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Insulin News

Q&A: New developments with inhalable medicines Special

MannKind CEO Michael Castagna has developed an inhalable insulin product, designed to help those with diabetes, and now he is looking at other medicines that can be inhaled.

Insulin being developed in pill form

Researchers are developing a way to deliver insulin in a pill. The new technique could replace the need for daily injections for diabetics.

Changing diabetes management with monthly injectable medication

Biotechnologists have developed a process that can provide a patient with weeks of glucose control, aiding the symptoms of diabetes, thanks to a single injection. The method is far superior to existing therapies.

New medical tech device to manage diabetes

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a novel device to help with the management of Type I diabetes. The device controls the administration of glucose.

Venom from snails could assist with diabetes management

Scientists have examined a cone snail venom insulin. The inquiry into these proteins suggests they operate faster than human insulin. The natural proteins have the potential to be used as a human therapeutic medicine.

Diabetes patients are losing limbs because insulin is expensive

Amid reports of the rising cost of EpiPens comes news of another drug that has increased in price. Insulin has gone up in price over the years and there have been diabetes patients who can't afford it.

Creation of insulin-releasing cells may help diabetes treatment

La Jolla - Both type 1 and type 2, or adult onset, diabetes involve either an inability to produce or properly process the insulin necessary to control blood sugar levels.

Call for tighter blood sugar control to avoid diabetes

London - A health body has called for tighter blood sugar guidelines in order to help those with diabetes manage the condition better as well as to improve the chances of detecting diabetes earlier. This applies to children and adults.

Insulin death firms fined

Sheffield - Two companies have been fined £550,000 ($860,000) as the result of the death of a diabetic patient who was injected with insulin syringes that actually contained no insulin.

Two new diabetes drugs approved for U.S. and Japan

Big pharma companies Lilly and Takeda have announced that two new types of diabetes drugs are now available for patients, after being approved by regulatory authorities.

Understanding why some women don't produce enough breast milk

A new study into why some women do not produce enough quantities of breast milk has indicated that the cause is the hormone insulin, which affects the amount of milk.

Israeli lab close to developing insulin pill for diabetics

The race is on to develop the world's first insulin pill to eliminate the need for daily injections for diabetics. And a small Israeli-based company appears to be leading the pack.

Can type 2 diabetes be reversed by diet?

A UK research study has shown an extreme low calorie diet can reverse type 2 diabetes. But not all experts agree with the findings.

Voluntary US wide recall of All Accusure insulin syringes

Huntsville AL-Qualitest Pharmaceuticals today issued a voluntary nationwide(US) recall of all Accusure Insulin Syringes.

Study finds insulin boost restores muscle growth in elderly

University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) researchers found increased insulin levels in elderly test subjects, can restore the impaired muscle-building process responsible for age-related physical weakness.

Clerk refuses to give store money but gives own for robber

A store clerk refused to open the cash register for an armed robber, but gave the man $40 from his own money to the robber, who needed it for insulin.

Scientists Turn Human Skin Cells Into Insulin-Producing Cells

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine have transformed cells from human skin into cells that produce insulin, the hormone used to treat diabetes.

Scientists Discover Leptin May Also Aid Type 1 Diabetics

Terminally ill rodents with type 1 diabetes have been restored to full health with a single injection of a substance other than insulin by scientists at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Suspected Cause of Type 1 Diabetes Caught

Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis working with diabetic mice have examined in unprecedented detail the immune cells long thought to be responsible for type 1 diabetes.

New Study Offers Hope for Insulin-Dependent Diabetics

A new study recently completed by a research team at the University of Central Florida may have found a way to produce an insulin capsule that can mean people with insulin-dependent diabetes will no longer need regular injections.

Ontario government buys insulin pumps for youth with type 1 diabetes

Ontario will spend $12 million this year and $30 million next year to provide 6,500 children suffering from insulin-dependent diabetes with access to the pumps, which monitor and regulate insulin levels.

Inhaled Insulin Offers Diabetes Patients Alternative to Needles

Diabetics can now inhale their insulin rather than inject it. A powdered form of the medicine is delivered by a product called Exubera, which is on the market after receiving U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval earlier this year.

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Insulin Image

Insulin supplies  as shown here  can be costly in the care of diabetes  a chronic condition that inc...
Insulin supplies, as shown here, can be costly in the care of diabetes, a chronic condition that increases health care costs.
wikimedia commons
The cost of insulin has risen 200 percent in the past decade.
The cost of insulin has risen 200 percent in the past decade.
USC Clinical Pharmacy

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