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FREAK security flaw in HTTPS affects Windows too

A decade-old flaw in the HTTPS protocol that could allow hackers to decrypt secure traffic between web browsers and servers, including payment details, has been confirmed to be present on Windows as well as Android and iOS devices.

Anonymous 'OpDeathEaters' to combat child sex abusers online

High-profile hacktivist group Anonymous have announced that they are planning an action day to expose child abusers and those who cover them, freely publishing the information to inform the public of the scope of abuse.

Canadians' mental health records shared with FBI, border patrol

Toronto - Canadian police departments have been sharing mental health information of Canadians by uploading it to a database that the FBI and U.S. Customs has access to, which has been used to deny entry by border control agents.

Madrid online: Sightsee in Madrid without leaving home

Madrid - If you are planning a trip to Madrid, capital of Spain, a website has been developed that will give you all the necessary information prior to traveling. 101 Masterworks virtually takes you there.

Facebook buys Onavo, Israeli startup, for over $100 million

Tel Aviv - Onavo owns an award-winning mobile app to help maximize a smartphone's data plan, and the purchase is said to boost Facebook's project to make the Internet available to billions of people round the world who are not online.

Op-Ed: How to curb cyberattacks

The internet has brought many benefits from communications to accessibility, and even to job creations. However, it has also brought the need to protect ourselves with the latest tools to prevent identity theft, breaches, and more.

TMI - sharing too much information online biggest pet peeve

A new survey has found that people sharing too much information online, is the biggest complaint people have about new technology. And it seems to be an issue all over the world.

EU gives US go ahead for airline passenger data snooping

The EU Parliament has approved a controversial bill that will give the U.S. Department of Home Security access to airline passengers' personal information.

On the brink of the next era in supercomputing

Belfast - Imagine a single supercomputer able to out-perform 50 million laptops, and capable of performing a staggering one quintillion (billion billion) operations per second. Expect that supercomputer to be operating this decade, experts say.

Op-Ed: Will Think Televisual Network change the way we access our news?

The creators of Think Televisual Network have hopes their creation will be the new standard for how we get our news in the digital age.

Former doctor dumps abortion files in recycling bin

Topeka - While the former Kansas abortion provider is not likely to face criminal charges for discarding patients' private records in a recycling bin, there are worries about potential violations of patient privacy laws.

AP opens full news bureau in North Korea

Pyongyang - The Associated Press opened its newest bureau in North Korea's capital Pyongyang on Monday, becoming the first international news organization with a full-time presence in the hermit country.

UK's 'dull' computer teaching to be revamped

The current information and communications technology curriculum in England's schools is a "mess" and must be radically revamped, education secretary Michael Gove has announced.

WikiLeaks' Assange claims smear campaign, leaves interview

Claiming the Swedish rape charges levied against him are the work of a smear campaign, a visibly testy Julian Assange faces media probes on the allegations and attempts to brush them off as tabloid news.

Engineer fired by Google after he spies on teenagers information

Google announced today that they were forced to fire one of their engineers in July because of repeated violations of user privacy.

Laptop stolen from hospital contained information on 600 patients

Burnaby - A laptop stolen from a hospital in British Columbia contained personal information on more than 600 patients. It held data such as names, birth dates and health card numbers.

US soldier detained in Iraq for leaking classified combat video

Baghdad - The US soldier who leaked the video of the Reuters journalists and civilians who were shot and killed has been identified and detained. Wikileaks released the classified combat video of the killing of reporters and unarmed civilians in Baghadad in April.

Police concerned about 55 year old missing Edinburgh woman

Edinburgh - Lothian and Borders police have launched an appeal for information on the whereabouts of a 55-year old woman not seen for almost two weeks.

Op-Ed: How should free societies pay for their journalism?

As mainstream news organizations debate the value of the content they generate, other modern questions emerge. How should free societies pay for their journalism?

Fargo Residents Are Fleeing, Important Information For Residents

As a public service to those in Fargo and families fleeing the flood Digital Journal is putting up this article for important information that may be needed.

Op-Ed: Stealing Presidential Votes or Stealing My Money?

A true story of how I used a blog to coordinate with others and catch a thief. Can we do the same if an election is stolen?

Stealing Your Money Without A Gun, What A Security Research Company Found At The Bank

How hard is it to walk out of a bank carrying the information it would take to steal a couple of million? Surprisingly it's not as hard as it should be according to researchers from TraceSecurity Inc.

UK Parliament to Consider Communication Database

In a move reminiscent of the post-9/11 U.S., the UK parliament is considering the passage of the "Communications Data Bill" in an effort to beef up defenses against possible future acts of terrorism aimed at Great Britain.

Freedom Of Information Just Got A Little More 'Free' For Austin, Tx School District

The right of citizens to obtain information about government and public employees serves its purpose on many fronts. However, for one school district, an open records request may serve to create panic amongst hundreds of parents.

Op-Ed: Madeline McCann case news - It’s all in how you read it

When does news become speculation? The search for the four year old has taken a course change in terms of news content. The alleged discovery of her hair in the boot and traces of bodily fluids in the car has changed the tone of the reporting.

OP-ED: Give Me Something Happy

Looking through the news can depress the very best. Wars, famines, floods that devastate countries. There's bird flu and AIDS. There's roadside bombs killing troops and cafe's blown to bits with innocents laying in the street. Where's something nice?

Google Maps Now Have Transit Information

Google Maps adds bus transit information gives routes and schedules in maps.

Who is Sick? A Social Network for Sickness Information a social network site for information on sickness and illness affected areas

Fergie poses in Playboy

Fergie has posed for the new May issue of playboy magazine.

Legal costs should be giving therapy to hundreds of autistic kids in Ontario

A northern Ontario M. P. P. continues to pursue the question of how much it has cost the Ontario government to fight a class-action lawsuit against parents of autistic children.
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Paddy Field: Fragmentation of cultivable land in Tripura  India  is a major hindrance to increased a...
Paddy Field: Fragmentation of cultivable land in Tripura, India, is a major hindrance to increased agri-productivity. The average size of holding stands at 0.56 hectare. In Tripura - a tiny State of India - flow of information from the top level to the farmers is not satisfactory. Most of the farmers - more 90% - lack information on crop prices and market condition. This is cited one of prime reasons of incurring loss by the farmers of the State.
A multi-media exercise  coind as  Bharat nirman Chetna utsav  also known as Public Information Campa...
A multi-media exercise, coind as 'Bharat nirman Chetna utsav' also known as Public Information Campaign (PIC) is a successful event organized mainly by the Press Information Bureau of Information and Broadcasting Ministry of India. In Tripura, India 18 such PICs have been organized. The main focus centers around generating awareness among the mass relating to various Government sponsored welfare schemes through several media components. Along with traditional media, like Print media, TV and radi