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Infrastructure News

Interview: How businesses can safeguard their digital processes Special

Vulnerabilities exist in critical utilities infrastructures and the number of reported attacks grows. How can those who operate critical infrastructures best defend against such attacks? Security expert Stewart Kantor provides some answers.

US accuses Russian government of hacking infrastructure

Washington - The Russian government is behind a sustained hacking effort to take over the control systems of critical US infrastructure like nuclear power plants and water distribution, according to US cyber security investigators.

Op-Ed: Trump says he would be agreeable to raising gas tax 25 cents

You could say that whatever Trump giveth, he can also take away, too. And his latest idea is to increase the federal gas tax to motorists 25 cents a gallon. Doing so would wipe out 60 percent of the tax cuts he gave Americans.

Taiwan quake highlights hi-tech island's shoddy building past

Taipei - Taiwan has built itself a reputation for cutting edge technology, efficient public transport and safe streets. But an earthquake has again highlighted the well-off island's history of shoddy construction and questionable safety standards.

Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell Marai debuts in Quebec this year

Quebec - The Quebec government is purchasing a fleet of 50 Toyota Marai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles — the first such vehicles in Canada, which Toyota expects to deliver to the province later this year.

China lodges protest against Australian 'white elephant' remarks

Bejing - China lodged a formal diplomatic protest on Wednesday after a senior Australian minister called Chinese infrastructure projects in the Pacific "white elephants", the latest spat in increasingly contentious relations.

Oil and gas industry wants a crack at waters off Florida's coast

President Trump’s administration has proposed opening up nearly all of America’s offshore waters to oil and gas drilling, but the industry says it is mainly interested in one part of it, now cordoned off by the Pentagon - the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

We're nowhere close to an electric vehicle infrastructure plan

As Hurricane Irma barreled toward Florida in September, Governor Rick Scott told residents “you need to go right now," setting in motion an evacuation of 3.0 million people, leaving gas stations empty. But what if all those cars had been electric?

Sand mining — A global resource that is becoming scarce

If someone were to ask you to name the most-extracted materials on Earth, you might answer with fossil fuels or biomass. However, by weight, the answer is actually sand and gravel.

Bill Gates buys $80m of land to build 'smart city' in Arizona

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has bought 25,000 acres of land in Arizona to create a new smart city called Belmont. Located a short distance from Phoenix, the site has cost Gates' investment firm Cascade Investment LLC $80m to acquire.

Web security upgrade delayed over fears 60m could lose connection

A major security upgrade to infrastructure that supports the entire Internet has been delayed over fears it could knock 60 million people offline. ICANN was preparing to change cryptographic keys to boost security but has put the plans on hold until 2018.

Aging infrastructure still impeding digital transformation

Digital transformation strategies are being "held back" by a reliance on legacy tech, according to a new report. As companies try to modernise their IT, they remain restricted by aging infrastructure that can't be migrated to the cloud.

Oil markets roiled as impacts from Harvey sink in with industry

Houston - Oil markets are in turmoil today as investors and other stakeholders assess the financial impact of Hurricane Harvey. In the meantime, gasoline futures are soaring while oil futures are going in the opposite direction.

Op-Ed: Texas flooding event should be a wake-up call for our leaders

Houston - There is a reason why forecasters and the news media is calling the flooding from what was Hurricane Harvey a catastrophe, once-in-500-years flood or a disaster of epic proportions. When pencil-pushers start adding up the costs, it will be unbelievable.

Catastrophic and life-threatening flooding in Houston

After making landfall on Friday night as a powerful Category 4 storm, Hurricane Harvey has been downgraded to a tropical storm that has created a disaster of epic proportions in southeast Texas.

Update on 'life threatening' Category 3 Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane and Tropical storm warnings are posted all along the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Harvey slowly makes it way onshore, bringing with it "biblical" amounts of rainfall and unprecedented devastation.

Gas prices at the pump rise as Harvey comes ashore

Corpus Christi - Energy companies have been forced to shut down or temporarily evacuate oil and natural gas platforms and refining facilities in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Texas coast as Hurricane Harvey barrels ashore, possibly as a Category 3 storm.

Texas bracing for a powerful Hurricane Harvey this weekend

Corpus Christi - tropical Storm Harvey is expected to rapidly gain strength and hit the Texas coast as a Category 3 hurricane by Friday evening, causing devastating flooding and threatening the energy industry and oil production.

Chicago tackles urban flooding with the 'Array of Things'

Chicago - Because of the wide range of environmental factors impacting our lives, from air quality and traffic to urban flooding and noise, the use of sensors and cloud computing have become increasingly valuable tools for managing and planning urban environments.

Flooding and storm extremes to increase with global warming

Researchers at the University of New South Wales, Australia, have done an exhaustive global analysis that shows signs of a radical shift in stream-flow patterns, with more intense flooding in cities along with drier countrysides.

