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Infertility News

Russia funds IVF baby boom to battle population slump

Balashikha - For three years, Valeriya Pashko has been trying to get pregnant. Now her last hope is IVF, provided free by Russia's health service as authorities try to avert a new drop in the birthrate."My husband and I are really relieved to be getting reimbursed....

Mother of 3-DNA baby praises new fertility treatment

Atenas - The Greek mother of the first baby born using DNA from three people on Friday praised the revolutionary technique that helped her conceive -- and thanked the mystery woman who donated her egg.

Three-person baby born in medical 'revolution'

Atenas - A team of Greek and Spanish doctors announced Thursday the birth of a baby using DNA from three people after a controversial fertility treatment that has provoked intense ethical debate.

Transgender men have functional ovaries after a year of testosterone injections

Washington - The ovaries of transgender men appear to remain functional even after a year of receiving hormonal treatment with testosterone, according to a small Israeli study presented Saturday in the United States.

Offspring in Dutch fertility clinic row can access donor records

Den Haag - Parents and their children conceived through IVF treatment at a discredited Dutch clinic mired in a legal row can now access their records, the country's health minister has ruled.

Dutch court allows DNA tests on dead doctor in IVF scandal

Rotterdam - A Dutch court ruled Friday that DNA tests could be carried out on the former director of a fertility clinic suspected of using his own sperm to father about 20 children.

Dutch court urged to order DNA tests on late sperm bank doc

Rotterdam - A group of Dutch people born through IVF treatment petitioned a court on Friday seeking DNA tests on the late head of a sperm clinic to determine if he was their father.

Dutch IVF kids seek DNA tests from late sperm bank doc

Den Haag - A group of Dutch people born through IVF treatment demanded on Tuesday that DNA tests be done on the late head of a sperm bank who according to reports may have fathered up to 60 children.

Iran govt says to cover infertility treatment costs

Tehran - Iran will help couples meet the cost of infertility treatment as the government tackles a growing crisis that has seen millions of couples failing to conceive, the government announced Tuesday.

Do you want a side of industrial chemicals with that hamburger?

Those of you who have eaten fast food in the past 24 hours probably have elevated levels of infertility-producing industrial chemicals in your body.

Some women's infertility may be due to celiac disease

A recent study from India doesn't prove Celiac disease causes infertility, but it shows a strong correlation between the two. Strong enough that infertile women should investigate it, researchers say.

Blocked EU paper could have banned pesticides worth billions

If a research paper done by the European Union that highlighted the risks of hormone-mimicking chemicals hadn't been blocked, as many as 31 pesticides worth billions of pounds may have been banned.

Lab grows proto egg and sperm cells

Using stem cells, scientists have generated early egg- and sperm-like cells within a laboratory. This could be a step towards a cure for infertility.

Is cure for men's infertility as simple as fixing overall health?

A study released last week has found that infertility in men is often linked to other health issues. Study authors say "semen deficiencies" is why half of infertile couples don't achieve pregnancy and it can be connected to curable health issues.

Next generation sequencing helps with fertility Special

Chicago - Next Generation DNA Sequencing has been made available for clinical. This new technology offers a 1000-fold precision increase over previous methods. It is known as Preimplantation Genetic Screening.

Dealing with infertility Special

Chicago - The holiday period can awkward for couples attempting to overcome infertility. To help families over this period, top specialist Dr. Marie Davidson, who is a fertility counselor, provides Digital Journal readers with some advice.

Shocking information on infertility revealed in U.S. study

A study just released from the National Institute of Health (NIH) in America has found chemicals in sunblock and other personal care items have a negative effect on a man's sperm count. The chemicals are intended to block UV rays.

New approach for tackling the causes of infertility Special

Tsukuba - Researchers have found that a single gene mutation can lead to infertility. The gene affects the sex organs and this makes reproduction impossible. This new insight increases the scientific understanding of infertility.

How infertility has changed in modern times Special

Infertility is a major concern for many families. Although the problem can cause distress, resolution of the situation is much better these days than it was a few years ago. Digital Journal has spoken to a leading fertility expert to find out more.

Experts share 7 facts about stress and infertility Special

Chicago - Research has shown that high levels of longstanding stress can significantly impact the ability to conceive during infertility treatment. Two leading experts have contacted Digital Journal about seven facts that relate to these conditions.

New novel throws spotlight on hidden world of male infertility Special

In our confessional culture where we talk about everything there is one thing that men almost never talk about — infertility — but a new novel out this month may change this.

Italy scraps ban on donor-assisted reproduction

Rome - Italy's Constitutional Court on Wednesday struck down a Catholic Church-backed ban against assisted reproduction with sperm or egg donors that has forced thousands of sterile couples to seek help abroad.

Endometriosis awareness month Special

Endometriosis is a painful, chronic disease that affects over 176 million women worldwide and is one of the main causes of infertility.

Op-Ed: Is fracking dangerous to human health? Special

Four states — Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Texas — have confirmed that hydraulic fracturing, also called "fracking," has caused water pollution near oil and gas wells.

Op-Ed: Can the paleo diet affect women's fertility?

The Paleo diet has become the latest in a series of popular eating trends that aim to cut out processed foods and go back to the basics of whole eating, but is cutting out entire food groups a good idea?

Video: 'Eugenics Now!' by The Truthseeker

To really make your weekend, have a look at this brief documentary on eugenics, including information on Monsanto, GMOs, Bill Gates, vaccinations and how water is simply not a human right anymore.

Fake tans could lead to increased health problems

Health experts in the U.K. have warned that chemicals used in fake tans could pose increased health problems including infertiity, cancers, diabetes and obesity.

Chinese couple has eight babies, violating nation's one-child law

Beijing - The pictures of the 8 babies born to one Chinese couple are cute as can be. But such an achievement in a country that limits couples to just one child is creating a furor. Chinese media is calling the mother “babaotai muqin,” or “octo-mom".

Canada: Doctors propose denying obese women fertility treatments

Obese women will have a hard time finding fertility clinics that will provide them with in-vitro fertilization treatments if a proposed ban by Canadian doctors takes effect.

'Father of test tube baby' wins Nobel Prize for Medicine

British scientist Robert Edwards, who helped revolutionise the treatment of human infertility, has won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, the Nobel Assembly at Sweden's Karolinska Institute in Stockholm has announced.
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