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Insecticides News

Link between common synthetic chemicals and diabetes

Researchers have drawn a connection between the synthetic chemicals typically found in insecticides and other garden products and an affect these play on the receptors that govern our biological clocks. The disruption could lead to diabetes.

Costco calls for end to bee-killing pesticides

The retail corporation Costco has requested that its suppliers end the use of bee-killing pesticides on garden plants sold in its stores. This is part of a Friends of the Earth initiative.

Study: Insecticide cuts bee sperm by nearly 40 percent

A new study revealed that two insecticides, one banned in various European nations but still used in America, can reduce the sperm of honeybees.

U.S. government concludes neonicotinoids harm bees

The U.S. government has noted that the most widely used pesticide in the world is harmful to honeybees. However, in Europe, a ban on the use of the chemical could be lifted.

Bees prefer nectar laced with insecticide

London - As controversy mounts over the U.K.’s decision to allow the limited use of neonic pesticides — troubling new research shows bees are drawn to plants sprayed with the powerful insect-killing chemical.

Pesticide use in Europe is harming the bees

Brussels - Some European governments have claimed that neonicotinoid pesticides are not harming bees or other wildlife. This has been challenged by Europe's 29 academies of sciences who are arguing just the opposite.

Insecticides harm birds by devastating their food chain

Amsterdam - New research indicates that insecticides like neonicotinoid are harming birds by rippling through the food chain. Bird populations have declined in areas where certain insecticides are used.

Caffeinated fruit flies help spot insecticide resistance

To understand genetic mechanisms underlying insecticide resistance, scientists employed the strange combination of fruit flies and caffeine.

Dallas Mayor cites state of emergency — Aerial spraying to begin

Dallas - Texas health department reports that the cases of West Nile virus in Dallas and across Dallas county have reached 465 with 17 confirmed deaths so far.

Bacteria protein inserted into GM corn found in US waterways

The Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies published research findings in late September showing an insecticidal protein, called Cry1Ab, inserted into genetically modified corn to fight insect predation, was found in US waterways.

Termite insecticide acts as potent greenhouse gas

An insecticide used to fumigate termite-infested buildings is a strong greenhouse gas that lives in the atmosphere nearly 10 times longer than previously thought.

Bacteria May Offer Natural Plant Pest Control

New research at York has revealed so-called ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ bacteria, suggesting a novel way to control pests without using insecticides. Researchers at the University of York studied the relationship between plant-dwelling insects and bacteria.

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