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Infants News

Ten infants in Calif. neonatal ICU tested positive for superbug

Irvine - County and hospital officials are investigating how 10 infants in a neonatal intensive care unit all tested positive for the same strain of a dangerous superbug at the University of California Irvine Medical Center.

Activist moms group aims to reduce infant mortality

Columbus - A new support group, comprised of activists and moms in Ohio, has been formed to help reduce the rate of infant mortality. The group Moms2B is a seeking to address the social disparities that affect infant death rates and ill-health.

Predicting lung disease in infants through new test

Research into the human microbiome is revealing key information related to health and well being. A new tranche of this research has found variations to the microbial community in the lungs of infants offer clues about susceptibility to lung diseases.

Unwed Indian women targeted in 'black-market baby scam'

Gwalior - In an intensive care unit, a nurse soothes a crying baby rescued in a raid on a private Indian hospital that police suspect was selling abandoned newborns on the black market.

Large national variations in breastfeeding rates

London - New figures, published by the medical journal The Lancet, show considerable variation between countries in terms of breastfeeding. The U.K. comes out very low.

Exercising early changes gut microbes for the better

A new study has found how exercising while younger alters the types of gut microbes so that the composition is different than a person who takes up exercise later in life. These changes to the gut microbiome are beneficial.

Mothers can pass on stress to infants

Washington - A mother's stress could lead to changes in her offspring’s brains. This can eventually affect the physiology and behavior of the young.

Study: Infants may be more perceptive than we think

According to a new study babies can recognize not only new objects but new paths taken by objects. For example a 10-month-old child can notice when objects such as tables move unnaturally.

Why do babies cry at night?

The obvious answers are because the baby is hungry, wet, cold or lonely. Wrong, according to new research: babies cry because they don't want any siblings.

France says baby deaths likely due to 'isolated' lapse in IV bags

Paris - An "isolated" lapse in the manufacture of intravenous nutrient bags likely caused the recent deaths of up to five babies at a French hospital, the health minister said Friday.

Motrin Infants Drops recalled

Johnson & Johnson are recalling three lots, approximately 200,000 bottles, of Concentrated Motrin Infants’ Drops Original Berry Flavor 0.5 fl. Oz. bottles distributed in the United States.

What babies eat first can affect their diabetes risk

In another finding relating to diet and health, scientists consider that the type of food a baby eats in the first few months can affect whether the child will be at a higher risk towards developing diabetes.

New TB vaccine doesn't work on infants

A new tuberculosis vaccine, heralded as the world's most advanced, has been shown not to work on infants following trials in South Africa.

FDA expands use of Tamiflu for babies as young as 2 weeks old

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the expanded use of Tamiflu to allow children as young as 2 weeks old to take the drug.

Egyptian hospital staff arrested for baby selling operation

Cairo - Egyptian police officials have announced the arrest of five individuals who were involved in a baby selling operation at a Cairo hospital.

Mother pushes 'Aidan's Law' - 'No child has to suffer that way'

Elisa and Bob Seeger are pushing the New York Senate to pass "Aidan's Law" in honor of their son, 7 year-old Aidan Seeger, who passed away from a rare brain disease in April of 2012.

Your dog or cat may be good for your baby's health

A new study from Finland suggests babies who grow up with pets, especially dogs, are not as likely to develop colds and other respiratory infections by the time they reach one year old.

Concern over many deformed babies in Eastern Cape, South Africa

East London - There is much concern in the Eastern Cape of South Africa as to why so many babies have been born with deformities in the province.

11-month-old baby dies after being left in hot car for six hours

Lafayette - In an instance of unimaginable heartbreak, this week Louisiana authorities have launched an investigation into the death of an 11-month-old baby. The baby was left in his father's vehicle for several hours in hot weather.

Researchers study link between breastfeeding and pacifiers

Last week a study was shared at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) medical conference in Boston that suggests pacifiers may not interfere with breastfeeding.

Pet pit bull mauls and kills 15-day-old baby

Pit bulls and other large dogs continue to maim and kill people. Is it because these dogs are aggressive and dangerous or are they owned by irresponsible and careless people?

Study: Obesity linked with feeding babies solid foods too soon

Feeding babies solid food earlier than six months have a higher risk in becoming obese before they reach the age of three, researchers say.

Late preterm infants hospital discharge needs easy readmittance

Late preterm infants, between 34 and 36 weeks gestation, are often healthy enough to be discharged from hospital just like a full-term infant which benefits both mother and child, a report found.

Nurse charged in Romanian Hospital fire case

A nurse that had been in charge of tending to infants in the ICU at Giulesti Maternity Hospital in Bucharest has been charged with the murder of five infants. The babies died in a fire at the hospital on August 16.

Two infant skeletons found in old building

Los Angeles - Two infant skeletons have been found wrapped in newspaper in the basement of a 1920s building in Los Angeles, California.

Hospital fire claims four newborns in Romania

Four newborns are dead after an electrical fire at a Romanian hospital Monday. No one went to save them until firefighters arrived at the hospital.

Study shows educational DVDs do not expand infant vocabulary

Infant language learning does not appear to improve after exposure to educational videos. Experts encourage parents to be cautious of educational companies that claim their products can augment a young child's language development.

Sugar really does help the medicine go down

For infants who face pain while in hospital, a drop of sugar water may mean less pain. That's the word from researchers at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

635,000 cribs recalled for risk to infants

Dorel Asia SRL has recalled more than 600,000 cribs sold at retail stores nationwide because of strangulation and suffocation hazards that injured 10 infants and killed on child, according to the government.

Nationwide Voluntary Recall Of Monell’s Teething Cordial

Castillo Distributor Inc has announced the voluntary recall all the products Monell’s Teething Cordial (in Spanish named as Cordial de Monell para la Denticion ) .
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