Trump proposes privatizing US air traffic control

Washington - In the first salvo in a week-long push to overhaul America's infrastructure, President Donald Trump on Monday announced a plan to privatize the nation's air traffic control system.

Seacoast roads under new threat as sea levels continue to rise

Durham - A new study by the University of New Hampshire has found that coastal roads, some as far as two miles inland are at facing a new hazard that currently can't be seen by drivers - rising levels of groundwater caused by rising sea levels

Climate-related bridge collapses — We're underestimating the risk

Repairing or replacing the nation's crumbling bridges is just one part of President Trump's $1.0 trillion budget proposal to update U.S. infrastructure. However, our current means of assessing their vulnerability may need to be updated.

Norway to build world's first ship tunnel at sea

Oslo - Norway on Wednesday unveiled plans to build the world's first sea tunnel to pass through a mountain, avoiding dangerous waters that intimidated even the Vikings.

Gas taxes and crumbling roads — How do we pay for our highways?

A conundrum is facing state legislatures across the country - How to pay for critical transportation infrastructure with a declining gas tax revenue? And how can states make up for the decline without penalizing those of us who are leading greener lives?

How drone usage is reshaping America's infrastructure

In the 1980s, the IT revolution upended the way companies do business while completely transforming our economy. Now we have the same thing happening with drone technologies as the potential for commercial drones in the infrastructure sector take off.

EU to rollout ultrafast 100Mbps broadband across Europe by 2025

The European Union is planning to set ambitious new targets for universal Internet connections over the next decade. It wants to see everyone in Europe able to access 100Mbps ultrafast broadband by 2025, allowing for new online experiences.

Erdogan inaugurates grandiose new Turkish bridge

Ankara - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday inaugurated the fourth-longest suspension bridge in the world, the latest of his pet mega-projects.The Osman Gazi bridge, which has been under construction since 2013, stretches 2.6 kilometres (1.

Chaos, calamity and crisis — The main themes of Rio Olympic Games

Rio De Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro's acting mayor on Monday warned the Summer Olympic Games could end up being a "big failure" because of the huge budget shortfalls that threaten to compromise security and mobility during the games.

BT demos broadband that downloads 200 HD movies in a second

UK internet service provider BT has successfully completed a trial of prototype broadband infrastructure with download speeds of up to 5.6Tbps. While still a long way from being publicly available, the technology could transform how we connect online.
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Infrastructure Image

A water main break.
A water main break.
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
Rush hour traffic in Interstate 95 in Miami  Florida in 2012.
Rush hour traffic in Interstate 95 in Miami, Florida in 2012.
Collapsed Cypress Street Viaduct in Oakland  from the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. (As seen from  gr...
Collapsed Cypress Street Viaduct in Oakland, from the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. (As seen from ground-level) Note detachment of upper vertical elements from lower and the lack of reinforcement at the point of detachment.
H.G. Wilshire, U.S. Geological Survey
The I-75 / I-85 Downtown Connector in Atlanta  Georgia. Keeping infrastructure in top condition is n...
The I-75 / I-85 Downtown Connector in Atlanta, Georgia. Keeping infrastructure in top condition is necessary to maintain economic growth.
Energy Policy
A server supporting an office area.
A server supporting an office area.
New Jersey Path train provides an alternative route in brutal morning commute.
New Jersey Path train provides an alternative route in brutal morning commute.
Nic tweeted:  My photos from the start of demolition of the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge in #BigSur which ...
Nic tweeted: "My photos from the start of demolition of the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge in #BigSur which started today."
Nic Coury
Main Terminal of Washington Dulles International Airport at dusk in Virginia. Airports are part of a...
Main Terminal of Washington Dulles International Airport at dusk in Virginia. Airports are part of a state's transportation infrastructure.
Joe Ravi
Rescuers attempt to located people trapped in tunnel collapse in China
Rescuers attempt to located people trapped in tunnel collapse in China
Screen Capture
MINNEAPOLIS  Minn. (Aug. 14  2007) - The I-35 bridge collapse site over the Mississippi River.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (Aug. 14, 2007) - The I-35 bridge collapse site over the Mississippi River.
U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Joshua Adam Nuzzo
A web of interdependencies makes the modern economy especially sensitive to solar storms.
A web of interdependencies makes the modern economy especially sensitive to solar storms.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Apartments  offices and other buildings  icluding homes are becoming more energy-efficient.
Apartments, offices and other buildings, icluding homes are becoming more energy-efficient.
In 2014  a broken water main flooded the UCLA campus in Los Angeles  California  forcing the closure...
In 2014, a broken water main flooded the UCLA campus in Los Angeles, California, forcing the closure of Sunset Boulevard.
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