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Injection News

Painless flu patch for those who don't like needles

Thinking about the flu season but worried about the painful injection? If you're needle-phobic then something much easier is on the horizon: a skin patch to administer the vaccine.

Is it time for a global vaccine compensation scheme?

With a new vaccine for Zika virus in development and a rise with the administration of vaccine in general, is it time to consider a global vaccine compensation scheme? This is in the event of an adverse response.

Hepatitis is a serious side effect of heroin use

The number of cases in the U.S., where drug users are contracting hepatitis C, is rising according to new figures presented by health agencies. The immediate solution relates to the supply of clean needles.

Here we go again: North Korea claims it has cure for AIDS, Ebola

Pyongyang - North Korea says it has gone where no other country has gone before: It has discovered the drug that can prevent and cure Ebola, AIDS, SARS and MERS.

Controlling blood pressure with one shot

A research group has developed a biochemical remedy for blood pressure. The drug is administered via single shot into a vein. Initial trials are promising.

Tumors and cancer could be cured by new injection

Scientists at Stanford University have discovered an antibody, which can simply be injected into the body to destroy tumors and cure cancer – even in its advanced stages.

Google disables ad-injecting Chrome extensions; many are malware

Google has removed nearly 200 extensions for its Chrome browser from the store after finding that they inject adverts into webpages and in many cases expose users to malicious software. In any case, the extensions ruined the experience of web browsing.

Reason for last week's botched Arizona execution still a mystery

Florence - An Arizona medical examiner said Monday that he could find no reason why a convicted murderer who was given a lethal injection last week took nearly two hours to die in a possible violation of the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Hepatitis B vaccine linked to infant deaths

The Chinese government is investigating a drug manufacturer to see if several recent deaths of babies were related to a hepatitis vaccine.

Call for investigation into meningitis deaths

Detroit - The Michigan Court of Appeals is set to hold a multi-county grand jury to investigate whether New England Compounding Center (NECC), which is linked to a recent meningitis outbreak, broke state laws by distributing tainted medicines.

New flu treatment aims to be more effective

A new flu treatment, which appears to be able to kill a wider variety of flu strains compared with current drugs, has shown potential in lab trials.

New needle-free vaccine is kick-started by the skin

Scientists have developed a needle free vaccine in a dry powder from that, when it comes into contact with skin cells, is triggered into action by the immune cells in the skin.

U.S. states make child vaccine exemptions more difficult

Several state legislatures across the U.S. are putting in place laws that will make it more difficult for parents to opt their children out from receiving vaccinations.

Laser developed to take the ‘ouch’ out of injections

A laser injection device has been developed to administer medicines with the idea that it will replace needles and make the jab process considerably less painful.

How is the 'flu drug best administered? FDA warning

The FDA have issued a warning about the adminsitration of flu shots. The FDA is concerned that no safety data has been supplied for flu shots which are adminstered using jet injectors. A flue shot shot should remain as a needle shot or as a nasal spray.

Revolutionary injection to reverse Alzheimers could be ready soon

A jab that could halt the debilitating rise of Alzheimer's disease could be available within two years. The vaccine is not a cure but a preventative measure against the disease, and may in some cases reverse the onslaught of Alzheimers.

Butt enhancement blamed for woman's death

Philadelphia - A butt enhancement procedure done in a US hotel is suspected to have resulted in the death of a 20-year-old British woman.

Witness shares experience of watching execution by firing squad

Draper - Witnesses of the execution by firing squad of convicted murderer Ronnie Lee Gardner this morning at a state prison in Utah share their view and describe what they saw in graphic detail as the debate on the death penalty and it's methodology continues.

Bolivian Woman Dies From Urine Injection

Urine cures everything....or does it? A Bolivian woman is now dead after her friend gave her an injection of urine to help her recover from surgery.

The G-Shot; Like Enzyte for Women

For women with a normal and healthy sex life who might want a little more excitement, there is the G-Shot, or G-Spot Amplification -- a sexual enhancement technique for women involving human collagen injections.

All Delaware executions put on hold

A federal judge has granted class action status to a lawsuit charging the state's lethal injection method is unconstitutionally cruel and unusual punishment.

Sex pests 'could have hormone injections'

Sex offenders could be forced to have hormone injections under radical plans to tackle crime being considered by Downing Street.

Botched executions incite fight against death penalty

After the botched December 13 execution in Florida, judges are calling halts to executions by lethal injections. Prisoners are challenging the procedure in individual and class-action lawsuits.

Drug resistant TB 'more severe'

The problem of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis may be even more severe than previously thought, experts warn.

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A webpage that an ad injector has worked on
A webpage that an ad injector has worked on
A syringe and needle.
A syringe and needle.
Intramuscular injection is one way of delivering peptides into the body  although they can also be i...
Intramuscular injection is one way of delivering peptides into the body, although they can also be introduced in pill form.
Wikimedia Commons/Psychonaught
A patient receives an injection from a hospital nurse.
A patient receives an injection from a hospital nurse.
An execution chamber at a U.S. State Prison
An execution chamber at a U.S. State Prison
Texas Dept of Criminal Justice

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