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Paul Grignon responds to John Oliver on infrastructure Special

On Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight, popular comedian John Oliver looked at the crumbling infrastructure in the U.S. and asked how the government might raise funds for repairs when the people adamantly reject the idea of raising taxes.

Green infrastructure saving major cities water, money and time Commissioned

As governments across the globe struggle to react to the growing multitude of threats posed by climate change, smart cities are taking the lead and acting on their own to stave off potential disaster.

China will build two nuclear power plants in Argentina

On Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner's three-day visit to China, at least 15 agreements were signed, including agreements on travel visas, infrastructure, financing and collaboration on the building of two nuclear power plants.

Syria bombing fulfills Wes Clark prediction, Bush Neocon plans

The US Congress's vote this month to allow Obama to "to provide appropriately vetted elements of the Syrian opposition" uncannily moves forward an agenda described by General Wes Clark in 2007.

Feds offer $100 million in aid for California quake damage

Napa - U.S. President Barack Obama agreed Thursday that California was eligible for federal disaster funds to help pay for damage from last month's earthquake

Op-Ed: Australian infrastructure by a mistaken Prime Minister

The Prime Minister wishes to develop infrastructure as his main point of being in office, though there are some reasons why his focuses are in the wrong areas.

'No plan B' as Rio Olympics preparations prove to be 'worst' ever

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's preparations in getting ready for the 2016 Olympic Games are the "worst" ever seen, according to John Coates, the vice-president of the International Olympic Committee. Citing numerous problems, Coates said the IOC is taking a more hands-on role.

Australia set to green light second Sydney airport: reports

Sydney - The Australian government was Tuesday expected to give the go-ahead to build a second international airport for Sydney, reports said, ending decades of indecision in a bid to boost the economy.

Op-Ed: 'Cautionary tale' emerging out of Brazil's quest for recognition

Two years ago, Brazil set its eyes on the 2014 World Cup games and the 2016 Olympics, hoping to claim new status on the world's stage. Visions of new-found economic strength and the respect of their neighbors have proven instead to be a nightmare.

South Florida counties working to find solution to rising seas

Florida is one of the most populous of our southern states and also the most vulnerable. With most of its 1,197 miles of coastline only a few feet above the rising seas, there is the very real danger of South Florida being lost in less than 100 years.

With military strike looming, FBI warns on possible cyber attacks

With the possibility of a US military strike on the Assad regime in Syria looming, the FBI warned that a hacking group operating out of Syria could intensify its efforts against American interests.

16 missing in China tunnel collapse - 3rd collapse in 2 months

Ganzhou - Chinese state media is reporting that 16 people are trapped after a Daqing-Guangzhou Expressway tunnel in the Jiangxi Province collapsed Sunday evening.

Op-Ed: Power failure — Indians find mother of all woes in 'corruption' Special

New Delhi - An average Indian has learned to live with power cuts. For them, it is not the intermittent power cuts for short or long duration that makes news, but the continuous power supply is making headlines.

Senate GOP shoots down Obama's $60 billion infrastructure bill

Washington - Senate Republicans blocked passage of President Obama's $60 billion infrastructure bill Thursday. In a near party line vote, the measure failed to reach its 60 vote threshold.

New Jersey Transit experiences severe morning delays Special

Newark - Citing power problems in the ongoing infrastructure challenges facing the region, New Jersey Transit commuters experienced widespread disruption Friday morning as one of the train lines connecting New Jersey and Manhattan went offline.

Climate change threatens Pacific region’s poorest

Manila - Climate change is threatening the Pacific region’s poorest people with increased hunger and malnutrition, and immediate action is called for as the region experiences harsh events such as coastal erosion, floods and drought, a new report shows.

Siemens asks: What is a green city?

In a fresh advertising campaign appearing online on Twitter, Washington Post and Huffington Post, Siemens USA asks readers and social media junkies to help define the green city.

Obama now selling advanced manufacturing plan to spur economy

Washington - In an effort to jump-start a still-struggling US economy, President Barack Obama announced this week-end a new initiative designed to keep America what it was in the past, “a country that makes things.”

GE avoids paying federal taxes despite $14 billion in profits

While Congress is grappling with broad budgetary issues, General Electric managed to avoid paying any federal taxes even though the company made $14 billion in global profits.

China digging wells to save wheat crops, drought impact felt

Feeling the impact from a widespread drought, China - the world's most populous country and largest global wheat producer - is now forced to dig wells to protect what is left of its wheat crops.

Nigeria reports water scarcity across numerous states

Nigeria, the world's eighth most populous country, has begun grappling with issues of water scarcity across a number of its states - forcing infrastructure and long-term sustainability questions.

The math on emissions points to population and affluence

In sobering assessments by both Ted Turner and The Nature Conservancy, the math on carbon dioxide emissions points to growth in population and affluence - however, some believe the population question is a myth.

UN's world population estimates raise questions on sustainability Special

With population estimates from the United Nations ranging anywhere from 8 billion to 10.5 billion by 2050, there is a need to understand the numbers and the implications of population growth or decline.

US-China business ties seen as built on mutual collaboration Special

The business and investment communities of both China and the United States have been working for years to strengthen ties - and the answer to those closer ties may be found in change and collaborative innovation.

Obama pulls high speed rail projects in Wisconsin and Ohio

Citing disinterest from newly-elected Republican governors, President Obama has redirected federal high-speed rail dollars from Wisconsin and Ohio to other states in need of the infrastructure investment.

AFL-CIO president: Work we did 'held the Senate'

In a post-election message to supporters, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka thanked those that he believes helped keep Democrats in office - saying 'the work that we did held the Senate.'

Siemens wins key rail upgrade, ARC project still on hold

Amtrak issues a key upgrade contract to Siemens - ushering in more modern locomotives - while the much-anticipated Access to the Region's Core project has been halted.

Op-Ed: Above and below the rubble line in Haiti - the chance of life

CNN's 24-hour coverage of the Haitian earthquake's aftermath exposed parallel tragedies along the rubble line - the brutal question emerging on who to save in a country of extremely limited resources.

California water infrastructure issue may take us to moon again

California is wrestling with a water infrastructure bill and a shortage issue that has amplification around the world - and may actually bring humanity back to the moon.

American competitiveness tied to bandwidth and broadband access Special

American technological competitiveness - and even its ability to impact climate change - is largely based on the investments in high-speed broadband access it makes. But what are the hurdles?
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MINNEAPOLIS  Minn. (Aug. 14  2007) - The I-35 bridge collapse site over the Mississippi River.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (Aug. 14, 2007) - The I-35 bridge collapse site over the Mississippi River.
U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Joshua Adam Nuzzo
Rescuers attempt to located people trapped in tunnel collapse in China
Rescuers attempt to located people trapped in tunnel collapse in China
Screen Capture
New Jersey Path train provides an alternative route in brutal morning commute.
New Jersey Path train provides an alternative route in brutal morning commute.