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Information technology News

IT spending hits 10 year high as companies wrestle with DX

A new survey finds that CIOs are reporting increases in IT spending and staffing — the highest for ten years — as their organizations step up investments in digital technology.

Only 1 in 10 enterprises are 'digitally transformed'

Digital transformation may be the biggest buzzword in business and its one that's been at the top of many agendas for the past two years; however, few firms have got close to achieving the goal, according to a new report.

Interview: Deep learning can aid a company's IT infrastructure Special

Tel Aviv - A new platform called prooV uses deep learning to mimic a company's IT infrastructure, so that a business can test-drive multiple technologies at once in a secure fashion. Alexey Sapozhnikov, co-founder of prooV, explains more.

Connecting legacy IT equipment could pose security risks

SCADA and ICS technology that supports much critical infrastructure is ageing. Also, this technology is becoming more connected, opening it up to new security threats. A new report considers how to minimize the risk of these systems being breached.

A growing army of telecommuting professionals in the US workforce

As competition in the U.S. job market grows tighter, many companies are casting their nets wider to find the talent they require when the local talent pool dries up. This has resulted in companies altering their recruiting practices to stay ahead.

Intel Corporation's head of mobile group plans to leave company

After less than a year as the head of Intel's mobile phone division, Aicha Evans recently announced her plans to quit. The semiconductor chip giant is still struggling to gain a foothold in the mobile applications market.

Electronic Health Records: a gold rush for data thieves

The United States continues to present the largest market of “soft targets” for identity thieves. As security upgrades continue to roll out among America’s millions credit cards, identity thieves are taking the path of least resistance to stay busy

Why Lithuania may be the next IT hotspot

Recently we have seen reports of B2B companies moving into Lithuania’s borders and setting up shop. Google is also establishing a presence in the small Baltic state.

How IT is influencing the auto industry

The average American spends 38 hours a year stuck in traffic. That’s a whole lot of wasted time, but what if time spent in our cars wasn’t so miserable? Or what if that number could drastically drop for 2015?

Op-Ed: For online business, technology is here to stay

Technology is becoming increasingly pervasive in every facet of people's lives, but none more so than business; however, dealing with technology can still prove to be a problem.

Op-Ed: For online business, technology is here to stay

Technology is becoming increasingly pervasive in every facet of people's lives, but none more so than business; however, dealing with technology can still prove to be a problem.

Gary Read heading to the cloud, changing sector with IT insights

San Francisco - How much has the cloud industry grown in the last two years alone? A new study discovered that workers are using 10 times more cloud apps than IT professionals project. Gary Read is one of the thousands trying to innovate the cloud.

Companies investing more in Internet services as traffic grows

Herndon - Studies have shown that Internet traffic keeps increasing with each passing year. In North America alone, traffic has grown by as much as 50 percent per year in the past decade. It is expected that it will quadruple by the year 2014.

As companies end telecommuting poll finds support for practice

New York - How would you like to work from home? A new poll discovered that most Americans believe telecommuting works and at-home employees are very productive. A small number of people said that telecommuting leads to people being lazy.

Ghana aims to construct an ‘IT City’

Ghana has announced plans of a project to build a $10 billion IT hub close to the capital Accra. The project is scheduled to be finished by 2016.

IT experts trying to combine innovation with security in tech

Jersey City - What does the future look like for information technology? It will consist of cloud computing, mobile devices and edge technologies, according to a report by top IT officials from various government agencies in the United States.

Information Technology remains a growing sector for jobseekers

Monmouth Junction - With the unemployment for the Information Technology sector falling below four percent and a huge pool of talent waiting to be tapped; it still remains a growing field in the United States and around the world.

From banking to gaming; Information Technology flourishes

Miami - It was reported in July that Information Technology spending would exceed $3.6 trillion in 2012, compared to $3.5 trillion a year before.

Op-Ed: Innocence of Muslims and Rocks in the East China Sea

New York - Individuals are increasingly empowered by information technology to govern their lives, finances, communications, and more. Instead of working with this change, governments lean increasingly toward totalitarian responses.

Yahoo sells 50% of its Chinese business

US internet company Yahoo has agreed to sell part of its stake in China's biggest internet company Alibaba Group for $7.1 billion.

How virtualization changes the game for your SMB (Sponsored)

Your company’s IT infrastructure is critical to your overall business. That’s an obvious statement. But can you say for sure your small- or medium-sized business (SMB) is running at total efficiency?

How SMBs can leverage Dell’s 12th generation server technology to become market leaders (Sponsored)

You’ve got a business and want to grow. You need to scale your company to a competitive position where you can save time and leverage resources while also leading the pack in your market. You hire people, you grow and do more with less.

Op-Ed: Will Think Televisual Network change the way we access our news?

The creators of Think Televisual Network have hopes their creation will be the new standard for how we get our news in the digital age.

New social network to focus on health care empowerment Special

Nine years ago, Christine Kerner's son was hit with an undiagnosed illness that put him in the hospital every three months. Kerner's disconcerting experience is the engine behind Juniper - a health information social network coming in January.

New Opportunities pave the Way for Indian IT growth

Present uncertainty will pave the way for further growth of Indian IT sector, though, post 2011. Industry experts stated that there would be a posse of new opportunities in the sector to fight out this stagnation.

Researcher Says The Digital Revolution Is Over

The convergence of media, telecommunication, information technology and consumer electronics industries is mostly hype and now over. The focus now is on exploiting the business opportunities created by the digital revolution.

Information Technology Contributes to Integration and Identity

Recent revolutionary developments in the field of new media and information technology are enabling immigrants to adapt to a new culture more rapidly,

Indian IT gains from U.S. economic slowdown

NEW DELHI (dpa) - The Indian information technology industry is looking at the U.S. economic slowdown as an opportunity to project itself as the place where hard-hit American software companies can park their computer services and solutions. India, ...

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