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Inmate News

US death row inmate walks free after 30 years in jail

Washington - A man who spent 30 years on death row in Louisiana has walked free after a court threw out his murder conviction.Glenn Ford, 64, one of the longest-serving death row prisoners in the United States, was ordered to be released after new information clear...

Inmate escapes prison by 'using spoon'

Moscow - A man who has been charged with two counts of murder has escaped from one of the best guarded detention centers in Russia. The man may have used a spoon to break himself out of jail.

Op-Ed: The US continues to be first in inmate population in the world

Washington - The US has the most prisoners of any nation in the world and by far the highest incarceration rate. Although the US has just 5 percent of the world's population, it has one quarter of the global prisoner population.

Vermont inmate secretly adds pig image to police cruiser decals

Montpelier - An inmate at a Vermont prison carried out the ultimate prank by secretly altering the decal that adorns police cruisers, modifing the outline of a large spot on a cow's shoulder into the shape of a pig.

Arizona is charging inmate visitors $25 for 'background checks'

Visiting a family member in prison is not an easy thing and in Arizona it's been made more difficult with a $25 fee for adults to visit inmates. The fee is thought to be the first in the United States, according to the New York Times.

Facebook to close California prison inmate accounts

Sacramento - The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, in cooperation with Facebook, is working to close the accounts of inmates who have been accessing the site with contraband cellphones to update their status and harass victims of their crimes.

Hot-sauce bottle surgically removed from Ohio inmate

Last Sunday evening, a Noble Correctional Facility inmate was taken into emergency surgery to extricate a hot-sauce bottle that had been used as a sex toy. The inmate reported that he had been raped while showering.

Letter from inmate to mom exposes conspiracy to smuggle drugs

The moral of the story for an inmate in an Ohio prison is if you’re going to write your mom allegedly asking her to commit a crime for you, you should really make sure you have her correct address.

Escaped Murderer Found After 2 Days

Spokane - An Idaho inmate walked away from a correctional center on Sunday and wasn't located until Tuesday in another state. Police believed she was trying to visit her husband.

Inmate at UK jail drunk on Swine Flu hand gel

An inmate at a prison in Dorset, UK, allegedly drank anti-bacterial hand gel causing him to get drunk. The incident forced the prison to remove the hand gel while an investigation takes place.

Botched execution leaves inmate 'traumatized,' drug use blamed

After executioners are unable to find a suitable vein during a lethal injection procedure on an Ohio inmate, the governor delays the execution for a week.

Death row inmate will get new hearing

The US Supreme Court has today ruled that a Georgia inmate currently on death row should get a new hearing to establish whether some new evidence might clear the man of his conviction.

1 in 31 U.S. Adults on Parole or Probation

According to the Pew Center on the States, the number of American citizens on probation or parole has skyrocketed to more than 7.3 million. A report recently released reveals that nearly 90 per cent of state corrections is spent on prisons.

Inmate files restraining order against Grand Theft Auto video game

On April 9, inmate Jonathan Lee Riches, 31, filed a request for a temporary restraining order in a US District Court against Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two, developer Rockstar, FCI Williamsburg and the video game itself.

Inmate Has 3 More Years Tacked On For Tobacco Smuggling Attempt

A New Hampshire inmate tried to smuggle in tobacco and ended up with three additional years added to his sentence. He will serve that time when his current sentence is served.

Inmate Sues - "You Broke My Prosthetic Leg!"

A routine search of Thomas Zimmerman's cell resulted in the discovery of tobacco hidden inside Tom's prosthetic leg. Guards seized the leg, and began tossing it around, eventually dropping it and breaking it. Tom has filed a lawsuit - "Fix My Leg"

Prison inmate gets liver transplant

A prison inmate received a liver transplant and the taxpayers footed the bill.

Four Kinross inmates almost make "The Great Escape"

A prison tunnel at a Michigan prison was uncovered six feet from freedom.

Convicted Death row inmate to die tomorrow

A 30-year-old death row inmate is scheduled to die in Texas tomorrow.

Report: State prisons should do more to prevent inmate suicides

"The inmate suicide rate in Massachusetts was 27 percent per 100,000 inmates during the past ten years, nearly twice the national rate of 14 per 100,000 during the same time period, according to the report." Site Offers Romance With Convicts

Still looking for a Valentine's date? Try your local prison.

Prison inmate saves Oregon toddler's life

An Oregon family say they are thanking God for a federal prison inmate after he came to the rescue of their 15-month-old boy.

Just-released inmate sought in stabbing

Thirty-nine-year old Ivan Pickens spent just under 15 years in prison in New York for armed robbery before being released on September First. He's been living with an acquaintance in Manchester for about a month

Pregnant pause for escaped inmate

A man who escaped from jail to see his girlfriend discovers she's pregnant by another man.

After 34 years, inmate refuses to leave jail

Inmate turns down second offer to leave.

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Robert L Kugle is arrested after allegedly exposing himself to fellow postal worker.
Robert L Kugle is arrested after allegedly exposing himself to fellow postal worker.
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