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Infections News

Coronavirus second wave may be even worse: US health chief

Washington - A second wave of the novel coronavirus in the US could be even more destructive because it will likely collide with the beginning of flu season, one of the country's top health officials said Tuesday.

One good reason why you shouldn't eat your placenta

Kim Kardashian West and January Jones have eaten their placentas after childbirth, and actually, most mammals do the same thing. However, an Oregon mother found out the hard way this practice can also harm a newborn child.

Taking on bacterial resistance with 'resistance breakers'

As part of the fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria, scientists are looking at a new research stream based on so-termed "resistance breakers."

Scientists successfully 'delete' HIV virus from human DNA

Over the decades, HIV has remained elusive, meaning a cure couldn't be found. A wizard at installing its genome into human DNA, it is impossible for our immune system to get rid of it.

Carbon monoxide could help battle pathogens

Biologists have found that naturally occurring carbon monoxide (CO) is essential for immune system cells in the human body to be able to combat invasive bacterial pathogens.

Microscopic bumps could repel hospital superbugs

New research suggests that coating surfaces in hospitals with microscopic bumps and ridges could repel hospital superbugs (or at least prevent their attachment).

Studying flatworms to fight infections in people

Scientists are studying the way that flatworms defend themselves against bacteria in order to understand more about the way that the human body deals (or fails to deal with) pathogenic infection.

Other deadly diseases found in U.S. government lab

Bethesda - The FDA, just days after announcing that it had found decades-old vials of smallpox—inside a storage facility it owned, has announced that the deadly virus wasn't the only dangerous substance it found during a clean out of the facility last month.

New 'armor' in the battle against antibiotic resistant bacteria Special

Orlando - Out on the front lines of the battle against drug resistant microorganisms aka “super-bugs” are physicians and other health-care workers. Their uniform, the clothing that they wear, is their armor — their defense against deadly pathogens.

Doctors ditch ties and lab coats to thwart spreading infections Special

Doctors and health care workers that come in direct contact with patients have a new set of general guidelines for attire when working with patients in a non-surgical setting — an effort to control the spread of infections in health care settings.

'Nightmare bacteria' has health officials on edge

Chicago - In 2013, the CDC issued a report on the catastrophic consequences of ignoring the threat from the growing number of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections. These infections kill an estimated 23,000 Americans every year.

NFL and MRSA infections, curse of the locker room?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Johnthan Banks has been sidelined with an MRSA infection. He isn't the first player this season to contract the 'locker room' infection.

3-D-printed bacteria allow scientists to study infections

Austin - 3-D printing has allowed those own such technology to print everything from silverware to gun parts. Now, scientists are using it to study infections.

Nurses warned about nail extensions

London - Nurses have been warned about wearing nail polish and nail extensions after a poll suggested infection control was being put at risk by nurses who wear either item on their nails.

Nanosponges could soak up deadly infections from the bloodstream

Researchers have created nanosponges that may prove to be effective in dealing with infections that are resistant to antibiotics.

Diamond light used to study dangerous infections

Diamond Light Source is an advanced X-ray crystallography device located in the U.K. It has mainly been used for studying materials, now its powerful beams will be used to examine infectious diseases.

New antibiotic helps treat skin infections

A newly designed antibiotic called tedizolid phosphate, taken once daily for 6 days to skin, has proved effective at combating skin diseases.

Why we pass down genes causing infections and autoimmune diseases

New evidence points to why genes that make us susceptible to infections and autoimmune diseases continue to be passed down instead of being eradicated from the gene pool.

Study indicates retail meat linked to urinary tract infections

A McGill University researcher has found chicken sold in supermarkets, restaurants and other outlets may place young women at risk of urinary tract infections (UTI).

Swine Flu Infections Double In South Africa

The number of swine flu cases has doubled in South Africa following a sports tournament. Health authorities are telling the public there is no reason to panic.

Europe warns on travel to parts of U.S. and Mexico on flu worries

As WHO confirms 40 cases of swine flu in the U.S., the European Union's health commissioner warns against travel to parts of the U.S. and Europe where the disease has been seen.

Superbug Staph Getting Even Harder To Treat

Drug-resistant staph bacteria is getting harder to treat. What once was a simple problem to solve is now causing more serious illnesses than ever before.

Is Clostridium Difficile the Next MRSA?

C-diff, as Clostridium difficile is better known, is a bacterium that was discovered in 1978 to be the cause of antibiotic-associated diarrhea and colitis.

Drug Resistant Staph Being Spread By Gay Sex

A drug resistant staph is being passed by gay men during sex. The potentially deadly bacteria , MRSA is appearing outside of hospitals in San Francisco, Boston, New York and Los Angeles.

Sleeping With The Enemy: How Kids Won't Heed the Safe Sex Message

It would appear that kids in the UK just aren't getting the message as numbers of new cases of sexually transmitted infections rises to an all time high. The campaign for safe sex targeted at young people is failing to hit the spot

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