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98% of UK firms have no cyber-attack insurance

A new UK government report has found that nearly all large firms do not possess any form of insurance that would help them to recover from a major cyber-attack, despite 81% of those surveyed having experienced a security breach in the past 12 months.

The U.S. has billions of dollars in unclaimed life insurance

The treasurer of Oklahoma has recently announced that across the US billions of dollars are going unclaimed from life insurance policies. The question is how far should companies go to track down beneficiaries of the deceased.

New study: One in every six Danes has stolen a bicycle

Copenhagen - Bicycles are a popular mode of transport in Denmark, but it seems there is a problem. According to a new study, 17 percent of Danes have, at some stage, stolen another person's bicycle and it's costing Danish insurance companies a fortune.

The Australians make some pretty weird travel insurance claims

A new report has shown how Australian insurance companies have been seeing an increase in the number of extraordinary claims made by travellers in recent years as Australians begin visiting new areas.

Swiss voters reject shift to state-run health insurance

Geneva - Swiss voters on Sunday rejected a plan to ditch the country's all-private health insurance system and create a state-run scheme, exit polls showed.

Seniors struggling with healthcare costs, retirement planning

The proverbial "golden years" aren't so golden for an alarming and growing number of seniors in the United States today.

Aviva says sells stake in S.Korea venture

London - British insurer Aviva has agreed to sell its stake in its South Korean venture for an undisclosed amount as it focuses on its core Asian businesses, the group said Monday.

New Zealand Property Institute warns of looming insurance crisis

Property Institute Chief Executive David Clark warns that changes to home insurance will bring problems for New Zealand.

Munich Re to buy back up to 1.0 bn euros in shares

Frankfurt - German reinsurance giant Munich Re said Thursday it plans to buy back up to 1.0 billion euros ($1.4 billion) worth of shares by 2015."In the period commencing after the 2014 annual general meeting and extending up to the 2015 annual general meeting, Mu...

Uber expands insurance coverage for ridesharing drivers

UberX on Friday expanded the insurance coverage it offers to ridesharing drivers, a step toward easing U.S. regulators' and lawmakers' concerns and creating broader acceptance of the services.

Generali says efficiency drive boosts profits

Milan - Italian insurance group Generali reported on Thursday a leap in net profits for 2013 and said it expected to do better this year.Net profit last year amounted to 1.915 billion euros ($2.7 billion), the highest figure for six years, from a profit of 94 ...

Insurer Prudential 2013 net profits tumble

London - Insurance giant Prudential said on Wednesday that net profits slumped by nearly 40 percent last year, as it suffered from turbulence in emerging markets.Earnings after taxation sank to £1.346 billion in 2013 on short-term fluctuations in investment va...

Insurer Aviva eyes further recovery after return to profit

London - British insurer Aviva on Thursday said it had swung back into profit during 2013 as it underwent major restructuring and after it avoided a huge write-down suffered the previous year.Chief executive Mark Wilson warned against "complacency", while Aviva...

No insurance, no ridesharing, cities tell UberX, Lyft and others

Using mobile apps to connect passengers with drivers, ridesharing services like UberX and Lyft say they are bringing new zip to transportation.

U.S. looks at Swiss insurers in offshore probe: WSJ

U.S. prosecutors are widening their probe of how Swiss banks helped wealthy Americans avoid taxes to look at insurers as well, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, citing unnamed sources.

AXA insurance profits leap 10% on asset sales

Paris - French insurance group AXA, number two in Europe after German giant Allianz, raised net profit by 10.0 percent last year with a boost from asset sales and reduced debt, it said on Friday.The price of shares in the group initially fell, as the result mi...

Hannover Re stands by 2014 profit forecast

Frankfurt - German reinsurance giant Hannover Re stood by its forecast for 2014 on Thursday, saying that renewal of its contracts with insurers had gone well at the beginning of the year.

Insurance against bullying in South Korea

Seoul - One of South Korea's largest insurance companies is to begin offering a policy for victims of school bullies, as part of a government campaign to stamp out the problem.

Munich Re says profits up in 2013

Frankfurt - Munich Re, the world's leading reinsurer, said on Tuesday that it beat its own full-year forecasts and booked net profit of 3.3 billion euros ($4.5 billion) in 2013.

Op-Ed: Is the real Obama deceptive, out of touch, or just incompetent?

Washington - The show “To Tell the Truth” first aired in 1956 on CBS, five years before the birth of President Obama. The show was originally titled “Nothing but the Truth,” but CBS chose to change it to “To Tell the Truth” the night before its debut.

Op-Ed: The Affordable Care Act — Show me the numbers

The Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare” got off to a shaky start plagued with glitches, system overloads, and numerous other problems that continue as the program enters week two.

Video: Protesting firemen spray cops with foam in Brussels

Brussels - Firemen in Brussels, Belgium were protesting against national budget cuts in the fire department on Monday. They set fires and thoroughly foamed police officers along the way.

Top 10 auto insurance tips every driver should know Commissioned

Auto insurance isn't just a pragmatic opt-in; it's the law. How, then, can consumers fulfill their legal obligation to be insured while fulfilling their wallet's desire to be, well, not completely emptied?

Ontario auto insurances to be reduced by 15% in two years

The Ontario government announced on Aug. 23 that auto insurances would be cut by 15 percent within the next two years. An eight percent reduction is targeted by August 2014. The government is introducing a number of steps to progress this initiative.

How the car you drive affects your auto insurance rates Commissioned

When buying a new car you might not consider how the type of car you get affects your insurance quotes. Although every auto insurance company has its own method for setting rates, all include the type of car to be insured as a variable.

What drivers need to know about no-fault insurance Commissioned

Have you ever wondered what no-fault auto insurance means after you've been in an accident? Why are your rates increasing even though no-fault is supposed to lower them or keep them even?

What drivers need to know after getting into an accident Commissioned

After being in a car accident, drivers might feel anxious about what to do next, including how to file a report and assessing damage to a vehicle. Read on to learn the best tips on covering your bases post-accident.

Insurance advice for people impacted by the Toronto flood Commissioned

Toronto - The rainstorm that drenched Toronto on Monday night delivered over a month’s worth of rain in only a few hours. Were you impacted?

8 common auto insurance myths you need to know now Commissioned

Being aware of some common myths and popular beliefs about auto insurance can help save you money. From knowing how accidents affect coverage to finding out more about using rental cars, here are eight myths debunked.

How location impacts car insurance rates and what to do about it Commissioned

Many people believe that the main factor determining the cost of an auto-insurance premium is the year and make of the vehicle being insured. In fact, that is far from the truth. Where you live can play a very significant role in determining your rates.
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Car insurance carriers offer discounts for various best practices.
Car insurance carriers offer discounts for various best practices.
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