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Inmates News

Islamic State jihadists on the run after Afghan prison raid

Jalalabad - Afghan authorities were searching Tuesday for about 270 inmates -- most of them Islamic State fighters -- who remained on the loose after escaping during a deadly prison raid.

Warden, guard injured in Alabama prison riot posted on Facebook

Atmore - A prison in Alabama was placed on lockdown Saturday when a riot involving about 100 inmates erupted, according to the state Corrections Department. The warden and a guard were stabbed in the melee at the William C. Holman Correctional Facility.

Thousands of inmates to be transferred after riot in Texas prison

Raymondville - Efforts are being made to relocate thousands of inmates at a federal prison in south Texas after an uprising by angry prisoners left the prison seriously damaged and uninhabitable, reports say.

Fake orgy plot helps 28 inmates escape from Brazil jail

28 inmates at a prison in Brazil escaped after three women in dominatrix costumes tricked guards into thinking they were going to have an orgy.

Two beheaded during Brazil prison riots

Cascavel - Rioting continues at a Brazilian correctional facility after inmates seized control over much of the facility and beheaded at least two other inmates. Allegedly, another inmate died after being thrown off the roof.

Bill will allow e-cigarettes to be sold to inmates

There’s a new bill in town for Raleigh, N.C., and its purpose is to allow jails throughout the state to sell e-cigarettes to prisoners. The only step left is for Governor Pat McCrory to sign the bill into action.

Inmates manage to escape after guards leave keys in vehicle

Weatherford - On Tuesday, keys were left in a security vehicle, and eight prisoners took off with it, but were captured a few hours later.

Inmates file suit, blame alcohol for their crimes

Boise - Five Idaho inmates have filed a lawsuit against eight beer, wine and liquor companies claiming alcohol is responsible for them being sent to prison.

Lincoln County Jail adopts cats to relieve inmate stress

North Platte - Inmates in the Lincoln County Jail have some four-legged companions as cell-mates after the Sheriff recently approved the adoption of two cats from a local animal shelter to help relieve inmate stress and assist in their rehabilitation.

The danger of double-bunking in Canadian prisons

Across Canada, prisons are “double-bunking” and this could make the facilities much more dangerous, according to the ombudsman for federal prisoners.

Canadian prisoners no longer eligible for Old Age benefits

Canadian prisoners who are of retirement age will no longer be given a hand out by the government. As of today inmates in federal prisons will not be allowed to receive Old Age Security benefits.

Philippine inmates pay tribute to pop king Michael Jackson

The famous Cebu dancing inmates who were inspired by the late pop star Michael Jackson gave tribute performance for their idol inside their prison ground in Cebu City, Philippines.

1300 prison inmates receive $9 Million in home buyer tax credit

almost 1300 inmates received tax credits for home buyers totally nearly nine million dollars, despite being in prison when filing their claims for "home-buying" according to

They're not illiterate, but they can't read

Glenwood Springs - Being in jail in the first place is no treat, but when most sources of outside information are taken away, inmates get a little perturbed.

Jail Inmates Charged with Raping Fellow Prisoner

A prisoner yesterday accused seven inmates of threatening him with a knife before raping him. The offense occurred in July and the 24- year old said he had reported this to the police.

Riot In California Prison Injures 250 Inmates

Two hundred and fifty inmates were injured at a prison riot in Chino, California last night, that raged for 11 hours before authorities were able to regain control.

Report: 60,000 inmates in U.S. prisons sexually abused every year

Many prisoners sent to fulfill their sentences reportedly endure more than a loss of freedom. A report revealed today shows about 60,000 inmates a year are victims of sexual assault and the abuser is often prison staff.

Not Including Inmates In Health Research Hampers Public Health Advancement

Researchers say that the number of people with mental illnesses, addiction disorders, and chronic and infectious diseases who receive their medical care in a jail or prison is growing.

Canada: Last of Six Escaped Inmates Captured

Ryan John Agecoutay, thelast of six prisoners who escaped from a Regina prison last month has been captured, shots fired but no one hurt.

Five Inmates Escape in Canada, Public Notification Delayed

Five inmates, considered violent, escaped from a Saskatchewan prison, but the public notification was delayed by at least 15 hours.

New Brunswick: Inmates Get Oil Rig Training

Prisoners in New Brunswick's Westmoreland Institution are being provided with the chance to train to become oil workers.

6-Month Shock Incarceration Gives Inmates Alternative To Prison

Located in the backwoods of Schuyler County, New York is Monterey Shock Incarceration Facility. Here, men sentenced due to drugs or drinking crimes are able to avoid prison yet get the help that they need. Discipline is driven into their every moment.

Inmate Tantrum Sparked By One Sausage Rule

Inmates in Lea County, NM were not very happy when they learned they would be served only one sausage a piece for dinner on Monday evening, so unhappy that they threw a tantrum

Killers Dance To Thriller In Prison Knees Up

The much publicized YouTube video appears now on DJ courtesy of PJ. The footage shows the inmates from Cebu in the Philippines fantastically choreographed to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

Inmates Accused in Name Copyright Scheme

You have to hand it to these inmates. They devised quite a nice little scheme. They copyrighted their names, then demanded millions of dollars for unauthorized use of their names.

Help for inmates' children

Community groups in Chicago, pairing with Illinois politicians, are trying to tackle the increasing problems facing the children of prison inmates.

Pedophile Is Attacked By Inmates In A Courthouse

Ken Gourlay, who made national headlines for molesting boys he lured to him from the internet, has been hospitalized after other inmates in the courthouse assaulted him.

Death by Mosquito

Three prisoners serving potential life sentences in Colorado say their lives have been threatened by mosquitoes.

Court Rejects Challenges By Detainees

In a rare victory for George Bush, a federal panel said Guantanamo inmates cannot use the US courts to fight detention.

Judge: Schwarzenegger's Plan to Transfer Inmates Out of California Is Illegal

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan to transfer inmates out of state to relieve severe prison overcrowding is illegal, a state judge ruled Tuesday.
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December Prison fire blamed on homemade hooch
December Prison fire blamed on homemade hooch
Elissa Eubanks
Five inmates sue alcohol manufacturers blaming the companies for crimes.
Five inmates sue alcohol manufacturers blaming the companies for crimes.
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Alcatraz Prison Picture of a typical cell. Alcatraz is located in the middle of San Francisco Bay in...
Alcatraz Prison Picture of a typical cell. Alcatraz is located in the middle of San Francisco Bay in California.
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