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Insomnia News

The Ultimate Guide to CBD and Seniors for Insomnia

Does it seem like it is harder and harder to sleep as you get older? If you have already checked for other conditions and reduced your caffeine intake, there are still options that can help. Cannabidiol (CBD) could help with your insomnia.

Probing the neuron connections of anxiety and sleep

Tokyo - When someone is anxious sleeplessness is a common side-effect. But why is this? Researchers have been investigating the underlying mechanisms in the brain that link insomnia to anxiety.

Is social media use affecting sleep patterns?

Cardiff - Obsession with social media is taking its toll, especially among young people. A new report has found one in five young people are making do with less sleep due to social media use; and this sleep deprivation is having an impact.

Essential Science: Sleep deprivation alters the brain differently

Sleep deprivation, over a long period, causes harm to the brain as well as increasing the risk of accidents. New research suggests the effect on the brain is not straightforward, with different regions and brain functions affected in varying ways.

Worms offer insight into sleep disorders

Problems sleeping have been linked with the way neurons in the brain operate (or fire). This is based on a study of roundworms and their hunt for food, according to a new biological study.

New study proves social media abuse can be detrimental to sleep

Can't sleep at night? Maybe you're spending too much time on Facebook or Youtube. A new research found an association between sleep disturbances and Social Media (SM) abuse.

Placebos can play a role in treating insomnia, study says

Philadelphia - A novel dosing strategy to treat insomnia using medication and placebos on alternate days is as effective as taking medication every day, researchers from University of Pennsylvania say.

Lack of sleep connected to obesity

London - Insufficient sleep during the week and catching up on rest at the weekends has been associated with obesity and Type 2 diabetes, according to a new study.

Mindfulness meditation can help you sleep better says new study

Researchers at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California have found that a brief session of mindfulness meditation can help individuals sleep better.

Technology that helps you get a good night's sleep

Sleep is one of the most vital aspects of our daily existence, but it is also something people struggle with. Whether your sleep issues are caused by insomnia, a hectic work schedule or having a newborn baby, it is critical for you to fix this problem.

Bedtime reading on an eReader may keep you awake

University Park - Reading on an eReader at bedtime, rather than flicking the pages of one of those old-fangled, cuboid contraptions called books, may encourage alertness, a new study has found.

New study shows how alcohol interferes with sleep

A number of people admit to using alcohol as a means of getting to sleep. This may work initially, however new research indicates that alcohol interferes with sleep patterns.

Sleep and smartphones: The chemistry that keeps you awake

The smartphones and tablets millions of us use every day may also keep us awake. This is according to a video produced by the the American Chemical Society.

Disturbed sleep and nightmares may point to psychotic disorders

New research has warned that nightmares and disturbed sleep patterns in children may be an early warning sign of psychotic disorders in later life.

Not getting enough sleep? Your eyes reveal all

Sleep deprivation affects facial features such as the eyes, mouth and skin, and, as a new research report highlights, these features function as cues of sleep loss to other people.

Blame the moon if you can't sleep well

If you have trouble falling asleep around the same time each month, the moon might be to blame. Scientists say they've found evidence that human sleep patterns are timed to the phases of the moon.

Study: Insomnia may cause heart disease

A large study, published in the European Heart Journal, claims that insomnia may be linked to one form of heart disease.

Study: Insomnia costing US economy $63.2 billion

Insomnia costs an average of $2,280 and 11.3 days per worker from reduced productivity each year, at a total cost to the national economy of $63.2 billion and 252.7 days, according to a Harvard Medical School study.

Internet software provides a new way to battle insomnia

CHICAGO, US – A new research released in the General Psychiatry Archives, may literally cut down those sleepless nights.

Did Michael Jackson Have a Primary Sleep Disorder?

Did Michael Jackson have a primary sleep disorder? It has been reported he pleaded for help to sleep in the days before he died. If he did have a serious sleep disorder, this could perhaps explain many of his problems.

If it's any consolation, fish get insomnia too

California scientists are reporting some types of fishes do sleep in the water and a few of them suffer from insomnia. Zebrafish are one species who contain a mutant gene that disrupts sleeping habits.

Insomnia help and sleep aid: Downloadable whitenoise (box fan) sound file

Some folks have trouble falling asleep. Some need music, or total silence. I need some form of white noise to cover up ambient, distracting sounds. Last week, I made it a project to record some suitable noise. It turned out well.

Disrupted sleep may alter pain perception

Waking up during the night doesn't just affect your wakefulness, it can also make you more susceptible to pain, according to new research

Insomnia increases risk of accidents

According to recent 2007 "Sleep in America" poll, 70 per cent of American women are not getting enough sleep

Women get less sleep

A new study has found that American women get less sleep than they need.

Loosing Weight leads to sleeplessness

Researchers say person gaining weight, sleeps more than person loosing weight.

Scientists find a 'cure' for insomnia

If you were wondering why the Government has banned drivers from talking on mobiles – well now there's some scientific research to back it up.

Not Enough, Too Much Sleep, Both Cause Depression in Kids

New research suggests surprisingly that either too much or too little sleep can cause serious depression for children . . .

HealthWrap: Doctors ignore sleep complaints

"Despite numerous studies that show that sleep deprivaiton has been linked cancer, heart disease and weight gain, U.S. doctors tend to dismiss sleep complaints"

For A Sound Night's Sleep You Need A Good Mattress And Enough
To Eat

Norderney, Germany (dpa) - You spend a big part of your life in bed, right? So - are you making the most of it? The secrets of a good night's sleep are a good mattress and sensible eating habits. So say German sleep researchers who have become exper...

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Unraveling the history of your game world is a major part of Insomnia played out through exploration...
Unraveling the history of your game world is a major part of Insomnia played out through exploration.
Insomnia Project Developers Press Kit
Current builds of the game feature a variety of NPCs to interact with.
Current builds of the game feature a variety of NPCs to interact with.
Insomnia Project Developers Press Kit
Image courtesy CBD Seniors
Insomnia features a gritty style for its NPC characters.
Insomnia features a gritty style for its NPC characters.
Insomnia Project Developers Press Kit
Image courtesy CBD Seniors

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