with two children in the back seat after US soldiers let it through a Baghdad checkpoint over the weekend.

Robert Fisk: Iraqi Insurgents Offer Peace in Return for US Concessions

Sunni insurgent group offers conditions for ceasefire with American and British forces in Iraq.

Insurgencies seldom archive victory

Misunderstands persist about why losses were experienced by the U.S. in Vietnam and Russia in Afghanistan.

Iraqi Insurgents Planned Their Own Version of 9/11

Documents discovered in an Iraq hideout revealed Iraqi al Qaeda members plotted to send 10-20 terrorists into the United States using student visas.

Ten Problems With Bush's Latest Iraq Plan

A list compiled by Bob Burnett in response to President Bush's latest proposal for Iraq.

Insurgents torch newly-built refugee school

New UNICEF-built school burned by insurgents

No More Outreach to the Sunnis?

The Bush administration is deliberating whether to abandon U.S. reconciliation efforts with Sunni insurgents and instead give priority to Shiites and Kurds, who won elections and now dominate the government, according to U.S. officials.

NATO says kill 55 Taliban fighters in Afghan clashes

Afghanistan is going to be like Iraq I'm afraid... It's going to take years to hunt all the Insurgents down and in that time there will be many to replace them...

Insurgents gun down 21 in Iraqi Village

Gunmen raided two Shiite homes in Diyala province, a hotbed of Iraq's Sunni-Arab insurgency, and shot and killed 21 men in front of thier relatives, police said

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